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Catch up

Posted by Pepper on August 16, 2015

Since I have neglected this space over the past few weeks (or months?), a catch up is due. Here’s a toast to my rambles. *Clink*

So from where do I begin? Right. I’ll try chronicling my life from the time I returned from California.

Well, the day after I landed, I was greeted with some sullen news. Our car had met with an accident. A bad accident on the Mumbai-Pune expressway. I was horrified. I asked my dad why he had not informed me earlier. The answer was something I should have guessed. He said he didn’t want to spoil our trip. I was perturbed. Had he told me while I was there, I would have had Mint by my side and we could have grappled with the news together. Now I was alone, Mint was still in California. It made me feel worse.

I am not going to get into details on how the accident occurred. It was pure bad luck. Let me just say my dad decided to use our car for some reason. But here is the worst part. Our car insurance had expired just a few days before this. We had decided to come back from the US and renew it, since we thought nobody would be driving the car in our absence anyway. My dad didn’t know about the expired insurance and he used the car. As luck would have it, it met with a bad accident. I know I should have been extremely thankful that my dad escaped without any injuries, but at that point, I was blinded by a strange force. It made me feel very resentful.  Thankfully, I have returned to my senses. I still feel really bad when I think of the huge loss we have incurred (no, we’re just not letting my dad pay for this), but I am so very grateful that my precious papa is okay.

I had hoped to send our car for repair as soon as Mint got back to Mumbai, but though it has been some time since he returned, our car is still lying in it’s mangled state. Mr. Mint has been unable to decide whether we should give it to mechanic A or mechanic B. That is so typical of him. Ask him to make a decision and he will tear himself apart. Every fiber will be dissected at infinite levels. The pros and cons will be weighed with minuscule precision. A ton of time will be wasted. Sigh. What do I do with him?

Anyway, in a happy twist, S mummy decided that she wanted to gift us daddy’s car that had been lying unused. We were a bit overwhelmed. Ever since, we’ve been using that car. While I am happy we haven’t been carless, the lack of inconvenience gives Mint more time to mull over his decision (which mechanic, remember?), and that grates on my nerves.

While we were trying to wade out of the mess that the car accident had created, our bed broke. I really wondered, what the hell was going on. How much money were we supposed to spend on fixing broken things in this period? The fact that we had bought this bed just about 6 months ago, got us all the more worked up. Serves us right for choosing the cheap model, knowing well that the quality was sub standard.

The bed has broken in such a way, we’re not even sure it can be repaired. As of now, we’ve been sleeping in the other bedroom, which has a sofa cum bed. Not very comfortable, but we’re managing. Moreover, the news of our bed breaking has resulted in our friends asking us inappropriate questions about how me managed to achieve this feat. I suspect people believe we take kinky to a new level. I wish the truth was as exciting as that, but no sir, the bed broke while we were dumping our junk in the storage section. How boring..

In other news, Oregano finally left for the US for his MS, two weeks ago. I will probably dedicate a separate post to this, but for now, I wanted to mention how happy his new life is making me. He’s been having a great time and the sound of his exciting life brings me such joy. See, it is possible to have a very happy ending despite all the turbulence we face. Oregano is proof. He deserves every bit of this happiness.

Talking about happy things, we replaced our cook. The new one we employed is a sweet old Gujrati lady. I am thrilled to come home to delectable theplas, handwas, and other Gujju delights. I have a new found love for Gujrati cuisine. Food. It is my eternal source of pleasure.

While I love the food she cooks, my problem with cooks remains the same. Most cooks only know how to make Indian food. I enjoy it but I can’t eat Indian food day and night, everyday. Our family needs some stir-frys, pastas, bakes, etc every now and then. So we end up cooking on our own fairly often. On those days, either her role is limited to chopping, or she gets free holidays. Since it is a choice we’ve made, I don’t have much right to complain.

Lastly, the big news is that the sister started her first job. She had been aspiring for and training to be a teacher for the longest time. She now works as a teacher in probably the most elite school in Mumbai. One in which almost every star kid studies. I get to hear interesting anecdotes of her interactions with these ‘star kids’, belonging to the Bollywood family.

I am also bowled over by the quality of education they provide. Their method of teaching and the syllabus they follow focuses on overall brain development. The learning is not one dimensional. One mention of the school fees and all jaws drop. It makes me sad when I realise that quality education in India is only for the privileged. I know we will never be able to afford this school for our future child. This is such a flawed system. But well, that is a post for another day..

Anyway, I think I have rambled enough for the day. The bed beckons. Good night!


29 Responses to “Catch up”

  1. It’s murphy’s law. Sometimes, all things go awry at a time. But, tackling one thing at time also makes you remain calm and lets you keep going.
    It’s great to hear about oregano, I still remember your first mention of his health problem. Happy ending indeed.
    And your sister stories in that school – looking forward to hear more of it. Wait – aren’t those newly established international schools are similar isn’t? and heard they are affordable to some extent by upper middle class people?

    • Pepper said

      Okay, firstly, you need to be aware of schools that simply call themselves ‘International’ That is the new fad. There are plenty of such schools who use the name. Orchid International. Ryan International. Etc.. The tag is everywhere. But I am not talking about those. I am talking about schools that actually do follow the International curriculum and board.

      And ‘upper middle class’ is a very ambiguous term. In my world, you need to be rich in order to afford those schools. Most upper middle class people will not be able to set aside so much money every year in the name of school fees. But let’s assume they indeed are affordable only by upper middle class, don’t you think that is a problem? Good education is not something that should be available only to a particular class. Everybody should have access to it. It is the very foundation of a successful society.

      • I agree that some kids get better education over others depending on how rich one’s parents are. You are 100% right there is lot of inequality. No one wants to admit that it is not equal society.

        But, here is the thing, one need not go to school for us to have a successful society. Some times, education can be waste of money and time for some. The trade/skill can be learned from their family or opportunities around to live a successful life, that does not mean that they should not be given the opportunity in the first place. The government spends ton of money on education, those public schools, IIT’s , IIM’s, all other colleges, does it mean that you want to get in free for nothing? society pays for it in the form of taxes. Do I have to pay for others in return for nothing? . There is no ideal solution for this problem.

        There is limit for everything, and only some people can get into it. There are central government run schools and the students are well groomed for a very nominal fees, for instance kendriya vidyalaya’s, bhartiya vidya bhavan’s, army, navy schools and many such schools exists? they are open to common people as well, and if they can get into it, they are no less than many people educated at high-profile private institutions. Infact, I met many successful people who got their education entirely from government institutes, in some sense they know more about hard work and hardship with limited resources and are giving back to society in some or the other form. Does it mean, only by sending kids to those international schools be the kids successful? are there any statistics to back it ?

        Overall, IMHO – there is price one should pay to get something. After all, nothing comes for free. Some one has to pay price for it somewhere.

        • Pepper said

          I am taking the liberty to share your comment and respond to it in a separate post. I hope you don’t mind 🙂
          I am doing it not only because my response was too lengthy, but also because the views you have shared may be echoed by several people and I thought it will be easier to address them in one place.

  2. anjeneyan said

    Based on my experience, I would recommend that the car be given to an authorised dealer for repairs. Though initially expensive, I have found it to be more reliable. You would be able to do some bargaining also.

    • Pepper said

      Well these mechanics that we are considering are authorised dealers who are tied to insurance providers. They have their own workshops. Unless by authorised you mean parent company, which in our case is Volkswagen. That is working out to be way too expensive. Massive difference in price. Can’t afford now 😦

  3. Meghna said

    Hi Pepper, we live in the US and dream of moving back to Bombay. Could I request some details on which school and what the fee is like (in an email ofcourse).
    I have a two year old who is the focal point of all pros and cons when it cones to moving back.
    Id really appreciate any details!

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  5. Boiling said

    Sorry about the accident. I know how you feel.

    If it makes you feel any better, I have experienced the same thing. Only when we have been short of money, all unexpected expenses (laptop repair, medical bills) all came up at the same time! Like we have to spend the little cash we have.

    • Pepper said

      I forgot to add. My laptop broke too. I should put up a picture. I feel like breaking my own head 😐
      All expenses just descending upon us together.. 😦

      • Boiling said

        Tell me about it. There have been times I had less than $50 in my account for both of us and had to wait a week for the salary to come. Now I would rather do without or wait till I save than let my bank balance go low for buying something. I cannot bear the stress with low bank balance. Taught me always to have some emergency cash set aside, no matter what. Of course, I could always borrow from parents but I would prefer not to.

        • Pepper said

          I agree man. Emergency cash in this day and age is an absolute must. I would rather not borrow from my parents too. Not because I have any problem doing that. It is only because they don’t have too much money themselves.

          Anyway, we’re trying to learn how to not over spend, how to save diligently. It’s tough to lower your lifestyle, one that you have made yourself used to. (And we will have to lower our life style if we want to save. Our new EMI for the house brought about this change). But forget saving and all, it sucks so bad when you have to spend money that you have painstakingly saved for no fault of yours. Sigh…

          I’m really trying not to complain too much. I know I have been acting like a grumpy cat in this regard. Haha

  6. Although i love the expressway, they also scare me a bit. Thank God ur dad is safe!

    *Cough*, i dont think i quite buy your story of how the bed broke. Come on pepper, out with the truth!

    Please please please ask your sister to start blogging about her encounters with the star kids. She has one reader guaranteed. ME! Btw, do these schools make their teachers sign a confidentiality clause or something? Coz such high profile kids are involved n all? I have always wondered…my star struck head is bursting with a hundred questions now.

    • Pepper said

      I know. I should ask her to start a blog just for the filmy gossip.

      And about the bed, well.. maybe I should just make up a more interesting story, no? My boring truth is dismissed by everybody anyway.. Lol.

  7. Accident sounds scary – Thank God your dad escaped unhurt. Although I love long car trips, I am super concerned looking at the idiots on the roads. The broken bed story made me laugh 😀 Errr.. sorry! Congrats to your sister – landing in her dream job 🙂

    • Pepper said

      I know. Don’t talk about the idiots on the road. I get so pissed. Even now, our car was screwed so badly because of an idiot. He fled from the scene immediately. I tried not to talk about it in the post because I knew I would end up swearing.

      Broken bed story is not funny. Hmph!

  8. Thank god you dad’s okay! Must have been scary yaa. True, such things happen only at the worst of time. I feel so scared about going off insurances and all knowing that my luck sucks like that.

  9. srividhya said

    Glad your dad is safe yaar. Take care. That school and the syllabus sounds interesting..

  10. Bad things happen in threes they say – met your quota with car, bed and lappy. Loved the nicer things in this post – you driving daddy’s car makes me smile ,Oregano starting his MS and your sister’s job:)

  11. Bhavani said

    thank God your Dad is safe….I know it sucks when things happens one after the other…but your sister’s new exciting job and Oregeno’s joining MS makes up for everything….take care…

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