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Happy Week – Day 3

Posted by Pepper on March 21, 2015

Posting on weekends is such a task. Anyway, let me just keep this simple and talk about my happy Saturday today. Mint left the house at the crack of dawn. I knew he would be gone for the entire day for some workshop. I had finished sulking and had moved on to planning my day in my head.

To start with, I asked the cook to not come so that I could sleep in. Who wanted to wake up to open the door? It was a good idea, because I woke up feeling well rested. After a hearty breakfast and a relaxed shower, I decided to go and get a hair cut. Now, I had short hair already, so getting a hair cut again was quite a crazy and impulsive move.

I told the lady at the salon to give me only a trim, but she chopped off my locks ruthlessly while I was busy looking into my phone. I realised it only when I happened to glance at the floor and saw a pile of something black. With instant dread, I looked up and asked her, ‘Is that my hair?!’, to which gave she me a very proud smile and said ‘Haan’. So much had been cut?! My hair was so short, my image in the mirror made me feel quite shocked and scared. The last time I had hair this short, I was in school.

The hair dresser seemed quite excited and happy with the end result, when she asked me if I liked the hair cut, I told her I did. And then I came home and cried. Oh well.. That drama lasted only for a bit. Because soon after, I began to feel liberated. I’m not sure how the cut looks on me, but it sure makes me feel all light and invigorated. So, yay!

My dad was tied up with some work too. So my mom, sis and I took off for the day. Good to spend some time without the men, I suppose. We had a good lunch at some Mexican place, after which we decided to shop. Now, shopping isn’t an activity I love. But it turned out to be a good change, considering how rarely I do it. I came home with 3 dresses. I hope I wear them instead of letting them lie in my wardrobe like I usually do. *Note – To use them often, please start making arrangements to keep your legs free of fuzz*

I got home and took a small nap, after which I stepped out to run some errands. I’m back home now, lounging around at my parents’ place as usual. I can smell the tomato rice my mum is cooking for dinner. The flavorful aroma is making my stomach rumble. Anyway, this is quite a crazy post, so I should stop. I’ll go back to my book now. Mint is on his way home. We’ll head back to our own place after dinner and probably crash. Or watch a movie, if we feel up to it. I’m so glad tomorrow is a Sunday. I had such a wonderful Saturday, I hope you did too.


5 Responses to “Happy Week – Day 3”

  1. Bikramjit said

    So what are you guys planning for today..I know almost half the say is already gone..

    Take care and god bless. .

  2. raaaano said

    Its such a lovely and relaxed post 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on oshriradhekrishnabole.

  4. Deboshree said

    Super Saturday you had Pepper. Hope Sunday was restful too! 🙂

  5. a relaxed day you had for sure 🙂

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