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Proud to be an idiot?

Posted by Pepper on September 25, 2014

I am quite sick and tired of seeing women share this nonsense on my timeline. I feel like unfriending them. Have you seen it?



I’ve been writing long comments dismissing this rubbish on Facebook. Perhaps they call me a spoilt sport. Never mind. I call them idiots. Pushing doors that say PULL is a human tendency. There is some research that proves it. Look it up. Are you really trying to imply that women do not have their brains wired the right way? Laughing harder when trying to explain why you are laughing is not gender specific. What are you trying to say? Counting on fingers in math really? Some people are good at calculations and some are not. What do women have anything to do with it? If you assume women in general are bad at math, I have no words for you.

Walking into a room and forgetting why you are there is being ‘absent minded’. It is not ‘being a woman’ Why assume women hide pain from their loved ones? Or do you expect them to be the ever sacrificing, ever smiling and silently suffering do gooders they are believed to be? Are you suggesting  no man does this? Exaggerating, caring unduly and being stupid and illogical in general is what you think women are about?

I am mighty offended. It would be bad enough if only men shared this, but to my dismay I see women sharing this all the time. Claiming to be PROUD of their gender. Will you give us a break and stop propagating such sexist stereotypes? None of these traits and flaws are exclusive to women, you assholes.



24 Responses to “Proud to be an idiot?”

  1. Boiling said

    Agreed. Most people perpetuate these things without thinking about it or analyzing it. It is like you repeat what you heard somewhere to someone and they in turn repeat it like it is a fact till lot of them treat it like it is the gospel truth.

    People say so much bullshit to me like it is the truth. “Oh, your friend is not a vegetarian? Ya, guys cannot survive without meat.” Who the hell said that?

    “Oh you don’t like AC. Of course, because you don’t eat meat”

    No. That is because I hate 21 C AC when it is 40 C outside and it blows on my head while you are in a corner away from the AC. I don’t complain of the cold in USA.

  2. awesome. well said pepper.

  3. Whoaa! That escalated quickly (last word!)!!!! Just kidding! I agree with you! Its pretty lame actually.. Have you seen the likeagirl video? You’ll like it!

  4. I’ve seen people share much more pathetic stuff on social media. I agree “it would be bad enough if only men shared this, but to my dismay I see women sharing this all the time.”

  5. Shweta said

    Haha Pepper! Its OK. Don’t take mighty offense and lose your cool! Laugh it off!! Stereotypes will never cease existing!!

    Calm down and enjoy garba 😛

  6. singhruby said

    I just cannot tell you the extent to which I agree with you on this.

  7. Nitya said

    Blegh..these kind of forwards, posts make me feel a little ill. Even worse are the ‘ i am a mother and proud of it’ kind of forwards.
    Sigh..one step forward and three steps back.

  8. Nitya said

    On a lighter note though, your title had me giggling for a bit.

  9. Tell me about it! This one and so much other ‘father-daughter’ and ‘husband-wife’ rubbish has been populating my timeline… (by people who I thought were sensible!) So aggravating! I used to leave long comments but then I decided it would be more effective to share them on my timeline with a long comment explaining why its nonsense. So I started doing that instead 😀

  10. I was sent a msg by a guy about 10 differences in men and woman by this guy who has a crush on me. Things like woman say sweety-honey and men say asshole and stuff. Random shit. I just called the whole post real sexist. It wasn’t even funny.

  11. Thisisme said

    i totally.,…totally agree with u!! I had the same reaction when I saw this on FB!

  12. Squishy said

    I have been meaning to shun such posts for so long but I hate the discussion that follows. Thank you for putting all of these thoughts in writing, I feel exactly the same about such posts!

  13. kaj said

    Women propagate this because it makes them feel more wanted by men, maybe? But most of this is written by men. And expected of women to follow.

    See the comments about the women scientists in relation to the recent space success. One photo is being shared by thousands. And the comments by Indian men is that these are ‘the real modern Indian women’. Because they may be scientists, but they are wearing their sarees and being the ‘expected’ real Indian women. Nothing mentioned about all the ‘unreal Indian men’ surrounding them wearing shirts and pants.

    P.S. Love sarees. Loved the photo. And not all evil is created by men in case someone is upset by the above. That’s not the point. The point is the comments by men and the acceptance and propaganda by women about what women should to wear.

  14. I actually ignore these kind of uploads because they are simply idiotic. Who wants to get into a war of words with people who think these are fun?

  15. MLK said

  16. R's Mom said

    Honestly, my first reaction to the picture you put up was like WHAT? and the second reacton was, it just doesnt make sense..and the third reaction..what rubbish..and the fourth reaction, ah well, Pepper just got it right..

    I mean really…whats the point of that picture..its just so weird!!!

  17. Ranjini said

    To be fair, some points are indeed right. Like the crying bit, the microwave bit and the listening bit. There is nothing offensive about them. I am not afraid to say I cry, multitask and listen. Why does that make me a sexist? It’s only human. There are a few points that are plain dumb and doesn’t make sense, still not offensive.

  18. Deepa said

    oh my lady, is such crap from the gutter floating around the blogosphere and Facebook world these days? Yeah, we don’t need ’em stereotypes no more, we have enough work to do as it is to make little girls feel proud of themselves all over the world. Kya bullshit hai ye!

  19. What does the microwave thing mean?

    And i always pull a door irrespective of what it says. Does that make a me boy?

  20. D said

    You should ignore such stuff….there are people and their are opinions….as husband says..just like ass holes, everybody has one! I have realized that it is always better to simply ignore such stuff…bahut bandwidth waste hoti hai reason out karne mein…have a great holiday!

  21. Zainab said

    “Are you really trying to imply that women do not have their brains wired the right way?”. ROFL =)) . How do u come up with such awesome wisecracks?! I love your style. Makes me so jealous too. This is a very nice blog.

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