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Bits of joy

Posted by Pepper on December 23, 2014

* The nip in the air and the resultant change in weather has given me the mother of all colds. I lay in bed at 4 am, unable to disconnect myself from my state of discomfort, unable to drift away. The severely blocked nose and hacking cough was not granting me any respite. Just as I was beginning to feel utterly miserable, it began.

The wind chimes. At first, it sounded like a mad clamour. The wind outside must be blowing with unusual gusto tonight, I thought. Soon, it picked up a tune. And the melody continued. I held on to the notes, taking in the sweet rhythm of the clinks and tinkles. It seemed lyrical. I lay there in bed and smiled. Had I slept through this, I would have missed something beautiful.

* Talking about beautiful, our Christmas tree makes the house seem cheerful and adds a new dimension of beauty to it. We haven’t had the space for a big tree in years but that hasn’t diminished our joy in anyway. We’re happy. Some of our favourite carols are played on loop, and yet we never tire of them. There is excitement in the air.


* Some days ago, Oregano completed the 6 month mark after his kidney transplant. Like I keep telling him, his illness has taught me a lot. I’ve learnt to value normalcy instead of taking it for granted. While I have seen closed ones suffer from dreadful illnesses, it is Oregano’s sudden kidney failure that really shook me. Although I had come to terms with the fact that people fall sick as they age, I was unprepared for something as dreadful as an organ failure happening to somebody as young as Oregano, with no cause or warning.

6 months after the transplant, he has come a long way. He is healthy, doesn’t have as many dietary restrictions and leads a fairly normal life. He ran a marathon and struck out an item from his list. Every time I see this picture, I feel incredibly happy. I took the first picture a day before his transplant surgery. Mint and I were sitting by his side as he underwent the dialysis. We were anxious and excited. I had truly hoped this last session marked a new beginning for him. And it did.. Here’s the picture from his blog.

* Guess who I shared space with this Sunday while we were buying our weekly supply of veggies at the organic farmer’s market. None other than the lovely Nandita Das. She was right behind me and we moved together from aisle to aisle. I hadn’t realised it was her until we reached the billing section and somebody let out something that sounded like a loud exclamation. That is when I turned my head and saw her face. My first reaction was, Oh My God! So I was making polite conversation with her about tomatoes and stuff without knowing it was her! But instead of letting on my over excitement, I just gave her a composed smile.

And just after I was getting over this, in front of me appeared Manisha Koirala. Two celebs in a matter of twenty minutes? Have I told you how excited I get when I spot any known personality? Anyway, I came home, Googled and found this image of hers at the farmer’s market that day. Do you like what she is wearing?

* Yesterday was the BFF’s birthday and we went to a lovely Mediterranean place for dinner. The food was amazing and they gave us some complimentary lemon tarts in the end. What a perfect end it was. You know life is good when you are genuinely happy on a Monday evening.


The very amazing dips and spreads served on warm stone platters


Lemon tarts


* Lastly, I am excited because Mint is off from work for the whole week. Although I am off for only 2 days, his longish break makes me very happy because it will let me spend my evenings with him without worrying about his night calls. And ofcourse, we have the holiday spirit to revel in. Yay!

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