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Posted by Pepper on October 30, 2015

So, I disappeared from this space. Again. This time, I have not been simply lazy. I have been way too overwhelmed by the current happenings of my life.

A couple of weeks ago, we were given a choice. We were told to make a decision soon. It just felt like life had thrown a googly at us. How do we choose? Logic and practicality? Or emotion and convenience? We know we can’t have it all. It has to be one over the other. What we prioritize is obviously upto us. I have made most decisions of my life based on emotion. The question that looms ahead now is, can we afford to base our choice solely on emotion? It is a luxury I am not sure we have anymore.

Will we still go by emotion, even if it comes at a high price? Or will we choose logic and attain the much sought after benefits that come with it? I know the choice we make has the potential to change the fabric of our lives. We are completely overwhelmed. All around us, we are surrounded by noise. Noise created by the ideals other people are chasing. Noise created by everybody else’s definitions of ‘important’. The noise is snatching away my sense of clarity.

I’m sorry for sounding so cryptic. I will write a detailed post as soon as we sail through this phase and know where we stand. As of now, whenever I feel too disoriented, this is what I say to myself.

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