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Posted by Pepper on October 21, 2014

Hello! Anybody there? I’ve been away for almost a month. (Digression begins. I was going to say I have been missing in action. So I thought I’d rather say I have been MIA. But it was making me giggle, because MIA reminded me of meow. So after some bit of chortling, I deciding to break the silence by purring like a cat. So. Meoww. Digression ends)

We came back from Kerala a few weeks ago. I have an incomplete post in my draft about the trip. I hope to complete that post soon. Unfortunately, I came back rather sick. To add to it, I kept getting hit by an assortment of illnesses. Nothing big, but the minor ailments were enough to disrupt regular programming.

Let me talk about the biggest roadblock I have run into. Lethargy. It is single handedly responsible for all the disorder that has seeped into my life. I have lost all will and inclination to perform any chore that involves physical activity. It happened at the wrong time because my parents had to travel to Bangalore for a week. That meant the responsibility of running two homes fell on my shoulders. The sister cited exams as her reason to not take on any any additional work. As far as Mint is concerned, the past month has been so hectic for him at work, he practically lives in office. He comes home only to take on more calls that last until late night and then continues to work until the wee hours of morning.

I had no help. I was more sluggish than I have been in a long time. I don’t know how I managed to wade through that week while my parents were gone. I didn’t ever want to get out of bed. A small task like laying the table or opening the door to the maid seemed to take massive effort. I only wanted to lounge around and do nothing. Not even read, which is surprising. Blogging seemed to take too much effort. Heck, bathing seemed to take too much effort. So I just allowed myself to slip on all fronts. Mails went unanswered. Work in office piled up. Work around the new house came to a complete halt.

There was a lot I had to focus on and I chose to just lie back and do nothing. The drama queen BFF who is getting married in the end of November called me (exclusively to shout at me) one day, “Do you care to plan my wedding at all? We hardly have any time left. Have you decided what you are going to wear for the ceremony and the reception? Have you planned my bachelorrete? Have you planned the sangeet and dance party? When are we going to start rehearsing the dances. Have you thought of surprises for me?” I knew I had too much to do in that direction, so I decided to get going. November is going to be an extremely busy month for me. What with my cousin getting married, BFF1 getting married and BFF2 having her baby shower, I am going to have my plate very full.

Anyway, I am trying to get back to regular programming. My parents are finally back. The house is slowly getting back in order. Diwali is here! We have to put up our lights today. Few things excite me more than strings of twinkling fairy lights. Mint has taken off from work for the remaining week. So that is a big relief. I can’t wait to submerge myself in all the festivities. How have you guys been?


18 Responses to “Meoww…”

  1. Deboshree said

    Welcome back! Hope you had a fantastic vacation.
    I am sure lethargy will soon disappear, especially when you see the fairy lights twinkle. I love that too 🙂
    Wish you all a very happy Diwali. 🙂

  2. S said

    I just got back from Europe 😀 Heehaa..that’s what I have been up to.

  3. Bhavani said

    Tsk Tsk..all your symptoms of lethargy can make me think of only one thing :))

    Happy Diwali to all of you…please put up pics of your New Home with lights….

    Waiting to hear your travel tales…


  4. Hey, yeah we there waiting for us post..was wondering where you disappeared. Get well soon.

  5. Good to see you back in action. I was wondering where you disappeared, for that matter many of the bloggers I follow was MIA.

    I can’t wait to read your travelogue.

    Happy Diwali Babes!

  6. Shweta said

    Woah!!! That was some post full of updates! Welcome back Pepper! Did you vote BTW?!

    Eager to hear about Kerala and blurred pictures 😛

  7. On the meow thing, sometimes I randomly feel like barking. I have told Moo about it. She tells me to just do it. Errrr… Please don’t judge me.

  8. Or meowing too as a matter of fact. And barking = yelping like a small pup.

  9. Rachna said

    Welcome back. Which place in Kerala did you go to? I also went to Kerala during Dasshera holidays. Diwali was wonderful and I am not feeling withdrawal symptoms after the fun and festivity. Good to know that things are getting back to normal for you.

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