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Revenge 101

Posted by Pepper on September 23, 2014

If you know me well, you will certainly know how much pleasure I take in annoying the sister. I slap her ass 9346782491 times a day. I squeeze her fingers until she screams. I think of innovative ways to harass her. Why you ask? There is only one answer to that question. Her reactions are very entertaining. I love to watch her expressions, hear her scream and see her level of irritation. Believe me when I say it is entertaining.

But sometimes she takes revenge.

There was this guy called Rishab in my college. Other than his name, I really didn’t know much about him. For one, he barely attended class. And we did not really interact during the few times he did. I just remember our eyes meeting every time we passed one another. We didn’t even care enough to say ‘Hi’ to each other. It was just a cursory glance and a watery smile.

Just like the rest of my classmates from college, Rishab is on my friend list on Facebook. One day, I happened to leave my account open. The sister was around. The alarm bells rang when I saw her typing something. I ran towards my comp, hoping to stop her in time. Yes, I was positive she was upto something. I recognise that look on her face. Unfortunately, it was too late,

On deciding to message any person who caught her fancy, she opened my chat window. For reasons not known even to her, she chose Rishab. No, she did not say anything scandalising to him. She said something worse. Only two words. But one of them made my cheeks burn. She said, “Hi Rishu”.

I almost died when I read it. RISHU? I had never spoken to this guy in my life, and she was addressing him like that? What exactly must he be thinking about me? How could I undo it? I paced around for a moment and then decided to log out instead of facing him. Really, Rishu? Watching me panic and go red made her roll on the floor, quite literally. I am still thinking of ways to get even. Be scared, child. Be very scared.

32 Responses to “Revenge 101”

  1. smdeea11 said

    Hahaha…….Don’t mind but this was so so much fun to read:-D
    So what was his response, “Hi Peppy!” 😀 😛
    Don’t think of a way, you might soon find one and make sure you blog about it too.:-)

  2. smiles32 said

    So, what did Rishu reply to this? Or have you yet not logged into your account?

  3. “I squeeze her fingers until she screams. I think of innovative ways to harass her. Why you ask? There is only one answer to that question. Her reactions are very entertaining. I love to watch her expressions, hear her scream”. Gulp. For a sec i thought i was listening to a serial killer confess.

    Rishu!!??? Hahahahhaa. How i wish to know what his expression/reaction was on reading that.

    • Pepper said

      Haha, but when you’ll see her flaring up dramatically and when you’ll hear her scream, ‘Don’tttttttt’ and when it all amuses and entertains you, you’ll get rid of the serial killer impression you have of me. Sach main! Come, I’ll show you a demo of this works..

  4. Prachee said

    Ha Ha Ha…Loved the revenge…BTW what did Rishu replied…LOL

    PS: I am in your sister’s team…*runs away*

  5. You think about making things even with you sister…meanwhile if ever this Rishab guy replies, tell him, oops did I send that to you, sorry I was sending a message to my cousin Reshma :P. I have been in similar situation, this really works :).

  6. Btw I have been meaning to ask you and was waiting for your update, how is Mint’s brother doing after the transplant? Hoping and wishing things are stable at that end.

  7. Deboshree said

    Hahaha. I am sure Rishu will be super curious about your sudden interest in him. 😀

  8. ferret said

    LOL!!! Hi Rishu!! this was superb, well done to your sis i say 😀 😀
    loved the term ‘watery smile’
    Pls do tell us when you hear back from Rishu, and also about your revenge 😀

  9. Santulan said

    *grabs popcorn*

  10. Shweta said

    Haha! A game of tom and jerry 😉
    Tell us what Rishu replies! 😛

  11. LOL! You two are the cutest! But, squeezing fingers until she screams sounds a but terrorizing..paavam that girl 🙂

    On the Rishab episode, I would just ping him back and confess back with a ‘oops, sorry’ 😀
    Can’t wait to hear the rest part of this post though * rubs palm together*

  12. haha! Ur sister had a sweet revenge on you..lolz. When u plotting next revenge? Btw, are u giving a phone number online..lolz
    If u have time, check author’s interview:

  13. srividhya said

    All I wanted to ask you both is “why this kolaveri?””. But sister is paavam naa..

  14. Roshni said

    LOL!! Have you managed to plot a suitable revenge plot?! 😀
    I’m sure ‘Rishu’ will not be passing by without any comment from now on!! 😉

  15. chipmunk said

    lol sisters have this special combo and entertaining session 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. sweet revenge it was 😛 BTW what did Rishu reply 😛

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