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Sometimes I wonder..

Posted by Pepper on September 16, 2014

I wonder what happened to Mint. Each time I go back to old pictures, I feel a pang. Until we got married, he was in an extremely good shape, physically. Some people called him skinny, but I thought his body was very well toned. He had this youthful glow. And really, he looked like a complete baccha. I’m not exaggerating. You can see his pictures and I bet none of you will say he looked a day older than 20. I thought his boyish looks were irresistible.

And then we got married. And he got fat put on weight. I refuse to believe the food we cooked post marriage was fattening. Infact his diet before marriage was very unhealthy. He bought packs of ready to eat, frozen food for lunch everyday. Even when he cooked, he used packs of frozen, cut vegetables and canned food most of the time. I made sure we switched to using fresh ingredients after we started living together. We used limited oil. We didn’t eat very carb heavy food. Then how the hell did he keep getting fat? Was it because he quit exercising? But it isn’t like he exercised vigorously before we were married. And he was a skinny rat for the first 25 years of his life. Like I said, you have to see the pictures to believe just how skinny he was.

The fat also makes him look older now. Okay, fine. he isn’t exactly fat. He just has excessive stomach flab. And he doesn’t look old. He merely looks his age now (I think) , although he still believes he doesn’t. But me, I really miss the boyish looks.  The past 4.5 years of our marriage have been err, quite transformational for him. And I want to understand why. No, jokes about his ‘sufferings’ in our marriage will not be tolerated.

The other day when our friends were home, one of them picked up a photo frame that was lying around. It held a picture of ours from our just married days. ‘Oh look how young Mint looks in this one!’, the friend commented. ‘ But I was four and a half years younger back then!’ was Mint’s response. I chipped in, ‘Hello! I was too! Why does it only show on you?’. Mint said something like,’You look the same from the time you were 15. So it doesn’t say much’. Ofcourse, that was an exaggeration, but I let it go. The friends seemed to agree with him though, so he had an edge. I ended it back then, but I continue to wonder what happened. Oh well, he can’t look that young and child like forever. And what they say about our metabolism slowing with age must be really true. It’s such a scary truth.


22 Responses to “Sometimes I wonder..”

  1. Ha…and I thought it was only my husband. I miss that boyish look too, but on some days I still can find traces of it on his face. Let me know when you find the answer, okay?

  2. In the 10 yrs of marriage, the husband is just beginning to put on weight, especially in the paunch area. I want to blame it on lack of exercise, but he is far more active ( gym, hike, bike etc) than me. So, I think its the beer..and the age. yes, it is the age, I like to tell that aloud frequently..because I am several years younger. Hehe.

    I agree Mint has put on weight, but he fills up his shirt well now and looks good , me thinks. I think I told him that too 🙂

    • Pepper said

      H has always been so very well toned. I always use him as an example 😀

      You know Mint always bought size S tees cos that was all that fit him. Even now he buys size S cos he says that will inspire him to lose his flab 😐 So I tell him his tees look tight on him now.. He needs size M!

  3. Guess it happens, may be with stress at work and all. I Loove my boyish streak, too and make me who I am:)

  4. deuxtime said

    So, my friend’s father who is a doctor once told me that you can feed your body literally ANYTHING till you’re 25 and you’ll still look fabulous. After 25 though, your body metabolism starts to slow down and the same stuff you ate earlier without consequence, now starts to affect your body. Sigh..

    • Pepper said

      Haan that seems to be the general rule, but you know a lot also depends on your genetics and your constitution. For example, I had a lot of friends in college who were known to be very cautious about their diet, because they gained weight at the drop of a hat. We were in our teens back then, and yet they couldnt get away with everything they ate.

      And then there are some other people whose constitution does not change even post 25. If they weren’t prone to weight gain earlier, they are not prone to weight gain even now. I fall into this category. And I really thought Mint fell in this category too. There was a time when he tried hard to gain weight but all attempts were futile. That is why the past 4 years get me all curious..

  5. R's Mom said

    Errr may be you should go back to eating only junk..will that work?? *Runs away*

  6. Thisisme said

    awwww!! thats such a sweet post! I liked the thing that u nowhere attacked him for this..claiming urself to be perfect 🙂
    well..with age ..we all tend to change…and i do believe that we should try our best to maintain ourselves !
    Though i have gained major weight due to multiple issues but now i m all focussed on loosing it all..though im on the wrong side of 30 to b doing that..but nonetheless..i have enough examples around me to motivate myself!

    why dont u encourage him postively to take up lil exercising..its anyways good for the body 🙂

  7. ash said

    I think years of eating they way you described have broken his metabolic rate , if he can jumpstart vigorous exercise, do yearly physicals to check his insulin/cholesterol etc ..weight gain always needs to be checked out ,in both sexes
    all the best:-)

  8. MR said

    I see the same thing in my husband, but not wt gain, he exercises a lot – A LOT , i think he’s the fittest he has ever been , Till he was 30 he used to be carded at bars .. i think once he started loosing hair and his face shape changed he looks closer to his age. aging is a part of life , we all go thru it some earliere than others as long as he’s healthy, active dont worry.

  9. Deepa said

    Maybe, he’s just been so happy since he married you that he’s put it some here and there, on love and thin air you know. What? That kind of stuff doesn’t happen, I’m making it up you say:-) What I do know from M though is that Mintyji looks like an under 25 hipster. “Cool dude” is what he called him so……chillax as V would say.

    • Pepper said

      Chalo, good to know what M thought of Mint when he met him. And for you, I will mail Mint ka pictures. Both before and after wale, ok? You tell me what you think of all the weight gain after you see it 😀

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