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Aunty club

Posted by Pepper on January 8, 2016

I secured a place in the ‘aunty club’ a few years ago. No, not because of how old I am or how I look, but because of the way I behave. I have often been chided and asked to ‘Stop being such an aunty’. What qualifies me to be an aunty, you ask? Well, pretty much all my preferences.

For starters, I am unable to keep myself up till late at night. Ideally, I like to be in bed by 11 pm. I can push myself till 12. Anything beyond that becomes too much of a strain. Unfortunately, this makes me stick out like a sore thumb. Our social circle is full of people whose idea of fun is to stay up all night. Most times, we are in the midst of playing board games and I have to excuse myself at 1 am and say goodnight to everybody. This is almost always followed by collective groaning. If we are having a sleep over in our house, it is even more difficult for me to wriggle out. Every time I tell people I am tired and sleepy, they scoff. Probably my energy or enthusiasm level isn’t comparable to theirs. This has earned me the status of being ‘boring’ other than being an ‘aunty’.

I don’t really care about alcohol. Don’t get me wrong, I do drink every now and then, averaging to about once in every two to three weeks. But I don’t know why I drink. Because it isn’t that I fancy the taste. In fact, I can hardly taste the alcohol because my drink is always so full of mixers. And beer? I HATE it. I have tried so hard to get myself to like the taste of beer, but no matter what kind of beer I try, I still dislike it. I am just about okay with wine. For me to like it, it has to be a little sweet. Other times, I just stick to vodka or rum with a glass full of sprite or coke. And lots of ice. You see, I do my best to guise the taste of alcohol.

There are times when everybody around me orders a beer. Since I don’t really care about beer and I am not inclined to be the only person drinking vodka, I usually decline alcohol altogether. Again, this makes people push and probe. Some of them want to know why I am being such a ‘spoilt sport’. When I stick to my guns and continue to deny a glass, I get pushed into the ‘boring’ bracket again.

The only bachelorette party I attended in my life, everybody around me was playing games like flip the cup and beer pong at 2 am. The games, all of which were built around the idea of binge drinking were so not appealing to me. Since it was the BFF’s bachelorette party, I didn’t even have the courage to tell her I was going off to bed. I continued stifling my yawns. I had stopped drinking a while ago, and if I had gone ahead and told her I wanted to sleep, she would have probably thrown a fit and asked me if we drove to Lonavala all the way only to come and sleep through the night. Sigh. When I looked around, everybody seemed to be having fun and I was the only one suffering in silence. Around 3 am though, I decided to stop suffering and told myself the BFF will understand. I decided to sleep, while everybody else partied on. This of course, only strengthened the reputation I had acquired.

To add to my auntyness, I don’t exactly enjoy dancing in clubs. I am always too conscious and too full of inhibitions to dance in front of a roomful of strangers. Actually, I will rephrase that. I do enjoy dancing to good music in a club, but that is only on a rare occasion, when I am too high on life to feel inhibited. But on most days, I dislike it. Because clubbing is invariably a late night affair, where the real party begins only after midnight. By then, I am already dreaming about my pajamas and my bed. Whenever friends suggest we head out to a club, I try hard to not make my reluctance very obvious. By now though, most of my friends know my preferences. Although they don’t always voice themselves, I know how they feel.

Since a lot of people have ‘jokingly’ said it in the past, I know now that I am a certified aunty. Well, I don’t feel very bothered. It is just that since I am tossed in the midst of people who are oh so full of ‘youth’, I stick out too much. I am planning to socialise more with fellow aunties. Let’s see how that goes!


18 Responses to “Aunty club”

  1. My Era said

    I am with you in the ‘Aunty Club’ since I was 19 years old for all the reasons you stated and to add to it I am a teetotaler (I have tried alcohol in many forms but found it utterly unappealing). It felt strange initially, but I too am habituated to being called an aunty by my buddies over the years so it doesn’t bother me a bit that I have now reached an age when I am called one by kids of Pari’s age 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Yes, I think I have been an aunty my entire life too. My preferences have been the same even at 16. So clearly, being an aunty isn’t age related.

  2. S said

    Haha I am with you in this club for not wanting to dance in clubs! But I enjoy beer and wine, the only kind of alcohol I like. I think in one of your older posts you had mentioned you like Bailey’s? I somehow haven’t acquired that taste.

  3. senora said

    I belong to the ‘Aunty’ club too. I too don’t drink alcohol except for wine…that too it has to be sweet the way you prefer it. I can push myself to stay awake late and dance in clubs but then that depends on the circumstances, the group I am with and of course my mood 🙂

  4. Smitha said

    Pepper, you had me nodding away. I am so like you! Actually I’m even worse. I can nod off at 9:30 🙂 I like alcohol but only when it tastes nice as in with mixers in cocktails. And I’m the same with dancing. I feel way too conscious to dance in a club or even in a party at somebody’s home. I’m a proper aunty 🙂

  5. Smitha said

    I like Bailey’s too 🙂

  6. Hahah..same pinch. I belong to the same club too. I so very rarely have a sip of wine- there too I have strong preferences and have no more than half a glass or so. I don’t party much because the loud music and late night beginnings put me off. I find going to clubs boring because I don’t drink, I don’t dance much and the loud music. And, each time we do end up going, I am always looking at the clock to get back. So amongst our friends circle, we are the odd ones out. And, to top it all, the Boy was famous for clubbing and partying every weekend a few years ago. So his friends assume it’s my doing that he doesn’t enjoy these anymore. It’s just that 5 years in twenties is quite a changing period and interests do change. I am just happy we both are now of the same temperament and enjoy heading to plays, walk tours and game nights more.

    Phew, that was long!

  7. Tanimom said

    I am ditto as you in alcohol & dance. But I can be awake all night playing board games or watching movies, I am an owl 🙂

  8. Haha..i am there with you on all these. Exactly the same as you on the alcohol..and not been to a single night club sadly enough.

  9. Gayathri said

    OMG !!! Can’t believe there are so many people out there just like me !! I can relate to all the 3 things that you mentioned and yes, I’ve been like that for the past 15 years too. Thankfully I’ve very few friends who are the partying type. And my husband is not either. You made my day and my life a little bit easier with your post today. Thank you !!!

  10. Count me in the aunty club. I have always been an aunty even when I was in my teens. 😉 .And ever since having lil Anwesh my bed time is same as his – 9 pm :D. I hate beer too but do love wine.

  11. Boiling said

    Same pinch! I am totally aunty that way and a granny in some of my preferences ha ha and I have been like that forever.

  12. Same here. I’m trying to start liking beer but it is boring and not as amazing as a coffee or a chocolate drink would be.

  13. I am a Whisky person, though I like Vodka, wine and beer, from time to time. You should ignore the aunty tag and I find it so cliche. It’s all about your choice of drinking or not.

  14. Nitya said

    Ha! this is probably one of the few times where i am going to pipe up and say that i am different. I like my beer, i love hanging out way past midnight and while not always clubs, i can always always have a good time in a nightclub of any sorts. or playing board games. or just at a bar. Basically i like nighttime 🙂
    That being said, i am aunty every other way hehe

    • Pepper said

      Bah.. why am I not surprised. You even look 18. In which way do you call yourself an aunty?
      On a serious note, can you please please pass on some of your energy to me? Especially at night? Mint will bless you. He is EXACTLY like you and I feel bad he is stuck with me. 😦

      • Nitya said

        blegh please ignore the hajaar typos and redundant words in the previous comments.
        Kar is like you :):) he doesnt drink and i feel bad he is stuck with me! lol. Kaahe ka energy ..i am a night bird. but mornings see me sprawled over any flat surface, grumpy af, praying for the will to move. sigh.

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