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B for Blessed

Posted by Pepper on November 20, 2015

It was a weekend morning. Mint and I had some errands to run. After which, he dropped me home and left to complete some other chores. As I was walking into the gate of our apartment complex, I realised I was starving. I hadn’t had any breakfast. I could obviously go home and fix myself something. A sandwich maybe. Or a bowl of oats. But do I even consider doing things like that? The answer is a big resounding NO. Because whenever I am hungry, I choose to go to my parents home, where I know I will be loved, fed and taken care of. This is what ends up happening when your parents live in the next building. You get spoilt beyond belief.

So as usual, I entered the parents house with a ‘Mama, mujhe bhook lagi hai’. (Mama, I am hungry). This used to be my standard line after I got back from school. It amuses me to think of how little has changed. Except that now I am almost.. oh well, never mind my age. The mother smothered me with cuddles like she usually does and proceeded to the kitchen. I told her I felt like eating cheese quesadillas. We both stared at each other, knowing what I had asked for was not possible. I laughed and told her I would settle for a sandwich.

After a while, she placed this in front of me. Her own Indianised version of the quesadillas, made of whole wheat. Needless to say, I was delighted. I used my bottle of Sriracha to draw a flower on my plate.





Just as I was tucking in, my dad walked in asking me if I would like him to make me a cup of coffee. When my mom offered to make it instead, my dad seemed most offended and reminded my mom that I don’t like anybody else’s coffee other than his. True story. So my dad made and handed me the coffee just as I was finishing my meal. What bliss.

This is really how most of my days are. My parents baby us, stuff us with food and warmth. Their home is my haven, a place where I just know I will be taken care of. A place I go to everyday for the pampering and the love. Actually, I have come to realise most parents are the same. The only difference is that I am privileged to have access to their welcoming abode on a daily basis. When I think of how my life has been, I think I am nothing short of blessed.


24 Responses to “B for Blessed”

  1. My Era said

    Wow! what a beautiful coincidence. I made something similar this morning for my daughter for breakfast 🙂
    What a very beautiful post to fill my heart with gratitude for all the good things in life I sometimes fail to appreciate.
    May you stay blessed forever.

  2. Jo said

    That was a sweet post. 🙂 True that all parents are the same, but to have them next door u r so so so blessed. Staying seas away from them, I miss them a lot.. Stay blessed:)

  3. A.D!! said

    Can I just say I’m jealous cause I miss home so much 🙂 I go very often but not as often as I would like to hehe 😀 Its so funny that every post I read it feels like your talking about me.the best person to make coffee in my house is my dad too 😀

  4. This post took me back to my childhood days …. It left me feeling warm … You are truly blessed Pepper !!

  5. Yay for mommies! At my home, it’s an endless cycle of “I am hungry. You want this? No. You want that? No. What the hell do you want? Maggi.”

    • Pepper said

      I was a Maggi freak too! Have even written posts about it. But now, all that has changed. You see, I work with lead. We manufacture radioactive and nuclear shielding products using lead. So when it comes to lead, I am very well aware of compositions, applications and safety hazards. It is our core line of work. It totally terrified me to even think of the possibility of our beloved Maggi containing lead. It probably was a false alarm, I don’t know, but I am scarred for life. Now I try my bestest to avoid Maggi. 😦

  6. May you stay Blessed ! Gah…I can’t help…but honestly i’m feeling Jealous !
    Wish i lived close to my parent as well 😦

  7. The definitely sounds like heaven 🙂

  8. Deepa said

    okaaaaay….now you’ve officially made me J:-) One ‘rent handing you a desk quesadilla and the other cuppa joe. Princess you surely are, my darling! But seriously, are your ‘rents the sweetest or what.

    Hope you are taking care of yourself otherwise too. Take care.

  9. Stay blessed like this forever, Pepper! 🙂 A big yay to our ever-loving parents 🙂

  10. I did not get the pluses of having mommy stay close by until she is finally here, after 15 years of living away! Case in point, two home baked cakes this birthday. Doesn’t get better than that for me 🙂 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Sure doesn’t get better than that!
      PS – My mom has never been a baker. She has never baked a cake for us in her life. In fact she never baked a cake at all. Maybe I need to start pestering her.

      Happy birthday!

  11. Awww…just reading this made me feel warm inside.
    You TRULY are blessed *touch wood*
    Me going to my parents ( far far away) in December..I cannot wait!!! 😀 😀

  12. stay blessed! 🙂

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