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The knock

Posted by Pepper on January 5, 2016

I usually get home atleast an hour before Mint. I say ‘atleast’, because Mint has no fixed time of return. Moreover, he isn’t the kind to keep me informed about his expected time of arrival. It is nothing short of a guessing game for me. He might get home at 7 or he might arrive later than 9. I hate not knowing, so I turn into the typical wife who calls her husband every half hour to check when he is leaving from work. On most days, he is unable to answer my calls because he is stuck in some meeting. On days he does answer my call and gives me an estimated time of his return, he overshoots the time he has given me and I am back to waiting and not knowing. On the days he actually arrives at the promised time, I am pleasantly surprised.

Since I have come to accept (with a lot of struggle, I must add) that he doesn’t have any fixed working hours and that he isn’t the kind to call me before he leaves everyday, I have become accustomed to the suspenseful wait. He can basically turn up any time. This takes me to new heights of anticipation.

Mint has a signature ‘knock’ that distinguishes his arrival from the rest. He doesn’t ring the door bell and by now I have come to recognize his knocking style. I stay tuned in to every little sound that comes from outside the door. Every time I hear the elevator, I pray it is followed by a little knock. I count minutes. Every evening, I am so full of desperation to see that boy.

When I finally do hear the much awaited and highly treasured knock, my senses go into overdrive. I abandon whatever it is that I am doing at that time and charge towards the door. I then greet him with a million hugs and kisses. The poor guy gets smothered just as he sets his foot in. I know, I can pass on your sympathies to him. That is mostly how I have greeted my dad when he returned from work too. But with Mint, I take it to a new level.

Because on some days, I even jump and clamber into his arms. He carries me like you carry a 3 year old. Except my age is almost 10 times 3. I do pity him when I realise he has to bear the weight of my body when he hasn’t even set down his laptop bag or taken his shoes off. But that is how it is. Slices of our everyday life.

PS – In case you are wondering, that picture has been taken just as Mint got back from work. And yes, he goes to work everyday in jeans and tees. Lucky, I know.

21 Responses to “The knock”

  1. Bhavani said

    Wow such a cute cute pic…so who took this pic though:))

  2. Nitya said

    peps! this pic totally made my day :*

  3. My Era said

    Your post reminded me of me as I was until a couple of years ago 🙂
    Though I still gt impatient when waiting for a family member, paying extra attention to hear the footsteps and to recognize the way the doorbell is rung 😀
    That’s an adorable picture.

  4. Revs said

    Oi!! Add an ‘A’ or ‘PG’ rating at the title, will you? 😀

  5. shwethays said

    Cute one

  6. You guys are so cute!!and add to that the fact that your mom clicked it. We barely share a peck in front

  7. Oops incomplete comment ..meant in front of my parents.

  8. How cute! 😀
    We call it ‘toll bharna’ – jo bhi ghar aata hai bina ‘toll’ bhare andar nahi aa sakta 😀

    But too cool that PDA happens before the parents. We both become super conscious with them around. And they don’t make us any comfortable either! Food for a post right here I say!

  9. Smitha said

    How cute are the two of you!

  10. aarya said

    Hahah…that is such a cute pic…cherished moments captured 😊

  11. Smita said

    Awww!! When I saw this link in the reader & the image as well I thought he was carrying a small girl!!! 😀

  12. That is such a cute post, and such a cute pic! 🙂

    The post reminds me of the times I have spent waiting for the OH to get back home from work.. I would wait oh-so-eagerly for him to get back home, too. My mom would tell me to let him be. 😛 But of course, I wouldn’t do that. 😀 My mom would have thrown a fit if I had jumped up on the OH like that when he got back from office. 😛

  13. S said

    This is beyond sweet! A benchmark to follow 🙂

  14. seema3 said


  15. Haha..how utterly sweet is that!
    Reminded me of Calvin and Hobbes..( the stuffed tiger pounces on the boy every time he enters the room. Although Calvin seems to be so annoyed, we all know how much he loves it!)
    May this never change between you both 🙂

  16. sniff…tell him a man in my house gets attacked by 4 people the moment he parks his car in the drive way. You guys are too cute.

  17. Deepa said

    This is the sweetest picture I have ever seen in a long long time!! Keep the love going guys, be happy..

  18. Jo said

    How cute is that.. 🙂 Perfectly captured too 🙂

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  20. Soooooooo cute! I know its cheesy but thats what came to my mind when i saw this pic. 🙂 May you always greet each other like this. You give me hope peppermint 🙂

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