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Weird and bored

Posted by Pepper on December 5, 2014

So, I am bored. I know, that isn’t a great opening line. But when I am this bored, how am I expected to come up with a more interesting beginning? I am in Pune for work. I decided to skip the official dinner and drinks this evening (blasphemous, I know), and instead walked back to my room in the hotel, changed into my pajamas, climbed into bed and did what? I watched ‘Gopi Kishan’ on TV. Yes, that funny movie of our childhood. When I mentioned this to my friend on phone, she laughed and said, ‘You’re weird, you know?’.

*Yawn*. If this is weird, I like being weird. And what does weird even mean? The dictionary defines it as. ‘strikingly odd or unusual’. Unusual happenings can make our life more interesting, I believe. When I thought about it some more, I came up with a a list of recent events that can be classified as ‘weird’, and perhaps, interesting.

Event 1: Last weekend, the sister said she wanted to eat a burger from the newly opened Burger King. I groaned. I was never a big fan of Burger King when we lived in the US. But they were the only ones to offer a veggie patty, so we did go there now and then. It was always our last resort though. Anyway, since the sister had never sampled their burgers, we agreed to take her there.

What do we find when we go there? A ridiculously long queue that went across the entire length of the food court. Wha?! So many people waiting in line to eat from Burger King? Really? I almost giggled at the thought of some American catching sight of this and feeling a combination of shock and amusement. It was crazy! Indians are so fascinated by any chain that has been operational in the West. What is more? Since the sister really wanted to eat from there, we joined the spiraling queue. Had somebody told me some years ago that I would one day stand in an hour long queue to grab some food from Burger King, I would have laughed out aloud.

Event 2: A few days ago Mint discovered that his wallet was missing. We looked for it everywhere. He had it with him in the car that morning when we left for work. I dropped him off near some flyover on the highway and continued to drive towards my office. By the time he reached his office, he knew it was missing. I searched for it in the car quite thoroughly, and then let him know that it wasn’t there. He went back to the flyover where I had dropped him to make sure it hadn’t fallen there while he had gotten down. He couldn’t find it there either. Somebody could have very well taken it.

We obviously blocked all the credit and debit cards immediately, but I was annoyed because his wallet contained his driving license. With that missing, I become the sole driver until he figured out what he had to do to get his license again. After a day or two, we got a call from some unknown number. The guy on the other line said he had found Mint’s wallet on the road. I asked him which area he was in. He said he was calling from some town a hundred kilometers from Pune.

We were quite taken aback. Pune? How did the wallet even get to another city? All his credit and debit cards were safe in there. The cash was missing. Somebody took the wallet to another town and just threw it on the road? That doesn’t make sense. No, we still don’t have the wallet back with us. Why not, is another story.

Event 3: Now this one requires a back story. I lived in a 3 bedroom apartment when I was studying in UK. It was originally leased out to 3 of us girls. 2 of the girls had already moved out and I was living all alone for a considerable amount of time. When the lease was about to expire, I started packing up since I was going to be moving out too.

P was with me at that point and while clearing out one of the bedrooms, we were shocked to find a laptop lying in the crevice between the bed and the wall. It looked like somebody had deliberately hidden it there! We called up M, our flatmate who had previously used that bedroom. She said the laptop wasn’t hers and had no idea of how it came there. It was quite well hidden and I couldn’t blame her for never having seen it.

We didn’t know the password, but we used some software to unlock the laptop. Our home was quite close to campus and had been rented out to many students prior to us. If we could, we wanted to pass on the laptop to its rightful owner. We managed to unlock the laptop, but unfortunately we found no data or information that would connect us to the owner.

So we started browsing through the pictures. What did we find? Nude pictures of girls making out with each other. *Cough* We went through the entire list of albums, not because of our penchant for sleaze (no, really), but because we wanted to see if we could identify any of the girls in the pictures. Fine, I admit, those nude pics of those Brit girls became good fodder for us for a few days. We really are angels, but like I say, the halo sometimes does turn into horns.

Finally, after a lot of scanning, we came across a resume in one of the folders. It didn’t contain any phone number, but we found an email address. We mailed the girl saying we had found a laptop that we suspect was hers. Could she come to our place and get it?

Sure enough, they did come. I was all alone at home and when I opened the door, I realised they were the same girls in the pictures! I tried to brush aside thoughts that reminded me of the fact that I had seen all of them naked. Focus on the matter, I told myself. They told me the laptop had gone missing 3 years ago when they lived in that house. It was apparently stolen. I didn’t say much, just handed it to them.

It obviously left us with a lot of questions. Were they speaking the truth? Had it really been stolen, or had one of the girls just hidden it there? If yes, then why?  If it really had been stolen, then how did it reappear in that room? This felt like a thrilling mystery. Too bad I couldn’t pursue it.

Anyway, after all these years, I got a friend request on Facebook from one of the girls a few days ago. It came with a message that said, ‘Need to talk’. It took me a while to place her, and when I did, I was confused. What does she want to talk to ME about? Why is she adding me? Anyway, because I have always been a curious cat, I accepted her friend request. Only to find that her profile no longer exists! She deleted it? After telling me she needs to talk? Why?


15 Responses to “Weird and bored”

  1. The last one really cracked me up 😀 And now I am also curious to know why she wanted to talk to you?!

    I remember one incident with S – once he lost his new *costly* chappals in our car only while he was on his way to Bangalore. Not until he almost reached Bangalore did he realize his footwear gone missing.. Its still a puzzle to us – how could he lose his chappals while driving a car?! He didnt get down anywhere in between. Weird right?

  2. D said

    The last one does look like a curious case!! Interesting story!

  3. Santulan said

    Frankly speaking this is interesting.. begs so many questions

  4. ajay said

    You should have called Sherlock to solve the missing laptop case. I can imagine him rummaging through the stuff in the room, looking for clues in the pictures and finally cracking the case. What fun would it have been! 😀

  5. Omg! The last one sounds like such a big whudunnit, it’s sorta creepy. Maybe a fellow roommate there stole the laptop and hid it there to avoid getting caught?

  6. Gopi Kishan reminds me of how badly I wanted those sleeves in some top or kurta. Hai Huku Hai Huku hai hai! Btw staying in hotel rooms on the comfy beds is my fav thing to do. Right after free food and drinks though.
    Even I find it really weird how people were SO excited about Taco Bell opening in India! It is plastic food! It is another story when Chipotle opens, right?

  7. The world has weird ways, I guess. It sad that the person called to hand Mint wallet but never did so. Guess, few of us are honest and it’s a quality that needs to be taught.
    Hope things shape up for better.

  8. Jack Point said

    Ha ha the last one is a real mystery.

    The girl probably realised that you may have seen her pictures and decided to try and contact you to tell you to keep quiet and later lost courage.

  9. mevsrogue said

    The last one creeped me out :\

  10. If the last incident happened to me, i would never be able to live in peace until i knew what she wanted to tell me. The mystery would haunt me in my dreams. And im extremely mad at taco bell for opening in India. Like butterly said, plastic food. I ate in their bangalore outlet once (had nowhere else to go and was starving). After 4 bites, i felt like i had swallowed a cup of engine grease. Ugh.

    Its kinda heartening to know that someone actually bothered to call up and inform that he found a wallet. Why didnt you guys end up getting it?

    • Pepper said

      Seriously? We actually like Taco Bell here 😐 … Never found their stuff excessively greasy. Mint and I grab something from there fairly often and we actually *like* the food.

      We got the wallet now. FINALLY! It’s a long story and strange story of how it got delivered to us. I will save it for another day..

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