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A little bit of clarity

Posted by Pepper on March 1, 2015

What’s up with the weather in my city? Dark skies and sudden showers in February? Oh well, I am not complaining. I’m sitting in my balcony as I type this. The cool breeze and gentle spray from the rain has such a calming effect on my senses. It is a relaxed Sunday evening. For a change, I don’t have to cater to any commitments. I have no agenda. The plan is to just be..

After all the work pressure I have been dealing with, I think I totally deserve this time off. Oh, I last spoke about my pending decision regarding the company here. I must tell you what I finally decided. After a lot of deliberation, my decision was to sell the company. I am not sure I would like to get into the thought process that drove me to this decision. Let me just summarise it by saying I know exactly what it takes to keep the company running and I didn’t think I was capable of being this devoted and invested all my life.

Ofcourse, selling it isn’t an immediate plan. It cannot possibly be one. For one, we are in the midst of several projects that will take a while to complete. We are also committed to several annual maintenance contracts that we cannot retract from. Other than this, the company is doing reasonably well right now. We aren’t desperate for a buyer. In fact, we haven’t even put it in the market yet. We want to wait it out a bit. After it goes on the market too, we will only consider selling it if we get a very lucrative offer. Mercifully, we get enough work and will be able to sustain ourselves fairly well until a sweet deal comes along. We plan to put the company up for sale by the end of the year and then see how it goes.

We have asked my dad to take it easy and try and disconnect from work eventually. He is doing alright now, but the lack of work stress will hopefully reflect well on his health. We want him to sit back and unwind now. He is trying and doing that. We are very happy, but the only thing is that I find myself too stretched. Dad comes to office about thrice a week but I try my best to shield him from the pressure and stress.

As for me? I’m living a life I barely recognise. The reigns of the company have been handed to me entirely. I hardly get any respite from work. My phone buzzes every 1.5 minute. I go from meeting to meeting. Sometimes I am busy number crunching, breaking my head over the finances. Sometimes I am preparing for a good technical discussion I need to have with the regional head of a giant company. Like I have mentioned, we work in the atomic energy sphere and we are associated with some of the biggest names, both nationally and internationally. It makes me rather proud to chair a meeting with such biggies. At the same time, these meetings are hard because I need to be at the client location, since we need to see, inspect and discuss the industrial equipment we have supplied to them. With these client side meetings, my tight schedule gets even more tight because of all the travel I have to do in a day.

Between all these meetings, visiting our factory to oversee the production, discussions with company advisors and legal consultants and my regular office work, I find myself totally and completely tied up. I’m still taking on some new projects so that we can continue sustaining ourselves, but by the end of the third quarter of this year, we will probably start phasing out. Until then, my life will continue to be this busy and crazy. My friend even joked once and said my schedule and calendar resembled a big industrialist’s. I laughed it off but the truth is I never imagined I was capable of working so hard and managing so much. I am also thankful for getting this level of exposure at this age. I have amazing work experience and some noteworthy accomplishments that I can put on my resume now. A local business magazine wants to interview me and I am over excited about that. I hope it goes well.

All in all, work life has been very good and fulfilling, although it also means that I am left with little to no time for other things. Since I know it is a phase, I don’t really mind it. Does that explain the low frequency of blogging? I count on relaxed days like these to revive myself and get my batteries charged. A new week begins tomorrow, but before that, I still have a few more hours of this blissful Sunday left to soak in. I will be off, but I hope to be back soon. I want to learn to manage my time more effectively. So, see you soon.


7 Responses to “A little bit of clarity”

  1. That is so cool! Congrats on the interview!
    I think you have decided well. Meanwhile, the experience you are getting is priceless! And like you said, since you know it’s not going to be forever, it will be easier for you to sail through i suppose.

    Ah, the rains, it poured in Bangalore too yesterday. Luckily, I was out without a jacket or an unbrella when the rain decided to fall and i got drenched. Little joys of life. Mom tells me it rained in Pune too. Wish i were there.

  2. RAMAN said

    Honestly, I am happy for you.. Patting the Back :p

    Situations tell us our real abilities. Until we are on bed, we feel like there is no power in body, no ideas in mind. But exposure to challenges opens up our mind, tests our intelligence. And Yes, you deserve the rain showers amid busy routine !!

  3. Smita said

    I admire you!! U put in so much in a day!!! That too when you are under stress!!!! Salute!!!

  4. srividhya said

    We don’t know our capability unless and until we are put in a tight situation right? Good luck with your ventures. Everything will turn out good. Take care 🙂

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  6. Whoa, so much has happened in the last couple months. I am glad you sailed through the tough tides. Glad to know you are in no rush to sell it despite taking the decision. Best wishes are with you.

  7. Deboshree said

    Good luck with everything Pepper. Waiting to hear from you on how it is all working out. Do ensure to take a break every now and then. 🙂

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