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Oops! I did it again..

Posted by Pepper on January 1, 2015

Yes. I am talking about the blogathon. 31 posts in 31 days. Last year was undoubtedly a lot of fun. But it was also quite crazy. I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it again. But then, almost everybody who did it last year was doing it again. How could I be left out? Even the idea of missing it was hurting my pride. So here I am. You read it. For the next 31 days. This time however, I am going to bend the rules a little. I am not going to push myself to publish my post before midnight. It is extremely hard, especially on weekends. Anyway, let’s see how it goes.

The past year has been good. I was going to inaugurate the blogathon with a very different post, but then, something happened. My dad’s bro, who is my Daddy, *finally* agreed to get some blood tests done. Please read the post I have linked to to know how difficult he is. He has been quite unwell for a long time. The test reports are bad. We don’t know much, but the physician called us on his own and asked us to take him to a specialist right away. He wouldn’t give away too much, but he sounded grim. So this has upset us considerably. I am a little too distracted and weighed down to be able to write a meaningful post right now..

We have an appointment with another doctor tomorrow. My job is to convince him to come to the doctor. Only God knows how difficult that is. But hopefully, we’ll deal with it. And hopefully from tomorrow, I will have my heart in the blogathon. See you!

11 Responses to “Oops! I did it again..”

  1. I just wish everything goes well…

  2. Hugs pepper! I hope its not as bad as it sounds!

  3. Happy New Year Pepper. Wish your family strength and ull achieve the blogging challenge. Worry not 2015 will be our year. Goodness of life cannot dump us every year:)

  4. Gayathri Manikandan said

    Happy new year! Congrats on the first post of the marathon 🙂 I have shared a pre-configured dashboard including all blogs participating in the blogathon! Do check it out on my blog if you are interested.
    And I hope all is well in 2015..

  5. Seema said

    I had read your earlier post on Daddy. It was relief to know that he finally agreed to get the tests done. Phew!!

    Hoping for the best Pepper. Fingers crossed.

  6. Hope for the best, Pepper. He took the first step so hopefully will comply with the rest. Do keep us posted. I still can’t get my dad to get tests done and this topic is close to my heart and the fear of not knowing the worst is something I live with everyday.

  7. All the best girl! FINALLY I found a way of commenting on blogs which only allow partial posts to be seen on readers 😐 I hope this works for long. Happy New Year Pepper! Hope we complete the blogathon!

    • Pepper said

      But why are you only seeing my partial posts on the reader? I dislike partial visibility. It annoys me. Stats be damned. My settings allowed my full posts to be seen. Why can’t you view fully? Let me go check again.

  8. singhruby said

    I wish and pray for his heath and wellness.

  9. srividhya said

    Hope everything goes well. Happy new year.

  10. […] Oops! I did it again.. […]

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