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Tinkling joy

Posted by Pepper on January 14, 2016

One of the many perks of living in India is finding tiny little ‘shops’ scattered all across. Not just shops, you will even see little makeshift galleries selling an array of knickknacks on the road.  Dig a little and you can find a real treasure hidden in some of these. I find buying these bits from small vendors far more satisfying than shopping in a mall.

Last week, I bought this pair of anklets from a small roadside shop. I put them on immediately and they made me so happy. I keep admiring them myself every now and then. I even received multiple compliments for them and that totally made my day.

Sorry about the blurred image, I am not very patient when it comes to clicking pictures. Even so, you have a little overview here. Aren’t they pretty? I certainly think so.



If you look closely, you will see the anklets are full of smiley faces. I love how we incorporate new age designs into age old ornaments.



But more than anything else, my favorite part is the price. Anybody wants to take a guess? The person who comes closest to the price will be rewarded with err, a long email from me. I’m going to wait for 3 days to see if I get any responses. On that note, good night folks! See you tomorrow.


32 Responses to “Tinkling joy”

  1. Hehe those smiley faces are so cute!!
    My estimate is Rs 30 😛

  2. Eet eej adorable!


  3. It’s something I sorely miss in India, in particular Mumbai. 30 bucks!!!!

  4. Verrrry cute! 30 rs??

  5. Smitha said

    Since you’ve asked to guess, it must be something outrageous, 50 rupees:

  6. They are cute, what with the smileys and all that 🙂

    Although they are priceless for the amount of joy they bring to you, I’ll take a guess that you paid around Rs.400 for these?

    I just returned from India and maybe going on the lower side given how cheap I felt roadside stuff was. And, I bought a bunch of trinkets too.. love’em! 🙂

  7. I am quite clueless about the prices in India now, I would still like to guess. How about Rs. 25? 😀

  8. seema3 said

    Rs 10/-…they look lovely

  9. It depends, I assume it is not silver and just one anklet then the price could be anywhere closer to 50?

  10. shaktii said

    i too want them…so cuteee…

  11. Mrs B said

    Hey pepper!!! So good to see you active again. I visit your page atleast 2-3 times daily to see if you have written anything new.
    Coming to the anklets, my guess is Rs. 20.

  12. Boiling said

    20 INR?

    Sorry I have no idea of cost of living in Indian these days!

  13. S said

    Haha I love roadside shopping too, for earrings especially. Your anklet looks cute, does it make sound?

    I think it costs 15rs.

  14. raaaano said

    Not more than 50 bucks. You need to come to Sarojini Nagar, Delhi if you bought the anklet for a higher price

  15. tess said

    50/- and a few 🙂 🙂

  16. My Era said

    This is rather cute 🙂
    I bought a pair of anklets for Pari just last week too, guess she would have loved it more, had I found something as cute as your smiley anklets 😀

  17. Bubblegum said

    50 bucks! :p

  18. simple girl said

    Does it cost Rs 20 /- ?

  19. Vani said

    If its just one, Rs. 50; if its a pair, 100 bucks 😛

  20. Can i guess again? 35 or 65. Im finding it hard to stick to one guess.

  21. Preethi said

    200 rupees. I LOVE your anklets

  22. I don’t know why some people search for happiness in doing big things… It is these small things in our day to day life that gives immense happiness 😊 let me guess the price..is it around 30 rupees ?

  23. Priya said


  24. Rs. 200? They look so cute.

  25. Bhavani said

    Very pretty indeed. I am guessing Rs 300?

  26. anisnest said

    let me guess, if not for winning but to get your long email 🙂 300 rupees?

  27. Hey they address really cute… They should be Between 20-50 bucks. ??

  28. crampedspace said

    Pepper, I remember buying something similar or 10/20 rs in Pune commercial street about 7 years ago. This one could be 30-50 rs. Looks little better quality than mine

  29. Richa said

    I haven’t received any handwritten long email which does not concern work from anyone in the last five years. So i want to guess this.
    Rs 30. Is it?

  30. Parijat Shukla said

    Rs 70/- approx

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