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Understand? You better understand!

Posted by Pepper on September 24, 2014

Look what I found while clearing my drafts.


Dear Mint,

If we’re at a friend’s place and I look at you questioningly and raise my eyebrows, it translates to, ‘I think we should leave and I’d like to know when you’ll be willing to get your ass out of the door’. It does not mean, ‘How are you?’ like you thought it did the other day. In return, you don’t have to give me a sweet smile and mutter something like, ‘I’m great, baby’, and then continue to lounge on the couch, refill your beer and watch the match. I hope you understand.

Thank you very much,



This post was written a few years ago, but things have largely remained unchanged. Perhaps I need to design a crash course on ‘How to interpret nudges and signs’ for the husband. Ufff..

PS – The title is a dialogue from a shady Hindi movie.

13 Responses to “Understand? You better understand!”

  1. smdeea11 said

    I guess instead of taking up a course, you should try and text him! Make it sound crisp and clear. Always works!

  2. beingnri said

    It was a hit mainstream hindi movie!!

  3. renxkyoko said

    Some people are just so oblivious, aren’t they ? lol

  4. In our case it’s me acting like Mint and the husband passing subtle and sometimes not so subtle hints which I totally fail to understand. But the whatsapping thing works for us !!!

  5. sacha said

    My dh does the same thing …sometimes I think they know what we are trying to say but just don’t want to take action 😉

  6. The title is from Laadla! Haha!
    *Snaps finger*
    Men will be men….

  7. It’s the opposite here 😉

  8. stutigupta said

    I’ve now resorted to stepping out (to the loo, balcony etc) and then calling him in a very nonchalant voice. Or snuggling up to him and whispering an urgent “chal !!!” in his ear. But the day’s not far when I will shamelessly start to ask aloud – chalna kab hai?

    P.s. Which movie is this? I faintly remember that the accompanying gesture was a click of the fingers, but can’t recall the actors or the movie.

  9. Prachee said

    looking forward for that crash course of yours…*sigh*

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