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On some days

Posted by Pepper on January 24, 2016

On some days, you decide to do a cheat post. Because you’ve had a very busy day. You’ve just completed your annual health check up and the needles have left you with a bright purple clot on your arm. You’ve met a cardiologist because your ECG isn’t great. The cardiologist hasn’t given you great news either. You are part annoyed and part concerned.

You’ve rushed through the remaining day because you had to get to the airport in time to bid your brother in law good bye. You’ve proceeded for dinner and in your dreamy state of mind, had copious amounts of chicken soup thinking it was a veggie one. You’ve gone on to feel very annoyed because you know you end up doing this very often. You’ve then struggled to find a cab that will take you back to your in-laws home and have spent almost 30 minutes waiting.

And now, you are heading back in a cab, tired, sleepy and very acutely aware of the fact that you have just 11 minutes left before the clock strikes 12. You decide to do a cheat post, because on some days, you don’t have a choice.


13 Responses to “On some days”

  1. Hope it’s nothing serious! Take care you!

  2. D said

    What did the cardiologist say?

    • Pepper said

      A whole bunch of scary possibilities. I have a line up of some more cardiac tests. Will figure out how to tackle everything after the reports. I prefer not doing any further tests in Chennai, though I just might because I have the time to do all this here. Let’s see..
      Thanks for checking!

  3. dominique said

    (Better not google anything)

  4. My Era said

    Take care Pepper, a visit to the cardiologist is in itself scary, but I hope the tests to follow pronounce you healthy 🙂

  5. Take care Pepper !! Hope nothing is serious !!

  6. Laila said

    Hope all the follow-up tests give you better results… of late, all I can think of is good health is indeed the greatest wealth.

  7. Deepa said

    Take care. A health report even if annoying is sometimes a good wake up call to a healthier future you. Hugs your way.

  8. Hugs, dearie! I hope you get some good news on the cardiologist’s reports.

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