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A for All

Posted by Pepper on November 19, 2015

I thought I’d start the challenge by encapsulating the recent events and writing a summary of all that has been going on in my life.

I already wrote about the decision that has been driving us absolutely insane. I do know we are over thinking and over complicating things for our own selves, but I have come to accept the fact that that’s just how we are wired. So the past several weeks have been about living in dilemma. Thinking about the said decision as I go about my work day, calling Mint to find out if there is any new development while he is at work, getting home and thinking some more, discussing it with Mint over dinner and then sleeping over it. The same events play out in a loop everyday. Ugh..

Work has been pretty draining. I am tired. Period. It is not the quantity, but the magnitude of it all that is wearing me out. I feel close to giving up on some days and then I push myself to go closer to the finish line. I have laid out some goals for myself and I am struggling to accomplish them. I really, really hope I succeed.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, in the midst of all the madness, we experienced something spectacular. We went for a Disney musical! We watched Beauty and the beast and it was magical. The auditorium felt like some faraway fantasy land. It wasn’t just the stage but the entire damn place. Mint had already seen a Broadway musical, but it was a first for me. We were awed by the sheer brilliance. The coordination, the direction, the cast, the costumes, the beautiful lighting, the ever changing and very real backdrops. I came back feeling very happy and dreamy.

The in-laws were visiting. They stayed with us for around ten days and we had a really good time. It was lovely to spend time chatting with my mother-in-law. The last time they came, she was too paranoid about Oregano and the stress passed on to me. This time, we were all relatively relaxed and it resulted in some good bonding.

We went on a road trip to Aurangabad and let me just say, the travel wasn’t fun. The roads are simply awful. I refused to drive and poor Mint was on the wheel through out. Anyway, the in-laws wanted to see the Ellora caves and I am glad we were able to take them. I must say, my relationship with my in-laws has improved drastically. It’s taken me five and a half years to say this, but I think we are finally in a good place. Touch wood.

Diwali came and Diwali went. We had chosen to keep it all low key this year. I didn’t want to go all out with the lights. But we still put up a single string of lights in our balcony and it looked very pretty. The neighbors made a lovely rangoli at our front door. Yes, we have nice neighbors. They were doing their own and then decided to do it for us as well when they found out we weren’t up for doing it ourselves. We lit some diyas around it. And of course, there were loads of sweets. We went for dinner with both sets of parents and it was a nice evening. My in-laws gifted me a very pretty sari. If only I knew how to drape a sari. Anyway, my pretty sari collection deserves to be aired out. It’s a cue for me to learn how to drape and not be so dependent on others.

So that’s some of the stuff that we’ve been up to. I am guessing more will find a way in the upcoming posts. Let’s see how this challenge goes..



16 Responses to “A for All”

  1. My Era said

    Wow! that’s such a positive post to start with your A-Z series.
    Loved the fact that you felt that this time you felt inching closer & bonding better with your in-laws. You sure have fantastic neighbors 🙂
    Good luck for achieving your goals & making the big decision.

  2. Bikramjit said

    Well I am sure they do say no news is good news.. so all will be fine..my best wishes with you guys

    Take care .. This year diwali was surly a drab I must say there was not that much excitement at all..

    • Pepper said

      Yeah I heard a lot of people say the same. That Diwali wasn’t as charming this year. Maybe we can all make up for it next year. For now, let’s focus on Christmas 🙂

  3. D said

    here to cheer you up! ..:)…Do tell us about that big decision whenever it is sorted..all the best…:)

  4. The Bride said

    I’m relieved to know that I’m not the only adult Indian woman who can’t drape a sari herself. It’s on my bucket list for the coming year.

    • Pepper said

      Yes! I am equally relieved to know that. It sucks to know I can’t drape a sari, especially when I keep seeing everybody sharing pics of their saris with the 100 sari pack .. I’ll put that on my list for next year too.

  5. I cannot drape a sari too, and neither do I have any inclination to learn. I think the only time I wore sari till now was during the wedding and the festivities after that.
    Good to know about in-laws bonding. Unfortunately, nothing of that sort happening here. We are just civil with each other, but there is this underlying vibe of not understanding each other. Add to the fact that we dont speak a common language and the bonding becomes even more difficult. Sigh.

    • Pepper said

      Language can be such a difficult thing to work around. Really wonder how it woudl be for us if my inlaws didnt speak English as fluently as they do. On the other hand, is it more incentive to learn another language?

  6. Congrats Pepper and great to read. Hope Oregano doing fine now. Work can take its own toll on our life. Keep the faith:)

  7. Hey Pepper,

    Welcome back 🙂 I had sent you a chat request in gmail 🙂 Hope to chat with you sometime.

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