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Yet another ‘I’m back’ post.

Posted by Pepper on November 24, 2014

Reappearing after a brief spell of silence seems to have become a common theme on this blog. This time, I have missed the blog sorely. And ofcourse, I’d like to believe I have been missed too. In my imaginary world, there is a large audience waiting desperately to hear from me. I see them whistling, clapping and cheering as I emerge. Amidst all that frenzied hooting, I approach the podium.. err, blog. And then I begin to speak. People hang on to every word of mine. The moment everybody has been waiting for has arrived. I am back!

You see why I love living in my imaginary world? Because reality sucks. Nobody seems to have missed me. I got no emails checking on me this time. Nobody seems to be desperate for my return. Hmph.. But we will ignore that, okay? We will instead focus on the few hundreds of people who visit this space religiously. Despite me posting nothing. They come here and leave empty handed (empty headed?), having found nothing new to read. So for all those awesome people who give my stats a constant boost, I am back. How can I continue disappointing you like that? I know. I am modest and humble. Thank you.

What kept me away? I believe I have mentioned that already. The month has been crazy. My cousin came down from Spain. She had gotten married to a Spanish boy and wanted to come to India to have an Indian wedding ceremony. She was visiting India after 17 years, so she knew almost nothing about the city or country in its current state.

They also wanted to have their honeymoon in India. The responsibility of planning their travel and the wedding ceremony fell on me entirely. I cribbed and whined. Because I was already very ¬†burdened with the BFF’s wedding planning. I don’t know how the days went by. I was coordinating with a travel agent for my cousins’s honeymoon arrangements, checking suitable venues for the wedding, planning the BFF’s ¬†bachelorette party, writing the script for her sangeet and dance party, talking to caterers, figuring out what to wear for all the upcoming occasions, whining about how busy life is, rehearsing my dance for the party, brain storming with the BFF’s sister, trying to come up with appropriate props for the Bollywood theme we had chosen for one of the parties, getting movie banners printed, having family dinners every other day with my cousin and her husband and so on and so forth.

I haven’t had a moment’s respite. No, it isn’t over yet. But a lot of events have been crossed out of my list. The cousin and her husband had a happy wedding ceremony. They enjoyed all the family gatherings and dinners. They loved their honeymoon. They have now returned to Spain. Phew. The BFF’s bachelorette party is done. The sangeet and dance party is done. I will write individual posts on them later, perhaps. What remains now is the mehendi party. And the haldi ceremony. And the wedding ceremony. And the reception. Okay, that does sound taxing. But the good news is that I have no more work! All the events that I had to plan and organise are done. Now I only have to show up for the rest of them. Okay, I am kidding. Knowing the BFF, I know I will be swamped with last minute chores for the remaining occasions too.

But, but! I am back. Despite the ongoing festivities. They will be over in a week. I intend writing here regularly. I have so much to say. Looks like the silence on the blog was just the calm before the storm. So beware! You are now going to be inundated with posts.


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