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It’s that day

Posted by Pepper on January 11, 2016

That day of the year. The day my dad’s brother, my beloved, beloved daddy passed away. It’s been exactly a year today. I rarely write about how much I miss him. One, because that grief feels too personal. And two, because I try to not dwell on it. I try to not feed the sorrow. So when it does hit me, I pause for a moment, take a deep breath, smile and then pretend the pain doesn’t exist. I get better in a few minutes. I really do. I am told he is in a better place. And I believe that.

I feared at the back of my head that today would be a difficult day. It would bring flashes of gut wrenching memories. Memories of watching him struggle and pass on. So I tried to steer clear of those thoughts. Each time I found myself going in that direction, I made a conscious effort to stop. I told myself I want to only have positive associations and I should remember this day as the one on which he was freed.

Quite a year it has been. His passing on made the world hoist all their expectations on me, especially when it came to running our company. I have struggled, faltered, fallen, learnt and grown so much. In a way, I have discovered potential that I wasn’t aware existed in me. I know it was you who chose it that way. Who planned for me to take the lead. It was you who believed in me. And for that, I thank you. Daddy, I love and miss you so very much.


7 Responses to “It’s that day”

  1. Today is ‘that day’ for me too …. It’s the day I last spoke to me dad 6 years ago…. Even though 16th of Jan is the day he passed away but for me, it’s today I really struggle with…. Hugs to you !! I really know how it feels !!

  2. Nitya said

    tight hugs.

  3. Try to just remember the good times, Pepper. And how much of a positive difference he has made in your life. *Hugs*

  4. srividhya said

    Hugs yaar. Stay strong. I know how you feel. Time is the healer. Dec is always like that for me. After 8 years this time I went for new year celebration..

  5. Hugs Pepper!

  6. Big hugs Pepper.

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