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That frightening phase

Posted by Pepper on February 19, 2015

I thought I was on the brink of insanity. I wasn’t sure I would survive that phase. Here is summary of all that happened after my last post. My dad was suffering in the hospital. After grimacing through the pain for over 72 hours, the doctors decided to use surgical intervention. The surgery by itself seemed to be a piece of cake. It was quite painless, and his abdomen pain too disappeared right after. But his kidney function was severely affected. His creatinine levels were high and the doctors told us the kidneys were not functioning in their full capacity. That was causing us tremendous stress. Like I have mentioned, my family is terrified of kidney ailments because of our past history.

The doctors decided to keep him in the hospital till his kidney function improved. I’m not sure why, but the improvement seemed to take forever. The hospital stay was painful. We had to share a room with another patient, an old man, 87 years of age. He would groan through the night. It was depressing. When I think of it now, I realise that it wasn’t just my dad’s hospitalisation. We were carrying with us the past trauma of daddy’s very recent hospitalization and subsequent passing. And since it was immediately followed by dad’s hospitalisation, I had begun to hate hospitals with a passion.

Work was killing me. I tried my best to effectively divide my time between the hospital and my office. My mom would mostly stay with dad at night. I spent half of my day there, with him. One day as I was padding across the hospital room bare footed, I stepped onto a glass splinter. I felt the jab. Since there was no blood, I ignored it. What was I thinking? I don’t know. All I know is that I felt a sharp pain each time I put my weight on my right foot, where the splinter was. After 2 days, the pain was too severe to ignore. So I got my foot checked. The doctor showed me the puss and infection that my negligence had caused. The splinter was also pushed in too deep. So they had to remove it with a small surgical procedure. I was asked to rest after that, but I certainly didn’t the luxury at that time to sit back with my feet up. So I limped around with a huge bandage for days. This made me more miserable and I wondered how it could all go wrong like that. I was tired, mentally, physically, emotionally. I felt sick. Work gave me no respite. And the hospital was driving me mad.

After enduring all that crap, they decided to discharge my dad although his kidney function was still not fully up to the mark. I was anxious, but happy nevertheless. They asked us to follow up with other doctors eventually. Atleast we would be home now. By the time we completed all the discharge formalities and got home, it was evening. I was so exhausted, I thought I would finally try and calm my nerves, watch a movie to lighten the mood and then go to bed. Clearly, I wasn’t asking for too much. Just a quiet evening to myself.

Just when I settled down on the couch, I got a call from Mint. He asked me to come downstairs. That is when he told me with much trepidation that he had injured his knee. He was playing soccer with his colleagues after work and one of them rammed into the side of Mint’s knee with full force. I broke down. In between sobs I kept asking Mint why he had to do that to me. Why did he have to play soccer and put himself at risk? Clearly, I wasn’t making much sense, but do you blame me? Mint kept apologising to me and told me he was terrified of breaking the news to me.

Right after, I was back to the place I hated the most. The hospital. I wondered again how it could happen. My dad had just been discharged that day. And now I was back in the hospital for Mint? While we were waiting to meet the Orthopedic surgeon, I got a call from my sis saying that dad was feeling extremely sick. Really, that is when I thought I would pass out myself. I was worried, would we have to take my dad to the hospital again? What would the doctor say for Mint?

We decided to give dad a day’s time and thankfully, his health improved. The orthopedic surgeon asked Mint to get an MRI done. He was worried it was a ligament tear. In which case, he would need a surgery to get it fixed. While the doctor was suspecting a ligament tear, he did not anticipate a bone injury. That is what the MRI reports showed. Bone contusion. The doctor held up the MRI films and showed us the areas where it had occurred. He also explained to us how the bone marrow fluid had leaked. They didn’t think an immediate surgery was required (Thank you, God), but Mint was asked to cut down all physical activity and wear a knee brace. Ever since, he avoids driving, he doesn’t walk or put weight on his injured knee unless required and he has been working from home since the past few weeks.  We need to have a follow up appointment with the surgeon and discuss what lies ahead.

Right in the midst of this, the sister and I had a couple of episodes wherein we fell quite ill. It all seemed endless and depressing. It has been a week now, and that mad phase seems to be over. Dad is much better. His kidney function has improved drastically. Mint has started moving out. The sister and I are okay. Work is still crazy, but I just need to manage work related stress better. I am slowly learning to disconnect after putting in x hours. Life is gradually creeping back to ‘normal’, and I can’t tell you how much I cherish this normalcy. Thank you for all your comments and concerned emails. Hopefully, I will get back to blogging soon. See you.


67 Responses to “That frightening phase”

  1. Smita said

    what do I say!!! Just loads of hugs and I hope its all in the past now!

  2. Aravind said

    Good to hear things are back on their way towards normalcy.. take care

  3. Bikramjit said

    Take care Pepper

  4. Hugs darling!

  5. MR said

    omg that was one hell of a ride. good luck and soon i hope you will get back to everyone in full health, calm work and lots of fun and peaceful times.

  6. I hope the worst is over for you and your family…. Hugs… Take care

  7. S said

    My God! Big hugs. So sorry to hear about how rough its been for you Pepper! You are so brave and handling it so great. Hang in there.

  8. D said

    ok..i am mentally exhausted after reading this; I can only imagine how you would have felt being a part of it with all your near and dear ones involved! this definitely was a nightmare!! Sometimes the time is just bad! I am glad its over for you guys….hope the rest of the year is happy and healthy for the complete family!! take care…

  9. Bhavani said

    Seriously Pepper…just reading this stressed me out…i cannot imagine what you went thru….but glad all of you are limping back to normalcy……take care…..

    It is amazing how much you endure for your loved ones..and you ignored your own injuring attending to others…a big pat on your back and warm hug…

  10. srividhya said

    Omg.. i couldn’t even imagine what you wrote.. hope you all get better soon n take care.

  11. SA said

    Life is everything but normal sometimes. Phases like these make us understand the value of “Normal”.
    Hope you are getting your dose of normalcy.. Hang in there, This shall pass too.

    • Pepper said

      Yes, if there is one thing I truly learnt, it is the value of ‘normal’. It is a lesson that will stay with me.. I now know how to be happy without looking for external stimulation or excitement.

  12. Me said

    That seems a terrible patch to be in, Pepper. Hugs and prayers that happy/carefree days are back soon

  13. seema3 said

    Thank God, All is Well….Really a nightmarish phase..have been coming everyday to check on you and was going to leave a comment today when i saw ur new post and am glad.

  14. Sunil said

    Sometimes times are really tough. And such experiences and incidents helps in strengthening ourselves. Appreciative the way you faced all these hardships bravely. Keep going. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

  15. Anu said

    You’ve been going through a really really tough time Pepper! big hugs! Just hang in there… it should get better soon.

  16. Big hug to all of you. Prayers, love and light. xoxo

  17. Big tight hugs Pepper! Clearly you have been through a LOT. I am glad the normalcy is coming back slowly.

  18. Rachna said

    Oh Gosh! You had such a tough time. Hope things stay better. Take care.

  19. Scribby said

    owww my brave girl… tight hugs and pat on your back for coming out of it all and settling down..love you!

  20. Shini said

    Happy to know that bad times are behind you…take care!

  21. renxkyoko said

    Oh my gosh ! My heart goes out to you. But what else can I say ? I hope everything turns out well for you and your loved ones. take care of yourself too.

    • Pepper said

      Yes, taking care of myself is something I need to remember. I try and drill it into my head. Neglecting my own health is the worst thing I can do. Hopefully, no more.

  22. Glad to know that your dad is OK now. Take care Pepper and enjoy the return to normalcy.
    Sometime we take normalcy so much for granted…

    • Pepper said

      I know, right. Normalcy is taken for granted by millions of people. It is associated with monotony. People want excitement. As for me, I’ve learnt to enjoy the moments even if they seem drab to others..

  23. Nitya said

    Pepper big hugs da..it was a horrid, dismal phase but when you hit that painful rock bottom, look up and you’ll see there is no way but to go towards the light. I am so sorry it was this painful for you and here is hoping that its all behind you now.
    onwards and upwards. ❤

    • Pepper said

      Thank you so much, Nuttie. It was awfully painful but when I compared it to the pain some others go through, I felt rather stupid for crying about the things I do. It is all a learning experience for us. Yes, I presume the worst is over and now it will only get better..

  24. Preethi said

    Big big hugs Pepper! Hope everything comes back to ‘normal’ very soon. Please do take care of your health as well. We need to be strong and healthy for our loved ones.

  25. aarya said

    It’s good to know that you guys are getting better Pepper…I hope rest of the year is a normal year for you and your family and no more hospital visits. It’s been tough but you guys have emerged winners. Big hug to you.

  26. Hugs pepper ! My February was crazy too, but now that I m reading your post I cannot crib much. Take care honey, just hang in there .

  27. Boiling said

    Reading this was so stressful! I hope things get better. Take care of yourself.

  28. Sounds like the nightmare version of the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and then sum. Lots of hugs and prayers from across the border – hope all settles down soon.

  29. I think you are doing a great job dealing with all this. I’m feeling overwhelmed just reading the post. Just hang in there, the worst is over and it will hopefully just get better from now on. Take care!

  30. Deeps said

    Hugs Pepper. You and your family have been through much. I’m happy to read that theres some semblance of normalcy back in your life. Hope the worst is over. Wishing you good times ahead. Bless you..

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