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Yeh mausam ka jaadoo hai mitwa..

Posted by Pepper on September 9, 2014

I feel very sorry for people who dislike the rains in Mumbai. I really do. Because those poor folk have no means to escape them. The rains in this city are relentless. They offer no respite. Couple this unstoppable rain with high tide and the city is a mess. The tracks get flooded and trains either slow down or come to a complete halt. The roads begin to overflow. There is pandemonium and the rain haters are busy cursing the weather and feeling sorry for their very difficult lives.

But the rain? It goes on. Thunder booms. Crackling bolts of lightning rip apart the skies. It pours. On and on. I LOVE it. I see magic in the rains. And despite the mayhem, I see that the enthusiasm level of the people in this city remains unaffected.

One monsoon, many years ago, I was passing through Linking Road with my California bred cousin in tow. It had been raining endlessly for 24 hours. The two of us had stepped out to enjoy some street food in Bandra. It was our last chance before she flew back to the US the next day. Given the weather conditions, she thought the streets would be deserted and we would be the only two nutcases out on the roads.

To say she was surprised by what she say would be an understatement. People in Bandra were busy shopping despite the flooded streets. They were walking around, examining the clothes on sale, bargaining with the vendors and all this while being completely unaffected by the stream of water that was running by their feet. It was like walking through a gushing river. And nobody seemed to care.

How do they do it, she asked me. I just laughed. Rains never deterred the people in this city. Life goes on. And no, I am not talking about mandatory things like going to work, running important errands and the likes. We have no choice but to comply at such times. I am talking about the times we the choice of staying in the safe confines of our homes, but choose to venture out and  live our life instead. So people shop while it pours, they make dinner plans and travel to the other end of the city to meet their friends despite the pelting rain. I love the enthusiasm.

So while the rain haters are busy cursing everything around them because of their disrupted schedules, the slow traffic, the muck stains that are hard to scrub off, the clothes that never seem to dry, the rain lovers are occupied with only one thing – keeping their spirits high. You obviously know which category I belong to. I love the rains. The sudden burst of freshness and the vibrant greenery after each shower only add to my joy. I believe we’ve reached almost the end of the season now. That makes me a little sad. But never mind. Let me just say a thank you to the Lord for a happy and bountiful monsoon.

Here are some pictures I took with my rickety cell phone camera. They obviously do not do justice to the actual images, but nevertheless..

It continued to pour one Saturday afternoon. After feeling a little listless at home, I stepped down for a breath of fresh air. My plan was to sit in our lobby area and watch the rain. Instead, I had the added fortune of watching kids play. They ran in the rain with such abandon and glee! Just watching them made my day.


And this time.. I was just happy to see big, fat rain drops fall on the windshield of my car.  I was waiting at a red light, so I used the opportunity to take a quick pic before I was forced to use the wipers.


I took this pic from the corner seat of a McDonald’s outlet. I was sipping on my coffee as I waited for Mint to arrive. We were both meeting after work to make a few purchases for our new home. Mint was running late, as usual. So I used the extra time to grab a coffee. When I looked up from my table, I saw an uneven layer of mist covering the glass. I paused for a second to think of how beautiful that moment was. A good cup of coffee in solitude. Mad, pounding rain outside. Misty glass walls. How lovely!


I was driving back from work early one evening when I noticed how dark it was at 5 pm. Traffic was slow and it looked like the sky would burst any minute. It happened, quite predictably. Thunder rolled and the rain began to descend in torrents just as I was clicking this picture.


And this one time when the sister and I ran downstairs to play on the swings just after the rains stopped. The air smelt sweet. We took crazy pictures of each other. We played some of our favourite childhood games. Such happiness!


PS – The title of the post is a Hindi song which actually means, ‘This is the magic of the season’

43 Responses to “Yeh mausam ka jaadoo hai mitwa..”

  1. R's Mom said

    Gah! you can go ahead and romanticize it as much as you want (which you did superbly and I dont like you for that!) But I continue, I hate rains, I hate rains, I hate rains and I hate rains in Bombay..go on and pity me..but also feed me some awesome vada pav :):)

    • Pepper said

      Lol. Why so much hatred RM? The more you hate it, the worse you’ll feel. Come here. I’ll treat you to some nice things. Yes, vada pav too. Why don’t you just ‘Keep calm and eat vada pav’ ? 😀

  2. I am one of the rain haters, stuck in Mumbai. I have written so any posts in my head about how much I hate this and how much I would love to be anywhere but Mumbai right now. Why am I being so frank? Because I know that majority of people in Mumbai are like you and it felt nice to read your point of view, despite not agreeing with it! 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Actually, I don’t think majority of the people are like me. It really depends on individual mind sets.
      Anyway, here is something I strongly believe in. There is little point in hating something you can’t change. If you stop resisting it so much, maybe it will be less painful to deal with?

  3. S said

    What refreshing pictures! I love the rain, but the muck..well. That misty glass at mcdonalds…did you feel like writing something on the glass? 🙂

    • Pepper said

      I hate the muck too, but not enough to not want the rain.
      No, I couldn’t write on the misty glass. The mist was from the outside. Inside it was all dry 🙂

  4. Love the rains – the mess, the madness, the romance, the chai and pakodas…every.single.thing! Nice post pepper! 😀

  5. Smita said

    I love rains if I don’t get drenched!! Period.

    But yes I love the greenery !!

  6. Commenter said

    Rubbing it in ma to all your CA readers. The drought here is scary. So so longing for the rains…

    Loved the pics…..enjoy your jadoo with a special dose of pakoda and masala Chai :-))


  7. Thisisme said

    i simply lovveee the rains!! esp back home in delhi!!
    I love to get soaked in rains while i m at home !
    and i can never understand how ppl can hate rains! its one of the most beautiful things nature has to offer!!

  8. I CANNOT believe I am missing rains :-/
    This drought has brought out this rain wanting person in me. Your pictures are so….. I dunno what to say… I can almost smell that gili mitti, and feel that moist lushness in the air.

  9. Deepa said

    You live in such a beautiful complex pepper. It took my breath away to see those tall trees in the background where the kids are running. Yup, me too. Love the rains. In the bay area we have been getting a sorry-excuse for rains and hence terrible drought but the monsoons of my memories(and fantasies) belong to Goa- lush, lusty and relentless.

    You’re such an optimistic person and it shows in this post:-)

    • Pepper said

      I love the tall trees too. They make walking around a true delight. I know about the Bay Area and I hope the rain gods hear our collective prayers soon.
      Ohhh, Goa! Goa is just magical in the rains. Totally love it.

  10. Deepa said

    Forgot to add- chai or bhajji ho jaye, kya bolti tu? 🙂

  11. srividhya said

    Love the rains. You know I love seattle for this reason. Everyone say its gloomy, but I love it. 🙂

  12. Bombay rains bring back so many memories… You have me all nostalgic now:)

  13. Oh and I am humming the song now as I wrap up some work and call it a night.

  14. Prachee said

    loved the candid photos pepper..
    Despite all the problems associated, I too love rains…and this year I enjoyed fully, getting drenched and then shivering in cold air and then, getting drenched again during waterfall rapelling, weekend trips to nearby places, riding a two wheeler and obviously corn & chai pakoda…simply loved the rains of 2014.

  15. Deboshree said

    The camera is actually pretty good, Pepper. 😉
    I love the rain, notwithstanding the traffic woes and nasty puddles it creates. I do wish India had a more even distribution of rainfall though.

  16. I love the rains too and I love clicking pics of the rain drops on the windshield, on the leaves, etc and the smell of a shower…..its heavenly 🙂

  17. Loved the pictures ..perfectly captures the essence of rains.
    And i love love love love love love love love love love the rains. It’s my favorite-estest season! Love the smell in the air, how all the trees suddenly look so alive and happy, the glimmery wet roads, the water puddles – riding through a huge puddle of water on my scooty with my legs in the air is my all time favorite monsoon task, love my blue and pink rain jacket. I can go on and on. Must stop.

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