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Sounds of silence

Posted by Pepper on January 7, 2016

That’s all I can hear in my head. Usually I try my best to silent my mind. I am quite a hyperactive person and my mind is perennially racing with thoughts. Today I feel, well, quiet. So strange to not have any thoughts distracting me. So I decided to take deep breaths and just listen. Listen to the sounds around me. In the past 5 minutes, I have heard..

– A dog barking in the distance.

– A car reversing.

– A bike going past below our home

– Our neighbour’s 3 year old daughter whimpering (when I suspect her dad was leaving the house to go somewhere)

– Distant sound of TV floating from somewhere in the neighborhood.

And that makes me realise, the sounds are too few. It is mostly quiet. Well, it is 11.20 at night, so there isn’t much activity around my locality. The streets are calm. Most people have returned to their homes. I step out to the balcony and look. Lights in most homes are switched off. I am guessing people are asleep by now. I wonder how many battles they have fought today. How many victories they have celebrated, defeats they have grieved over. I wonder how people went to bed. Whether it was with smiles and joys or fears and concerns.

I love stories. It is probably why I love to read and watch movies. Because both those mediums provide me with good stories. But more than anything else, I love real life stories. I have often wished I could don an invisibility cloak and just watch people around me live their life story.

If I could, I would randomly stop passerbys on the road and ask them who they are, where they came from, where they were heading, what kind of a childhood they had, what they were planning to have for lunch today, who would they go home to and so on. But I can’t. Because this world classifies that as crazy behaviour. Our current set up forbids us from getting too familiar with people we have no apparent connection with. Besides, who has the time and inclination to spare time and divulge personal details to a stranger?

And so, I will watch from the sidelines and build their stories in my head. Right now, I imagine most people around me sleeping. Some in their comfortable homes, some in their little huts, and many other road. Very soon, a new day will begin. People will rise. The hustle will set in. For now, I will soak in the silence. And with that thought, I will go to bed..



7 Responses to “Sounds of silence”

  1. Look up Humans of New York if you haven’t 🙂

  2. You have, on multiple occasions on this blog, mentioned how you love to weave life stories for complete strangers you watch around you. That sounded so interesting, I have tried doing that myself recently. It is much fun indeed! Thank you 😀

  3. S said

    There is a word for this 🙂 Sonder.

  4. My Era said

    I am with you in the interest to know people’s stories, what their life’s goals are, what feeds their passion, what drives them to want to live from one day to the next. Maybe this is why, lately I have been drawn towards reading more of non-fiction than fiction (that I loved in my earlier days).

  5. […] Source: Sounds of silence […]

  6. Deepa said

    A poetess in the making you are sweetie. Happy 2016 BTW. Lots of good cheer, good health and amazing food(why not eh?) wished from me to you:-)

    More posts this year please!

  7. purple prose said

    There’s a word for this!

    Sonder: the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own

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