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The last minute post

Posted by Pepper on January 8, 2015

I was *this* close to not posting today. The day has been so tiring. Both physically and mentally.  But then I decided to log on and type this one line. Daddy is in the ICU. His condition isn’t great. But the doctors say they are trying their best to fix things. We’re holding on.

I am so damn tired. I’ve been juggling between office, home and hospital for a week now.  I wake up early and get home around midnight everyday. The crazy commute makes me spend around 4 hours on the road everyday. I kept going without whining. But today was the worst. Daddy’s condition worsened. Things seem difficult for us. Please do pray. Thank you!

31 Responses to “The last minute post”

  1. Smitha said

    Hugs, Pepper. I’m sure your Dad will make a full recovery. Hugs and prayers.

  2. Sending you hugs and prayers Pepper !!

  3. anisnest said

    Wishing him a speedy recovery and hugs to you Pepper.. Will keep him in my prayers..

  4. Bikramjit said

    Pepper my wishes your way.. I know how u feel … Take care of yourself and others round you.. It is important ..

    My regards for your dad..He will be fine very soon god bless

  5. Bhavani said

    Sorry to hear Pepper…heres wishing he gets better soon…

  6. Seema said

    Will pray for Daddy and your family to stay strong during these tough times. Feeling so sad to read this. More power to you Pepper.

  7. I have been following your blog for quite some time and never really active out here. I love the way you write.
    Hope your dad get’s better soon. All the prayers are with you. Stay strong and stay positive.

  8. aarya said

    Wishing great health for your daddy and strength for rest of the family, Pepper.
    On side note, when I started reading this my mind imagined a hand that was showing *this* gesture…like when we join thumb and index finger.

  9. srividhya said

    Hope he feels better soon. Take care

  10. Deboshree said

    Take care Pepper. I am sure he will feel better soon. Will definitely pray for you.

  11. I prayed for your Daddy….i am sure he will be fine!

  12. singhruby said

    I pray for his health. I hope he recovers soon, God Bless all.

  13. Srishty said

    I hope he recovers and gets better Pepper, my wishes are with you guys!

  14. My thoughts are with your family. I’ll keep him in my prayers. Stay strong Pepper.. Hugs

  15. Sia said

    Hey Pepper – Stay strong. I shall pray that your daddy gets well soon.

  16. Oh! Hugs Pepper! Hang in there.I pray that things get better quickly…

  17. Sorry to see this, Pepper. You and Daddy have been on my mind so much in the last 24 hours. Sending prayers your way. Take care.

  18. Deepa said

    OMG! Just read this. Sending my prayers and positive vibes to you and your family.

  19. Hey, hang on, one of my fav blogger. Be strong and may the force be with you. I’ll say a silent prayer for your Dad.

  20. renxkyoko said

    I couldn’t LIKE. * because I don’t like what you’re going through.

    Anyway, I hope your father’s well now. Keep hoping.

  21. D said

    hey..everything fine at your end?? you did not post yesterday…how is your uncle?

  22. ash said

    I hope your dad makes a speedy recovery .Sending good thoughts your way

  23. PVS said

    hi Pepper, hope all fine. How is Daddy? A long time reader. very rarely comment. Take care. PVS

  24. Deepa said

    Get some rest every now and then Pepper. You need it not only for yourself but also to look after Daddy as long as he is still recovering. As you well know by now my prayers are always with you and will be for Daddy as he recovers and gets stronger day by day. Get out to a park closeby near the hospital if there is one, sit on a bench and sip a naariyal paani slowly, one sip at a time to destress and look at the green around you. It is very salubrious to be able to do that for one’s soul. I recall my sister used to get my mum to do that when my Dad was in a coma due to a stroke several years ago otherwise she would’ve collapsed. Or do anything for 1/2 hour a day that gives you relief and some respite.

    luv and thoughts your way as always

  25. Hi Pepper,

    Is everything fine at your end?

  26. Smitha said

    Hey Pepper, Just a little worried to have not heard from you since this post. Hope everything’s alright. Hugs and prayers your way.

  27. Trust everything is well at ur end. A bit worried as you disappeared from the blog marathon. How’s Daddy?

  28. Aravind said

    Hi Pepper, hoping things are fine and your daddy’s recovering..

    Keep posting

  29. Shini said

    Hi Pepper, Hope everything is fine at your end…My prayer for your uncle’s speedy recovery.

  30. Swaram said

    Hugs and prayers Pepper!

  31. Hey, uve been missing for a few days now. Hope things are alright at your end and that ur Daddy is getting better.

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