A dash of Pepper…

…with a splash of Mint

Happy Friday

Posted by Pepper on January 29, 2016

How much would it suck if you last the blogathon for 28 days and then give up on the 29th day? Lots, I thought.

And so here I am, pushing myself so damn hard to type this post as I sit and dine at a restobar. It’s 11.20 pm and we will head back home shortly, but I’m pretty damn sure I will not make it back by 12.

I had a happy Friday of sorts. I worked from home and ended up not really working. Instead, I took a long hair bath, enjoyed a relaxed lunch with mom and napped for a bit. Through out the day, I told myself to complete writing my blog post for today. I even started working on a draft in the evening. But as luck would have it, sudden plans for dinner were made and I had to leave in a rush. I was confident we’d be back home by 11, but looks like I was wrong. If only I had completed my post earlier. I know, I really need to stop procrastinating. Or I l keep finding myself in situations like these.

Okey, we’re driving back now. It’s 11.41 already. I’m wondering why i wasn’t able to have more than a slice of pizza for dinner today. I’m also telling Mint to go slow because we’re crossing a rather bumpy stretch and it isn’t letting me type.

Looks like his going slow isn’t helping either. Or maybe I’m just not used to typing on the phone. So I will stop here. Have a happy weekend!


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