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This weekend..

Posted by Pepper on September 15, 2014

I made sure I do not rise very early. I belong to that unfortunate category of people who always end up waking up late on weekdays but are unable to sleep in on weekends and holidays. Thankfully, I managed to silence that very annoying, inbuilt alarm that is programmed to buzz only on weekend mornings. With no alarms ringing in my head this time, I treated myself to some delicious sleep.

I met two of my college pals after a gap of five and two years respectively. I must say, I haven’t laughed that hard in ages. With their very entertaining stories of being peed on by a dog, being lost and finally driving at a snail’s pace to follow a cycle rickshaw in the middle of the night, other tales of their drunken escapades, I had a hard time putting an end to my gushing laughter. Since the two of you keep reminding me of the fact that you read my blog, I’ll say it here. I had a terrific time with you girls and I am so very glad we did this.

I finally found a place that sells real sambar! I believe I have turned into a sambar snob and the sweet sambar served in most South Indian joints in Mumbai just doesn’t cut it for me. It screams ‘fake’. Mint’s colleague spoke about this tiny little shop run by a man from Madurai. His colleague was even nice enough to pack some idli sambar for us. I tasted it and it was pure love at first bite. This is what authentic sambar is all about. We dunked the idlis in a bowlful of hot sambar and consumed them at the speed of light. I think they got over too soon. So I am bugging Mint to take me there again. I. Can’t. Wait.

We went to see Mint’s classmate’s just born baby. This baby was by far the tiniest baby I have seen in my life. I have seen a handful of newborns and while all of them are very small, this particular baby was unbelievably small! You can imagine my terror when they asked me to hold him. I had to first sit down, cross my legs and then have somebody else place him on my lap. And then he opened one eye and let out a yawn. I couldn’t get over the cuteness of it all. Babies are always such a source of delight.

We met friends and dined at The British Brewing Company, popularly known as BBC. I am saying it here so that I do the good deed of letting all of you know how absolutely yummy their pita bread is. Well, I love most of their food. But the soft, warm pita bread they serve with the hummus is out of this world. If you are craving authentic pita bread like I was, this is the place to go.

We played Settlers. After dinner our friends came over to our place so that we could play for a few hours. Love for board games is common in our parts. These games are highly engaging and fun. Anyway, the sister and I abandoned the game midway by 1 am because we were too sleepy. The others continued to play till 2 am. Mint along with most of our friends usually continue playing through out the night. The sister and I always hit the bed sooner despite being showered by endless ‘gaalis‘ by our friends. This time was no different. After all, we had a reputation to uphold.

I took this pic just as we were setting up the game..


We made some holiday plans! Yes. Mint and I kept telling each other we were too broke to plan any kind of travel for a while. Because we still have to furnish the house and we have so many expenses lined up. But then the BFF gave us her old sofa. We decided to use it for a year or so atleast. This saved us some money. Since we had already budgeted for a new sofa, we realised we had that little x amount spare. Ofcourse, any spare funds are always diverted to travel. Travel is one of the few common interests Mint and I share. It is what makes both of us immensely happy. So I am glad we’re going. But with our life long debt because of the home we bought and our passion for travel, I don’t think we will ever save ANY money in our life.

We finally cleared up and set up our living room. I know in my previous post I said we would use this weekend to set up the entire house with the help of the BFF. But then our social life took over. Never mind. It’s a start and I am happy we have atleast one room in place now.

How was your weekend?

10 Responses to “This weekend..”

  1. Deboshree said

    Sounds like a super weekend. Good job done. 🙂

  2. Aah, how I miss playing Settlers of Catan! Sigghh…
    Good you got one step closer to moving! 😀

  3. It’s always good to catch up with friends. Weekend was spent sleeping coz of the fever. Hope to make it better this week writing stuffs n catching up with some movies:)

  4. It’s one room at a time . You will get there . Good to read about your weekend, sounds so much fun!

  5. Your weekend sounds so interesting! My social life is practically non-existent these days. 🙂 We spent the weekend cooking, reading, just generally relaxing and cuddling with each other.

  6. S said

    dog pee was supposed to be top secret 😉 was fun to catch up with you!

    • Pepper said

      Thanks for sharing such fun secrets with me then 😛
      PS – I edited your name for the sake of anonymity. I’m guessing you want the dog pee to still be a secret.. haha

  7. Deepa said

    We want photo evidence of the spiffed up living room:-)
    And board games are such an awesome way to get the fun started and keep going. One can be as silly as one wants to, fight like kids and yet compete like hell. V will teach you poker when we meet if you’d like to(and haven’t yet played it).

  8. Yeah!! Settlers is the fav in our household. We rope in any and every guest to play. Height if desperation is we even offer up our guestroom in hopes that folks will stay and play till the wee hours after Bandar sleeps

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