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Happy Week – Day 7

Posted by Pepper on April 8, 2015

Okay, looks like my happy week that started on March 19th has stretched up to April 7th. This was supposed to be 7 days of continuous posting. I feel like such a fraud. On second thoughts, I haven’t consciously been insincere to my beloved blog. It’s just that I’ve been really occupied with work. Sigh.. Anyway, a few more weeks and this critical project I am working on will be ready for delivery. I expect my work life to be calmer after that. *Fingers crossed*.

Let me get to the happy bit now. Yesterday, we went sailing with a bunch of friends. It was a lazy Sunday, and this seemed like a fitting way to spend the evening. I was quite apprehensive and scared at first, as I usually am in the beginning of any new activity. Especially if the said activity involves water. But ofcourse, that is why I have Mint in my life. He is committed to making me do things that I would never consider doing myself. So with some amount of coaxing from him, I agreed to go ahead with it.

It turned out to be such a good idea. We spent a fun and relaxed evening on the sail boat. Here is a picture I took before we set off. These boats in the surrounding looked so zen and calm. I had to click.


And once we set sail, I managed to muster up the courage to go and sit on the edge of the boat. It had no railing or fence. Just a flimsy little rope to mark the boundary. Obviously, I was scared, but once I settled down, I was lost. The sea and its endless ripples was making all the thoughts in my head bobble up and down too. I thought of so many things, all at once. What is the meaning of life? Why do humans (and most other creatures) have to pee so often in a day? Who lives in the top most floor of that building, far far away?


We made sure we sat with our legs around the pole. It was the only way to prevent ourselves from sliding down into the water. There were times when the wind would make the boat tilt to one side with such intensity, I was almost certain the boat would topple. Sure, we would have been down within seconds had it not been for the poles we sat around and held on to. But the poles apart, what I loved about sitting like this was the fact that my feet glided through the water as we sailed. So calming. So blissful.


I changed my position after some time. I love this pic, it shows how each of us is doing our own thing. The sun was setting. We were mostly quiet, watching our surrounding and listening to the music that drifted out of an iPod. If you notice carefully, you’ll see this guy precariously leaning out of the boat, while another guy casually holds on to his leg to keep him in place without even looking in his direction. I thought it was funny and cute.


After 2 hours of sailing, we were nearing the jetty. The sun had set and the light was low. All I had was my cell phone. I still couldn’t resist clicking a grainy picture of the Taj. Mumbai meri jaan, I love you.



15 Responses to “Happy Week – Day 7”

  1. Stupid xBF ruined south Mumbai for me. He is from there.
    Your pictures look great *grumpy face*

    • Pepper said

      Mwahaha.. Well, my xBF ruined IIT Bombay for me in the same way. I was dating him for about 4 years and I have fond memories of spending all my free time with him in the IIT campus in those years. I knew the hostels, the lake side and the whole campus at the back of my hand. After my break up, I started hating the mere mention of IIT. I swore to stay away from any and every IITian, because they brought to me a bitter taste. But then life has a way of making you eat your words, I ended up dating and subsequently marrying another IITian. 😐

      Over time, that bitter feeling has passed and I am indifferent now. It’s good because it lets me enjoy moments without mixing them with irrelevant emotions. I am sure once you are truly over your ex, South Mumbai will be just another nice place for you.

      • I have read about the monster BF on your blog. But I did not remember if he is from IIT.
        Haha! A smarty IIT guy was there only in your future. Check if your palm lines spell out I-I-T. 😀
        Time, they say, is the best healer. But sadly, patience isn’t my greatest virtue. 😭

        • Pepper said

          Haan, monster BF was from IIT too. And wow, you remember me mentioning him. I didn’t think you were such an old reader. Or is that I mentioned him recently? Don’t remember.
          Just checked my palm to see if they spell out other interesting details like that about my future too.. But kuch dikh nahi raha..
          Patience isn’t my virtue either. Sigh..

  2. Deboshree said

    What a happy Sunday! It has been ages since I last went sailing. You tempt me; I have always loved water. 😀

  3. Reblogged this on oshriradhekrishnabole.

  4. Never sailed before. This post was almost poetic and maybe it was the pics too, but I could sense the serenity as I read.

  5. it seems you had a very nice & relaxing time 🙂 Cheers to happiness!

  6. Deepa said

    you look so darn cute in your stripy, sexy red top and cutoffs and yep, carefree, wish I could feel that way again. Shayad kisi able janam main naan:-) But you go girl, have as much fun as you can, live it up for me too!

  7. amita said

    Hi Pepper, Please do write some more.. I have been checking this page everyday and I am dying for a dose of your humor. I have re-read all your old posts thrice to make up for it… 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Your comment made my day. Thank you and all that 🙂 I just put up a post. I’ll try and be less lazy and post more often..

      • amita said

        🙂 I really enjoy reading your blog. I did try to start blogging but then its just not my cup of tea. You write real well and its a pleasure to read. Please do continue 🙂

  8. ashreyamom said

    every time i am in Mumbai, i miss this water trip.. this time i should make sure that i stay a day more and see elephant caves and fashion street.. 😉

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