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And we’re done!

Posted by Pepper on January 31, 2016

It is finally the last day of the blogathon. While I don’t think blogathons are ever easy, I must say this one was particularly difficult for me. I huffed and puffed to get through each day. I put up a lot of posts that I would never have considered putting up otherwise. I saved my ass by typing in a few lines before the clock struck 12. I met almost each day’s deadline in the nick of time. It wasn’t a very comfortable experience. This blogathon has seen me blog not just from my office, home and in-laws home, but also from cabs, cars and restaurants. Phew!

Having said that, my blog recorded the highest hits it has received in a single month, ever. Higher than previous blogathons too. The stats made me feel a little puzzled, because really, I believe I have written far better posts in the past. This blogathon, I was struggling to get along and was unable to give it my best. But atleast a thousand people kept coming back every single day. For that, I say a very big thank you. For a vain girl like me, seeing such a big number on my stat counter is a big high. And oh, a bigger thank you to those of you who commented on almost every other post. You know who you are. Having comments is hugely encouraging, thank you so much for encouraging me. I hope to do a catch up session and reply to every comment that was sent.

Blogging every day or even every other day is a lot of work.  I highly respect people who seem to do it without being pushed by a yearly blogathon. But then, writing is strangely satisfying. So it has a reward tied to it. So like every other year, this year too I hope I don’t give up on regular blogging in the coming months. I already have several incomplete posts that I typed out in this month, but couldn’t complete in time, so ended up publishing shorter and easier posts. I aim to complete those drafts and put them up in the next month. So at least February should see my blogging frequently.

For now, are you relieved you won’t be seeing a post from me tomorrow? I am certainly relieved I don’t have to write one!

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On friendships

Posted by Pepper on January 30, 2016

I’ve never had too many friends in my life. I do have a lot of people I call my ‘hang out buddies’. But friends? I can say I have a total of 3 or maybe 4 real friends. And in all honesty, I have been quite content with this number. I know these are people I can count on. And I will not hesitate to rely on them. The rest of the hang out buddies, they may be willing to help me in times of need, but I am too hesitant to even ask them for help. It is a reflection of the equation I share with them. In my head, they’re good to just hang out and have fun with.

I’ve now reached a phase where I find myself wishing I had some good friends close to where we live. You see, while I do have a few good friends, I have nobody in close proximity to me. Not even my so called hang out buddies. All my friends (and even Mint’s for that matter) are scattered. Even the ones who are in the same city don’t really live close to us. So every time Mint and I have to meet our friends, we have to plan, coordinate, schedule and then travel a fair bit to meet them. While this isn’t too bad, it does make me miss the spontaneity of it all. Meeting a friend shouldn’t be a project. And that is what it has really turned into.

I miss the feeling of  having a friend over in the evening just to chat over a cup of coffee. I miss going to a friend’s place for an unplanned dinner. I miss the ability to step down for a night walk together. And most of all, I miss the support that comes with having friends in close proximity.

I’ve wondered if I have gone wrong somewhere. I live in an a very large apartment complex. Why have I not made any friends here so far? Almost everybody seems to have friends and support systems. I haven’t been able to figure where I went wrong. Maybe I suck at striking conversations with random strangers, especially without the ease of an opportune moment. But more than that, I think I haven’t really found too many like minded people.

There are the million kids, some in school, some in high school. They have their own groups and seem very happy playing chor police or football, depending on their age. Then there are the salwar kameez and sneaker clad aunties, taking walks in clusters. They seem to have formed solid friendships with each other. There are a few young parents too, watching over their kids in the evening. Now this group, I tell myself I can probably try tapping into.

But every time I have tried, I have faced rejection. The conversation wanders and invariably reaches a point where I feel judged for my choices. For marrying somebody from such a different community, for not having learnt his language yet (this one comes from people who belong to the same ‘different’ community), for not cooking myself on a daily basis, for not having had a child despite being married for so many years, for living in a nuclear set up and so far away from my inlaws. It just goes on. It makes me feel a strong disconnect. I feel like we belong to different worlds.

What makes it even sadder is that I do see some people who I suspect I will connect with. They look like us and I want to believe we will get along. Unfortunately like I mentioned, I really don’t excel at approaching people unless I find a suitable opportunity. And so far, I haven’t seen them show any inclination to talk or connect. So all I do is stand at a distance and wonder if we could have been friends.

I have a few friends who tell me having kids offers you a whole new avenue to make friends. It lets you connect with other parents and gives you a wider net. Chances of meeting like minded people is higher when you have a vast group to interact with. Maybe that is true to an extent. But on the other hand, I often see parents judging and being too critical of each other’s choices. So I wonder how it works. I think judgment is not conducive to friendship.

I don’t know what it is, but my theory is that it is much harder to make friends as we age. I also think, for a friendship to grow, you need to share some common experiences. That is probably why we make friends so easily in school. We are all in the same stage of life, studying the same subjects, hating and loving the same teachers, working on the same assignments. Even when we get to college. Other than the daily interaction, there is a certain sameness to our life that facilitates bonding.

As we grow though, the sameness gives way to differences. And when the core framework of our lives differs so greatly, we find it hard to fit in and align a piece that belongs to a different shape. And so we restrict our friendships to people with frameworks just like our own. Making friends is never as easy as it was. I think that is something I must accept.

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Happy Friday

Posted by Pepper on January 29, 2016

How much would it suck if you last the blogathon for 28 days and then give up on the 29th day? Lots, I thought.

And so here I am, pushing myself so damn hard to type this post as I sit and dine at a restobar. It’s 11.20 pm and we will head back home shortly, but I’m pretty damn sure I will not make it back by 12.

I had a happy Friday of sorts. I worked from home and ended up not really working. Instead, I took a long hair bath, enjoyed a relaxed lunch with mom and napped for a bit. Through out the day, I told myself to complete writing my blog post for today. I even started working on a draft in the evening. But as luck would have it, sudden plans for dinner were made and I had to leave in a rush. I was confident we’d be back home by 11, but looks like I was wrong. If only I had completed my post earlier. I know, I really need to stop procrastinating. Or I l keep finding myself in situations like these.

Okey, we’re driving back now. It’s 11.41 already. I’m wondering why i wasn’t able to have more than a slice of pizza for dinner today. I’m also telling Mint to go slow because we’re crossing a rather bumpy stretch and it isn’t letting me type.

Looks like his going slow isn’t helping either. Or maybe I’m just not used to typing on the phone. So I will stop here. Have a happy weekend!

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Day 2 of 3 Day Quote challenge

Posted by Pepper on January 28, 2016

Today’s pick is based on a conversation I had with a friend. I mentioned to her some of my preferences and she laughed. She said I was a bundle of contradictions. I thought about it and realised it couldn’t be more true. But then, doesn’t it hold true for all of us?

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself; I am large — I contain multitudes”

— Walt Whitman

I am sure I have shared this quote on my blog in the past. Each time I read it, the truth in it leaves me awestruck. I realise I don’t always have to do things to stay true to the character the world thinks I possess. My character and personality are vast. They contain layers. I identify with different sides at different times, because nothing contains a single meaning or a single truth.

If this is contradictory, so be it! Here is a toast to all our contradictions *Clink*

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Walk back in time..

Posted by Pepper on January 27, 2016

We almost missed making a trip to Mint’s college campus this time. Mint barely showed any excitement to go and that was making me lose my enthusiasm as well. At that time, I decided to drop the idea. I am not sure what made me change my mind just a day before we left Madras, but I began to insist on a quick tour, if not an elaborate visit. I am glad we went. It was an afternoon well spent.

Here are some pictures from the day.

We started with the stadium. Since Mint didn’t seem too excited or talkative himself, I had to push, prod and wring every word out of him. “Tell me stories about the stadium. Did you use it often?”, I asked. “Yes”, he said. Since it was an annoying mono syllabic response, I pushed some more. “So tell me, what did you use the stadium for? Did you run on the track? Or did you play some sports here?”. His response? “No, I didn’t run or play anything. I used to use the stadium as a short cut to go to the other side”. How nice. He used the stadium only because it was a shorter route to get to the other side of campus. I should have guessed.


Here is the main circle. I got to hear no stories or anecdotes or references about this. Hmph.


I was really excited about visiting his hostel. I have heard so many stories from him and his hostel gang. Going there was making me feel nostalgic. How strange. Yes, this is me pointing to his hostel name.


We walked around his hostel for a bit, and then I began to insist on seeing his room. Mint and I become thick pals when he was in college and I really wanted to see the living space he occupied at that time. What place did he go back to after we chatted for all those hours from his computer lab? Yes, there was no internet in their hostel rooms back then. At that time, I used to picture Mint trudging back to his room in the wee hours of morning. I can’t explain it, but seeing his room felt like completing the picture in my head. I had visited his campus in the past too, but I had never seen the insides of his room.

Mint kept refusing. He felt awkward knocking on the door of what was now another student’s room. He thought we might be disturbing somebody who is sleeping? He wouldn’t agree to knock despite my many requests. So we hung out outside his door, talking in whispers. As luck would have it, the door swung open and I almost jumped at the guy who walked out. I blabbered something like, ‘Hi, can I please see your room?”. The poor guy seemed quite rattled.

Mint pulled me back and explained he was Alum and one of the previous occupants of that room. The guy generously let us in. He asked Mint what he did now. I guess we are all curious to know the path our seniors followed. Both Mint and the current student seemed to have some polite conversation going while I was taking in the messy, dilapidated room. There was so much graffiti on the wall. A lot of the occupants had left their mark. Mint couldn’t recall what part of it existed during his time. Like I suspected, the room was making me feel emotional. We thanked the guy for letting us in and walked out after taking a picture.


While walking downstairs, Mint told me excitedly that back then, he almost never came down the stairs. He always slid on the bars of the staircase. Saying that, he was off, back to sliding the way he did all those years ago. So glad I captured it!


We also stopped by his department building. I wanted to take a picture with Mint in the frame. Wouldn’t you want to take a pic next to the building you attended all your lectures in, almost a decade ago? I am sure that place contained so many memories. Of professors, classmates, friends, examinations, episodes of goofing around and more. Mint didn’t want to take a pic there with the building name in the background. He thought it was tacky. Okay then. I took a picture of just the building.


While walking on the campus, I spotted this bench. As usual, I wondered who had scrawled that there, who it was meant for, did the recipient know it existed, that it was meant for him/ her? What prompted the writer to put it down on the bench? Was it genuinely for somebody, or was it someone fooling around?


We spent time admiring the new cafes that had sprung up on campus, we stopped by the open air theatre, we spotted a few deer, we drove around the other random buildings and finally pushed ourselves to leave. It was our last day in Madras and we had a long line up of things to finish. But like I said, this was an afternoon well spent.

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Time to head back!

Posted by Pepper on January 26, 2016

I was worried about how I would keep up with the Blogathon in Chennai. Typically, our schedules here are erratic. We end up packing a lot into a single day. Free time is unpredictable and very sporadic. To add to it, I need to find a private corner to jot down a post. My MIL often appears out of nowhere and ends up glancing at my screen. Considering the constraints, I knew everyday writing would be a challenge.

I am glad I sailed through. I stuck to shorter posts. It is something I should do more often. Most of my posts are way too lengthy. What can I do? Once I start to blabber, I find it very hard to stop. But over time I have come to realise, the very idea of writing a post (one that is long by default) is what keeps me from blogging. On the other hand, the idea of writing a short post seems far less taxing. So let me see if I can stick to writing short, frequent posts. I must add though, a part of my is laughing even as I type that. I know short posts and me don’t really go together.

Anyway, I haven’t written much about this trip. Much fun was had, but of course, it can’t be completely free of drama. And then there were multiple cardiologist visits that happened. Those were quite unexpected. I will do separate posts on all of those once I get back. For now, I need to run. I have to figure out how to fit the assorted podis, chips and bottles of pickle into my bag. We also did some random shopping. I bought myself a pair of shoes because I had the time to shop here. And got my mom an idli cooker. I’m not sure why she was so insistent on getting one from Rathna stores. Oh well.. Now, I need to figure out how to fit it all into my tiny suitcase.

We have an early morning flight tomorrow. The vacation is officially over. Back to regular programming from tomorrow!

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What comfort means

Posted by Pepper on January 25, 2016

Sometimes, all my senses collectively want is some soothing. You know, like a reassuring caress. Not because I am angry or unhappy or tired. But just because I feel too caught up in a million things and I want to pause and rub my overworked nerves. And for that kind of soulful comfort, I invariably turn to food. Today, I had one of the best cups of filter coffee I have had in a long, long time. I sipped it silently, savoring every gulp, taking deep breaths and feeling a sense of ease wash over me. That divine coffee quite literally massaged my senses and left me feeling rejuvenated.

The coffee was followed by this plateful of heaven. And my day feels just perfect.


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On some days

Posted by Pepper on January 24, 2016

On some days, you decide to do a cheat post. Because you’ve had a very busy day. You’ve just completed your annual health check up and the needles have left you with a bright purple clot on your arm. You’ve met a cardiologist because your ECG isn’t great. The cardiologist hasn’t given you great news either. You are part annoyed and part concerned.

You’ve rushed through the remaining day because you had to get to the airport in time to bid your brother in law good bye. You’ve proceeded for dinner and in your dreamy state of mind, had copious amounts of chicken soup thinking it was a veggie one. You’ve gone on to feel very annoyed because you know you end up doing this very often. You’ve then struggled to find a cab that will take you back to your in-laws home and have spent almost 30 minutes waiting.

And now, you are heading back in a cab, tired, sleepy and very acutely aware of the fact that you have just 11 minutes left before the clock strikes 12. You decide to do a cheat post, because on some days, you don’t have a choice.

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Glimpses of junior Mint

Posted by Pepper on January 23, 2016

Every time I visit the in-law’s house in Chennai, I get to see a piece of Mint’s childhood. His mom has preserved so many things from his past. Of all the things she has safeguarded over the years, I love to see the toys! These are the toys that Mint and Oregano played with when they were little kids.

In this picture are some action figures, hot wheel cars and the Boggle Junior game (does anybody else remember that? I had the same game too!). What makes these toys so amazing is that they are almost 30 years old! I keep picturing my little boy playing with these hot wheels and my heart melts. Most of Mint’s toys were passed on to Oregano and he too has used them well.

These aren’t the only toys and games that have been preserved. My MIL has an entire cupboard dedicated to her kids’ toys. I love going through the collection, sappy sentimentalist that I am. And sometimes, for no real reason, I lay out little bits of their past and take pictures. These sights make my day.

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3 day quote challenge..

Posted by Pepper on January 22, 2016

A million years ago, Princess Butter had tagged me to do the 3 day quote challenge. I almost forgot about it, until today. There can’t be a better time to take this time. And while I may not post quotes for 3 consecutive days, I sure am going to complete this challenge soon.

The first quote I am picking is probably the most common quote. I bet most of us have seen this one a hundred times. I even have a magnet on my fridge that says this.



And yet, I seem to forget this so often. While I can say I am generally quite a happy person, I do find myself setting goals to target a higher lever of happiness all the time. For example, I often find myself saying I will be completely happy once we prepay all our loans. The state of being debt free becomes my destination.

I have had various destinations that I have successfully reached. At one time, my destination was India, quite literally. I firmly believed I will achieve that state of being deliriously happy after we move to India. Once that was accomplished, my destination changed to settling in Bombay and I waited for Mint to find a good job in Bombay to feel that unadulterated joy. My next destination was to buy a home in Bombay.

This thought process isn’t just applicable for long term goals. I tend to rest my happiness on a lot of small achievements too. Maybe I will feel really happy after I fix the burner on our stove. Maybe I will feel totally content after I learn to be in control of our finances. Maybe I will be satisfied with the way our home looks after I hang these warli art figures on the wall. My happiness mantra is always based on getting from point A to point B.

And just like that, when I reach my desired destination, all I do is shift focus and set my sights higher. That is when I like to remind myself, I don’t need to have a destination. Because that is not what life is all about. It is about the experiences that we collect along the way. It indeed is a journey. I don’t have to get anywhere to be happy. Happiness is right here. Even in the small, imperfect and sometimes incomplete things I may be surrounded with. They all add flavor to my journey.

I may have a big loan, a dusty home, not as much money as I’d like, but I have to admit, I do have so much more than all of that. And so far, my journey has been incredible.

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And we’re off..

Posted by Pepper on January 21, 2016

To Chennai! I’m just putting together the things I need to carry. We have our flight in the next few hours. Mint is going to get back from office and only then start packing. As usual, he leaves it to the very end. I have warned Mint this time, if he isn’t ready on time, I am going to proceed to the airport without him. I am serious. For a person who reaches stations and airports almost 3 hours early, Mint’s attitude gives me near heart attacks.  So this time, I have truly made up my mind to go ahead without him. Let me just hope he gets back from work at the promised time (without citing some excuse like a meeting that overshot it’s scheduled time and bla bla) and that he completes his packing quickly.

For now, here is a list of things I am excited about.

* Meeting Oregano. Yes, he is in Chennai for his kidney check up. He leaves for NY on the 24th and I am so glad we’ll get atleast 3 days with him.

* Revisiting beaches that were a part of Mint’s growing up years.

* Going to temples with the in-laws. The MIL knows my love for architecture and all things ancient. This trip, she wants to take me around to some of the old temples in the city.

* Hot filter coffee served in steel tumblers. Nobody makes filter coffee like my MIL does. It’s strong, packed with flavour, perfectly balanced with a mild sweetness and simply amazing in every way. I can’t wait.

* All the good food I’ll get. The melt in your mouth idlis, the amazing kozhambus for lunch that are a staple in the in-laws home. I also can’t wait to go to Murugan Idli to feast on their sakarrai pongal. Nothing comes close to that taste. And oh, Saravana Bhavan! How I hate them for not having an outlet in Bombay! I had my regular dose of Saravana Bhavan in the Bay Area but in Mumbai I find myself deprived. The irony! So no trip to Chennai is replete without a lunch at Saravana Bhavan.

* The joy of bringing back so many goodies. Molaga podi, paruppu podi, sambhar podi. Kothamalli thokku from Grand Sweets. Freshly ground filter coffee powder. Ahh, I can already feel the joy..

* Making a trip to Mint’s Alma Mater. I love going to the IIT campus in Chennai, watching the deer, going to see Mint’s hostel and his room. But most of all, I love watching Mint’s expression and his joy as he narrates stories of his time spent there.

We usually visit Chennai once in 6 months or so, but this time, we’re making a trip after over a year and a half. So my excitement levels are higher. Anyway, next post from there. Tada!

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My very first post from the phone..

Posted by Pepper on January 20, 2016

My laptop isn’t powering up and I am in panic mode. I’m hoping it is nothing more than a temporary snag, because without it, I will be really lost. I must admit though, it doesn’t have a very long life left even if it does start now. The exterior case of the screen is all cracked. It’s being held together by a hundred tapes. Other than that, it hangs and slows down at every opportunity. Too many tabs? Clicked too many times too quickly? Hang. Hang. For everything, hang.

I wanted to buy a new laptop when we were in California in July, but for some reason, it didn’t work out at that time. I am still holding on to the one I had, which I honestly believed would fall apart and wouldn’t last me as long as it has. I am still unsure I want to buy a new laptop right now. What if this one can be revived? I should use it till the very end, right? Anyway, let’s see how close the end it.

I am quite exhausted today. The sister needed to see a doctor for her lack of appetite and consistent weight loss. The doctor happened to be in the other end of town, Churchgate, to be precise. We live in the suburbs, and so we took a train all the way there. Oh, while waiting outside the doctor’s office, I happened to check my pulse again. It was 130 which again freaked out the nurses and in turn freaked me out. I am told 130 beats per minute is a very high heart rate. I am convinced I need to go see a cardiologist in the next week or so. Just the thought of it is accelerating my heart rate now. Hmph..

Anyway, irrespective of meeting the cardiologist, I know I need to  take on breathing exercises, yoga, meditation and walking very regularly. I have been doing all the above sporadically and in varying degrees. What I need most in my life is a set routine and schedule that includes all these healthy habits.

There is only so much I can type from my phone. So that is all for today, folks. Good night!

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Thoughts on a Tuesday

Posted by Pepper on January 19, 2016

To start with, I am just thankful that Monday is done and over with. Tuesday really does bring with it new hope. We’re one step closer to the weekend after all. I’d like to mention the highs that added to my cheer today.

For starters, we finally bought a heater for our other bathroom. I have been wanting one forever, but each time I thought of buying one, I convinced myself it wasn’t a pressing requirement. In fact, it wasn’t a requirement at all. We have a heater in our other bathroom, and considering our home is inhabited by only two people, we seldom feel the need for an extra bathroom.

Having said that, I always fancied having a bathroom for my exclusive use. I want the shower area to be only mine. Finally, after many months of back and forth on whether or not I should spend money to indulge my fantasies, we finally decided to get one. I love my new bathroom now. I have put an aqua blue shower curtain, some pretty candles, a plant and some silver ferns in a vase. Mint has been instructed to never use my bathroom, but on some days I may be generous and may consider sharing it with him.

Then, I got myself a hair cut today. I have short hair already, but I like to keep trimming it to maintain that length. It makes all my hair washes easier and keeps my life simple on the whole. That much less hair ironing to do. Since I was at the salon, I even pushed myself to get my arms waxed. That is a lot of work out of the way. I don’t need to stick to full sleeves anymore. Yay!

And right now, we have a couple of Mint’s colleagues over. All playing board games. And although I am not playing the ongoing game, I am still quite engrossed in their play. They have been laughing and cheering for a while. It is infectious and it gets my attention every time somebody makes a smart move. Week day breaks are so much fun. I am feeling a little guilty for not offering them anything home cooked. We have ordered in. But you know, I think it’s okay. I am the only one who cares about such things. Mint thinks it is crazy to cook for so many, that too on a working day. So I’m going to let it be and just feel happy about the good vibes.

Oh before I end this post, I’d like to thank everybody for trying to guess the price of my anklets in this post. I got a variety of responses, a lot of them quite close to the right answer. The right answer by the way, is 45. That’s what it cost me. And the one person who got this number spot on is Moo. Moo, I am going to ignore your second guessing and just stick to your first response. You just won yourself a long email from me. I know, I know, I specialise in dishing out punishment and calling it reward. This little guessing game was so much fun though. I am thinking of playing more such games in the future and I will try and hand out some real prizes, ok?

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Uncertainty of life..

Posted by Pepper on January 18, 2016

I was about to drop out of the marathon today. It was all okay until a while ago. We were finishing dinner, and then I got a call from a colleague. He told me a business associate who we had just met two weeks ago, and who I had spoken to on phone only yesterday, passed away. I was awfully shocked. And silenced. When I spoke to him on phone yesterday, we scheduled our next meeting, which was going to be on the 20th. I kept thinking if he even in his wildest dreams on the 17th, could have imagined that he will be no more on the 18th.

I was reasonably disturbed. I could also see myself getting into the ‘what is the point of all our shallow pursuits if life if so unreliable’ line of thought. Sigh. Anyway, I’ve told myself very sternly that I cannot dwell into this beyond a point. Because this is really how life is. Completely unpredictable. And people die unexpectedly every single day. I might as well accept that as a lesson and choose the way I want to live my life. In a way, I’ve been served with another reminder to focus on all that matters and to live in the present.

Today, I almost decided to not post. I was so close to not caring about the blogathon, but then decided  in the very end to put up these few lines. I am going to excuse myself and not care about putting up a ‘real’ post. See you tomorrow..


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Less is more

Posted by Pepper on January 17, 2016



During one of our marathon tidy up sessions today, I kept feeling phenomenally irritated by this sight. Those are Mint’s slippers. And I simply cannot fathom why he needs 4 of them. I mean, they are exactly the same kind. Just flipflops in different patterns. I am not even getting into how many shoes he owns. Let’s just talk about these slippers for now. I would probably feel less annoyed if they were shoes of different designs and styles. But why hoard so many things of the same kind? Not like we have a very spacious house or adequate storage space. And really not like he needs so many.

All our life, Mint and I have been hoarders. We have a million clothes, shoes and cartons full of miscellaneous stuff that we have carried with us all the way from the US. We haven’t even unpacked those cartons after all these years because we simply do not have the space or storage to accommodate those things.

In the past few months, I’ve been so exhausted and frustrated with all the excess in my life, it isn’t funny. The more things we own, the more difficult my life seems to get. Wardrobes are difficult to organize with million clothes to fold and fit in. I don’t have enough space to hang the outfits I want to. Other than that, the house seems to get untidy in a jiffy because we have so many things that need to be put in their rightful place, we tend to slack and just let them pile on all flat surfaces.

Part of the reason I have been such a hoarder is because I am terribly sentimental. I attach a sentimental value to every frigging thing. The first item we bought together as a married couple. What my mother gave me when I was moving to the UK. The book the sister and I kept reading throughout our childhood. The watch my dad gifted me on my 16th birthday. It just never ends. I refuse to part with my things even if they are no longer functional.

I’ve realised over time that this attitude is taking me no where. I am accumulating junk at the speed of life. It is adding more chaos to my life than I’m willing to accept. I read somewhere that “Every increased possession loads us with a new weariness.”  I can personally vouch for this. I want to walk on the Buddha path of detachment now.

And I want to pile on less. In a step towards that goal, I ignored the 50% sale at Marks & Spencer. Despite knowing that they were selling the trousers that I wanted so badly. I convinced myself that I didn’t need them. I haven’t shopped much in the past year infact. It has saved me from spending unnecessary money and I have less stuff to worry about.

Unfortunately, Mint still isn’t aligned with the idea of less is more. His million possessions get on my nerves. Hopefully, he will start appreciating a minimalist lifestyle at some point. Until then, I am going to try and focus on decluttering my own life.

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