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Posted by Pepper on January 3, 2015

I almost never make New Year resolutions. They’re not meant for people like me. I lack the determination to reach any targets or goals I set for myself. I wish I cared enough, but the truth is, very few things matter to me. Anyway, so I am going to create a small wish list for 2015. They’re not resolutions. They’re not hard set goals. They’re only things I wish for. And if you notice, this list only contains wishes that are attainable.

1) I wish to focus more on fitness. I know, this one is really common. But what most of us do to our bodies is quite appalling, to say the least. We need to care more. We need to take this up sincerely. My foremost wish for 2015 is to be more conscious of my health. To eat right and devote time to regular exercise. Most importantly, I need to train myself to *keep at it* instead of allowing it to be only a passing phase.

2) I wish to finish setting up our house. By setting up, I mean buying the basics. That’s all. No frills. With our non existent budget, we’re unable to buy even basic things at one go. We’ve been phasing out our purchases. The slow pace has been annoying me. I hope this year we manage to buy all the essentials. I’ve been wanting to get this out of the way for a long time.

3) I wish to go for atleast 3 holidays in this year. That isn’t too much to wish for, is it? They can be local destinations. I just want to travel and explore some new places. 3 sounds like a good number.

4) I am too embarrassed to say this, but never mind, here we go. I wish to start waxing my legs. Now get over the shock already. It is really not my fault. I switched from waxing to shaving my legs when I moved out of India many years ago. There was no way I could afford to go to a salon to get waxed in foreign lands. I did wax my own arms at home, but the lazy me was very happy using the razor on my legs. I had no complains, other than the times when Mint ran his hands up my legs, which is when I would say, ‘Not like that baby, run your hands the other way. Up to down only, okay?’ And it was all good.

I moved back to India and started feeling jealous of all the smooth and creamy legs around me. I decided to ditch the razor and go back to waxing, but what do you know? Just a few rips of the wax strip and I was howling in pain. You see, shaving pretty much screws you up. Ripping out the coarse hair was killing me. So I went back to shaving and have stayed here ever since. Every time I try convincing myself to give waxing a shot, the painful reminders of the stubborn razor treated hair being ripped out begin to haunt me. I really hope to overcome this fear and go back to waxing for good.

5) I wish to bake a good cake. You see, I have never baked in my life. Okay, strike that out, because that would mean overlooking my one lousy attempt. I wish to be able to bake a good, soft, moist, spongy, awesome cake. Maybe a coffee cake or something? That sounds fairly easy. I’ve been searching for recipes for a while. This one should be doable. I hope.

6) I wish to find and assign more time to playing board games. Both Mint and I love board games. We’ve had a lot of fun together. Settlers of Catan, Thurn and Taxis, Puerto Rico, Pandemic are some of the games we want to spend more time playing. Each one of them is amazing. They make you think. They make you plan. They let you enter a new world. Let’s hope we have a ‘playful’ year ahead.

7) This last wish of mine is going to be kept secret. I am not superstitious like that. Just that, this one is really dear to me and I feel like snuggling and cuddling the idea all by myself. PS – I feel compelled to add this here. I am not pregnant, so no thinking in that direction, okay?

Phew. The time is 11.54 pm. I made it.


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