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Year 6 – Happy Anniversary, Mint

Posted by Pepper on March 25, 2016

Dear Mint,

It’s been 6 years. Gasp! 6! It’s a number I am still trying to come to come to terms with, because it makes me feel just so old! But then who am I kidding? I have always been the person who struggled to embrace adulthood. I thought getting married at the little age of 23 was the most grown up thing I did. Until I realised being married does not necessarily include growing up.

I must admit though, not marriage, but the forced adult life has caused me to grow up a little. All I can is that I am so glad I grew up with you. That is so much nicer than the idea of meeting you as a ‘grown up’ person who has already been forced to attain adulthood. You have seen me transition from a whimsical child to what I call a half adult to a choiceless  adult. And although I grumble and rant quite routinely about the perils of adult life, I have to admit, on most days it is not so bad. And that is mainly because you’ve made it all such a fun ride.

Let’s face it though. Life with you is like my friend said, ‘riding a constant wave’. While I see other peoples’ lives resembling stable, flat lines, ours swells with excitement and then plummets into adventure and uncertainty, only to rise back to more excitement. I am a person who always preferred stability to adventure. When I talk about stability, I mean being rooted to one place, enjoying a level of certainty and sameness, having an established routine in place. But you, you love riding the wave and boy, you sweep me off with every surge and ask me if I had fun! I am now used to holding on to you for dear life.

We’ve had a few good years in this city. To my surprise, by now I find you almost as attached to this place as I am. And now, we’re back to a crossroad and we need to pick the direction we want to move in. The next few months are full of myriad questions. And the only way to find answers is to wait for them to unfurl. For an anxious and impatient person like me, this can be quite a test. But the ease with which you coast along at such times makes me feel amazed. If there is one thing I could learn from you, it is your ability to be zen and nonplussed.

This year is going to be huge for us. We’re working towards one of the biggest projects of our lives (getting a baby home!). And as I watch our lives being hijacked by this massive project, I can’t help feel all excited. The coming few months are going to be overwhelming for us because there is so much going on on all fronts. Thank you for keeping me safely belted up. Thank you for being the awesome person you are.

All my love,


24 Responses to “Year 6 – Happy Anniversary, Mint”

  1. Shini said

    Stay blessed….both of you….and happy anniversary!

  2. Bhavani said

    Happy Anniversary to the cutest couple in the blog world!! Here’s wishing you more and more!!

  3. Akhila said

    that’s a wonderful write-up.. and wish you to have the third person between you at the earliest..

  4. Deepa said

    Awwww, aaawww and more aaawwww! Sweety munchkins, a very, very belated Happy Anniversary to both of you. I should’ve known you guys simply had to get hitched on my B’day of all things eh:-) If I’d known I’d have blown an extra candle dedicated to both of you on 25th. Next year for sure!!

    And do tell us how you love birds celebrated such a big day.

    • Pepper said

      Ohh! I should have known too. We had to get hitched on your birthday. I hope some of your awesomeness passes on to us as the years progress. Hope you had a very happy birthday! Lots of love to you 🙂

  5. Bikramjit said

    Happy anniversary Pepper… God bless you both and HEy all the best for the Future 🙂

    and all the best for the new arrival……………….

  6. Nitya said

    wishing you both many more years of happiness, insanity and togetehrness 🙂
    And now am dying to know more about everything else. Getting a baby home this year? *squeeee*

  7. Wish you both a Very Happy Anniversary! And Wishing you more happy roller coaster rides 😀

  8. MR said

    happy anniversary and best of luck with the baby

  9. Happy Sixth!! Wishing you both many many many more happy ones together 🙂

  10. parijatshukla2014 said

    That was really a great expression of love for him and the togetherness if six years…happy anniversary and god bless..do make him read this..he will love this thiroughly 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Of course he does read them! These letters are primarily meant for him. I think next year on our 7th anniversary I will print all the 7 letters I have written to him over the years and hand it to him to read at one go. 🙂

  11. Alice said

    happy anniversary!
    I have been reading you for quite sometime now and I love reading you, thought its time I tell you so.

  12. Priya said

    Happy anniversary… and wish you all the very best for the future adventures…

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