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To relax your mind..

Posted by Pepper on January 6, 2016

Every night, I wait to retire to our bedroom. It is what I look forward to throughout the day. Even if I have had a tiring day, I know the scent of my bedroom will soothe me. The stress melts. I feel tranquil. Here is why. I have made it a ritual to light some pharmacy bought eucalyptus oil in my burner every night. And if I have to do one good deed for the day, it would be this: to introduce you to this very brilliant idea of mine

I began using oil diffusers/burners a few years ago. But like everybody else, I only burnt the aromatic oils that were sold in those tiny bottles for this exclusive purpose. Jasmine, lavender, sea breeze, dew drop, these are some of the scents I own. Now, I realised, these tiny little bottles were quite highly priced. They were okay to use every now and then, but since I was looking for some calming aroma to fill our home everyday, I wasn’t sure I could afford using something so expensive.

In order to cheap it out, I started racking my brain for alternatives. For me, eucalyptus and menthol scents represent calmness and easy breathing and relaxed senses. It is what I ideally wanted. And then I began to wonder, would regular oils (not meant for being used exclusively by diffusers) work? Ideally, they should, but i needed to know for sure.

I decided to experiment. That day, I walked to the chemist and asked for a bottle of regular eucalyptus oil. It was so cheap, I couldn’t believe it. I got a small bottle only for Rs. 40. I used it in the burner that night and all I can say is that I had been transported to heaven.

oil burner

I have been addicted ever since. I light eucalyptus oil religiously and it has done wonders to my sleep pattern too. It relieves my muscular tensions and lets me lie in bed completely relaxed. By now, our room has been infused with this sweet smell. Eucalyptus oil brings in an instant association and I picture my bedroom every time I inhale it. It makes me feel at home. So yes, I highly recommend lighting some in a burner. Especially if you suffer from colds, sinuses or a blocked nose, you will thank me.

26 Responses to “To relax your mind..”

  1. I love the eucalyptus mint combination from Bath and Body Works… From hand soaps to oil diffusers to candles, I have them all … Absolutely love them.

  2. A good way to soothe the mind and soul. I didn’t know about it and rather than spending a lot, such small things can help.

  3. senora said

    Your burner looks so pretty 🙂

  4. renxkyoko said

    I wonder why aromatic oils and candles are so expensive. I do want to smell something good everyday, but the cost makes this such a luxury.

  5. S said

    This sounds like a brilliant idea! I am going to try this for sure.

  6. srividhya said

    Will try this soon. Can you send/post a close shot picture?

  7. Arch said

    Great idea! I love the fragrance of eucalyptus oil too. 🙂

  8. crampedspace said

    Thanks pepper…surely you have done some good karma today by spreading the word. I just ordered an oil burner 🙂

  9. Bubblegum said

    I have never used diffuser but after reading this post, I think I should. Eucalyptus oil if I am not wrong is used for cold as well?

  10. Arathi said

    That’s a good idea.. I will try it out at home.. I love the smell of scented oils.. and eucalyptus is one of my favorites..

  11. raaaano said

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful information.

  12. […] Source: To relax your mind.. […]

  13. My Era said

    This sounds like an interesting idea. Pari & I have a dog-like strong sense of smell, so maybe I can try your trick with a subtle fragrance to start with 😀

  14. MR said

    am going to try it tonight.. thanks for the tip.

  15. I have always wanted something like this for our home, but somehow, never got around to it. Your post inspires me to get a diffuser and some scented oils immediately! Thank you for this post. 🙂

    I often suffer from sinus problems, so eucalyptus would do the trick for me too. I love the smell of it too.

    I had a few questions, though:

    1. Where do I get a diffuser from?
    2. Are the chemist-bought oils safe to use in a diffuser? They don’t harm in any way, right? On that note, are the fancy oil bottles that we buy in gift shops and all safe? I’m not completely sure.
    3. I am concerned that this will bring about a lot of smoke (considering that our bedroom is quite small) and smell, and be overpoweringly strong. Is it so? What do you suggest?

    • Pepper said

      1. Diffusers are quite commonly available now. I got mine from Body Shop ages ago, but then I saw the same thing being sold at Homecenter for a much lower price. You will also find them online. For instance.. http://www.amazon.in/Brahmz-Aroma-Oil-Burner-Regular/dp/B00KS7J0NS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1452273007&sr=8-1&keywords=oil+diffusers . I am sure you will find plenty of other options too.

      2. I don’t know how safe the oils are, to be honest. Since ancient practices (especially in Ayurveda) often involved heating natural oils (eucalyptus, coconut, neem), I am guessing it is fairly safe to heat the natural ones. On the other hand, I’m not sure about the fancy diffuser oils which are sold for this purpose. They all claim to be safe and so far we haven’t seen any adverse effects, but then you can never be fully sure..

      3. There is zero smoke. I even use these in our bathrooms, so the size of the room doesn’t matter. Yes, depending on which scent and fragrance you pick, the smell can be overpowering. This largely depends on your choice of fragrance though. I try to avoid the cloying ones. So far, the ones I have picked work just fine for us.

      In case you do find the smell overpowering, the next time you can use the oil in smaller doses (a few drops are mixed in water) or blow out the candle once you think the right level of aroma has been attained.

  16. ameliadelphino said

    Seems like a good idea! I will try it out as well.

  17. Thank you so much for the detailed answers. Really appreciate it! 🙂

  18. […] (for which we need to be so grateful! I keep thinking of how the homeless survive in this heat), with the calming scent of eucalyptus, and our bottle of Jergens, we find our solace in fixing […]

  19. I am happy to report that, inspired by you, we went ahead and bought ourselves a diffuser – one that looks just like yours. We light eucalyptus oil in it regularly, and it has been lovely on my sinus-battered nose and throat. Love it, and want to get some more oils right away.

  20. raaaano said

    Hi Pepper, I tried buring eucalyptus oil in a similar diffuser. The wick immediately caught fire and went in flames, it was producing a lot of smoke too. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Pepper said

      Wick? The diffusers I use have no wick. And the wick of the candle doesn’t come in direct contact with the heated surface at all. Can you show me a pic of the one you are using?

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