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What comfort means

Posted by Pepper on January 25, 2016

Sometimes, all my senses collectively want is some soothing. You know, like a reassuring caress. Not because I am angry or unhappy or tired. But just because I feel too caught up in a million things and I want to pause and rub my overworked nerves. And for that kind of soulful comfort, I invariably turn to food. Today, I had one of the best cups of filter coffee I have had in a long, long time. I sipped it silently, savoring every gulp, taking deep breaths and feeling a sense of ease wash over me. That divine coffee quite literally massaged my senses and left me feeling rejuvenated.

The coffee was followed by this plateful of heaven. And my day feels just perfect.



12 Responses to “What comfort means”

  1. Enjoy every bit of the days in Chennai..lots of filter kaapi and yummy sides to go along like this one 🙂

  2. anisnest said

    Is that sabudana vada? Btw the eucalyptus oil in wax warmer works great..thank you for that idea.. I am in love with that smell in my bedroom now..

  3. My! That plate looks absolutely gorgeous! I would love to make sabudana vadas as crispy as that.
    Food is one of my ideas of comfort, too. That is one kind of comfort I seek when the things around me get too overwhelming.

  4. My Era said

    Those sabudana vadai look super tempting, time to make some in my kitchen 😀

  5. MR said

    sabhudhana vada??? lovely

  6. Pepper said

    People, that isn’t the regular sabudana vada. It is thavala vada. It had a mix of sabudana and dal.

  7. MR said

    oh ok 🙂 we dont add sabudana to tavala vada, hence the confusion. but i guess there are hundereds of variations.

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