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Time to head back!

Posted by Pepper on January 26, 2016

I was worried about how I would keep up with the Blogathon in Chennai. Typically, our schedules here are erratic. We end up packing a lot into a single day. Free time is unpredictable and very sporadic. To add to it, I need to find a private corner to jot down a post. My MIL often appears out of nowhere and ends up glancing at my screen. Considering the constraints, I knew everyday writing would be a challenge.

I am glad I sailed through. I stuck to shorter posts. It is something I should do more often. Most of my posts are way too lengthy. What can I do? Once I start to blabber, I find it very hard to stop. But over time I have come to realise, the very idea of writing a post (one that is long by default) is what keeps me from blogging. On the other hand, the idea of writing a short post seems far less taxing. So let me see if I can stick to writing short, frequent posts. I must add though, a part of my is laughing even as I type that. I know short posts and me don’t really go together.

Anyway, I haven’t written much about this trip. Much fun was had, but of course, it can’t be completely free of drama. And then there were multiple cardiologist visits that happened. Those were quite unexpected. I will do separate posts on all of those once I get back. For now, I need to run. I have to figure out how to fit the assorted podis, chips and bottles of pickle into my bag. We also did some random shopping. I bought myself a pair of shoes because I had the time to shop here. And got my mom an idli cooker. I’m not sure why she was so insistent on getting one from Rathna stores. Oh well.. Now, I need to figure out how to fit it all into my tiny suitcase.

We have an early morning flight tomorrow. The vacation is officially over. Back to regular programming from tomorrow!


3 Responses to “Time to head back!”

  1. Your mom will love her idli cooker! I know I do. Take care babe!

  2. liliputs said

    you get a damn good vessels from that shop 🙂 that’s the reason behind her insistent 🙂

  3. My Era said

    Glad you had a good trip and could pack in so much along with daily posts 🙂
    Long posts are so me, till I hit the 1000 word counter, something in my mind keeps saying, “you’ve got more to say, keep going.” 😀
    Looking forward to further details 🙂

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