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And we’re off!

Posted by Pepper on September 26, 2014

The bags are packed. Our holiday begins in a few hours. I’ve been doing a happy dance since morning.

We’re going to Kerala! For a good 9 days! I know the whole world and it’s cousins have been to Kerala, but for me this will be a first. There are so many destinations in India that we are yet to explore. Every time we see an opportunity to travel, we end up having an international holiday. The reason is quite simple. We find India too expensive. When we compare costs and realise we will be spending so much on domestic travel, and that an overseas vacation will only cost a little more, we end up choosing the overseas vacation while we can. Ofcourse, I am taking about foreign destinations that are not too far away. Otherwise the cost difference is significant.

We’re relatively young now and can endure long flights and adjust to changing time zones without too much of a struggle. Traveling within India will be easier in that sense and can be done when age makes our energy levels deplete. Or so I thought. It took my dumb brain a while to realise just how vast India is. And how much we are yet to see. It just hit me one fine day. Would it be wise to leave it all for later? Other than that, we could afford the international travel before we bought the house. Now we have enough debt to last us a life time. Might as well start exploring the country now (since it is cheaper) instead of spending more money on foreign holidays.

So plans for a domestic holiday were hatched. Kerala had been on the list for a long time. It was the perfect time. And in what seemed to be a happy coincidence, a group of friends decided to join the plan because of a baby shower that was going to be held in Cochin. Mint and I are going to be spending almost a week by ourselves in Munnar. Once the friends join, we will do Thekkady and the houseboat in Alleppey before we head back to Cochin.

This holiday brings with it another first. We’re going to Cochin by train. It takes a good 24 hours. Despite having done some amount of train travel, I have never spent 24 hours in a train. I am sure I will have a good time, though to be honest, the thought of using the toilets worries me a little. We chose to come back to Bombay by flight, so the train will be a one time experience for now.

So tada peeps. Have fun and enjoy the little line up of holidays (in India). See you soon.



19 Responses to “And we’re off!”

  1. Anams said


  2. Deeps said

    Fabulous! Have loads of fun!

  3. smdeea11 said

    A very happy journey!

  4. I love trains. I hate their loos. If it’s a 15-ish hour long travel i hold my pee (avoid drinking/eating anything before & during the travel, and this can be achieved with a reasonable amount of discomfort in bladder region and a parched throat). But urs is a 24 hour journey. If you go while the train is running full speed, it feels like some force above has filled the loo with cold coffee and ice and is shaking it up. To avoid falling, ull need to hold on to pipes/door/handles. This grosses me out. I suggest you visit the loo while the train is slowing down or has stopped in middle of some wilderness.

    Do not miss the palam pori while you are in kerala. Yumm it is. Have a safe trip and loads of fun 🙂

  5. Munnar is just mesmerising. We stayed in this awesome property amidst the valley and with a Mumbaiya chef who served this amazing amazing food.

  6. And have an amazing vacation you two 🙂

  7. tinu said

    Welcome to Kerala… Hope u will love it here… 🙂

  8. Shweta said

    Have a very happy trip Pepper! Kerala is beautiful, I have heard! Not been there yet 😦
    Click loads of pictures and do share some! India is awesome travel wise… Saw my post on Ladakh? Give it a look some time.

    PS: wrong time to remind you… But no mail yet ;(

  9. srividhya said

    Oh wow.. have a great trip. You are going close to my native.. we lived in place called peiyakulam until my marriage which is 3 hrs from munnar. But d sad truth is I have never been to munnar. Been to thekkady n kodaikanal a lot.. have loads of fun n enjoy the greenary 🙂

  10. Munnar, Thekkady and then Alleppey?? OMG, girl, you are making me seriously ‘home’ sick ….travel and explore more of India.
    I have only been to Wayanad in Kerala and still rate it one of the BEST trips EVER!

    So happy for you ( and also wee bit jealous, how lucky!) 🙂
    Have fun and come back with loads of pics and stories to share, k?
    Be careful about your belongings ( that incidence where you lost camera and stuff still scares me).

    Note: So right about domestic travel and exploring our own country. We have decided to try and cover atleast one new state/place during out visit to India. Last year was Ajanta Ellora caves and Pune. Looking forward to the next on, I don’t know when! 🙂

  11. Happy happy happy holidays 🙂

  12. That sounds like awesome. Enjoy ur holidays. That’s true, there are so many places in India to visit.

  13. S said

    What a show off! No holidays in India it seems! We only like and afford foreign!
    And so idiotic to see Munnar for 1 week! Going by train you could have gone to Waynad from Kozihode. After Munnar you will not enjoy Thekkady take a word. And what in Cochin? Look for Fort Kochi!
    Only foreign! One can club Lakshadweep too with Kerala that too 10 days only Kerala!

    • Pepper said

      I am so amused by your comment. I’m sorry if my post sounds like I am showing off, but if you look closely you will realise what I said is true. We wanted to do Kerala last December too. But when we checked prices, we realised Kerala was costing us as much as Thailand. So we chose Thailand at that time. I genuinely believe domestic travel in India is expensive.

      Who are you to tell me my choices are idiotic? We didn’t want to ‘see’ Munnar for a week. We just wanted to spend time in the hills and do nothing. It is exactly what we did and it was very enjoyable.

      Perhaps you can put forth your opinions in a more polite way in future.

  14. Elizabeth said

    I am right now in the middle of Kerala, enjoying the torrential rains. Kerala is my home though I live and work in Bangalore. I just hope you love rains because Kerala is so beautiful during rainy season.

    Enjoy Kerala !!! have never been to Munnar, but Allepey and Thekkady are beautiful places

  15. Nimisha Kumar said

    good luck:-) have a nice time

  16. I hope this time you guys made it to the station well in time!

  17. Vagabond said

    Hope you guys have tons of fun in God’s own country and take your time in realizing it’s populated by the devil’s own people ! 😀 Trip advice: Try to go for a bamboo rafting in Thekkady. It’s not to be missed coz there will be a maximum of 10 people and you get to see lots of wildlife ! 🙂 Enjoy !!!

  18. the moment I read (or hear) this word ‘Kerala’ only greenery and banana chips fried in coconut oil come to my mind but this awesome place is about many more things! I really wish to visit this place 😀
    nice post! enjoy!!

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