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Into a child’s mind..

Posted by Pepper on April 8, 2016

I’ve mentioned earlier on this blog that my sister works as a teacher. What I haven’t mentioned is that I think that is one of the nicest professions in the world. Sure it is undervalued and underpaid, but hey, I think few other jobs give you a similar sense of fulfillment.

Everyday she comes home with heart warming stories of ‘her kids’. They are both exasperating and adorable. I love listening to the stories and going through the paraphernalia that she carries home. Aww inducing cards her kids make for her, calling her the best teacher in the world, notes her kids write to each other and other bits she collects through the course of the day.

This is the crumpled piece of paper she brought home one day. It was a note written by one of her students, addressed to her and another student.



It says, ” Dear A and Ms. B, I am verry Dearly sorry for not briging the erayser by tomoro i will bring it I feel sorry for A and plan to give it to A..

By M”

Like you can guess, little M forgot to carry to school the eraser given to her by little A. It looks like they were taking turns at keeping it. The next day little M was hit by a wave of guilt for forgetting the eraser. So she wrote this note of apology for A. Don’t miss out the face at the end. I can’t get over the cuteness. The sister pinned it on our soft board since both A and M decided to let her keep the note.

Sometimes I wonder, just how uncomplicated our lives are when we are kids.

17 Responses to “Into a child’s mind..”

  1. Bhavani said

    So cute… My daughter is 9 she loves writing notes to me and my hub. Some times they are so hilarious we immediately click and pin them. Am sure your sister must be having a wonderful experience as a wonderful teacher… Best wishes to her!!

  2. This is so, so, so adorable!

    This reminds me – I need to get a soft board for our house too. There’s already stuff that we want to put up on it, in full view of everyone, and soon, there’ll be Bubboo’s stuff to add to it. πŸ™‚

    • Pepper said

      Isn’t it utterly adorable!

      Yes, please bring a soft board. We got ours many, many years ago and it is one of the nicest things we did. So easy to put things up πŸ™‚ Now with Buboo growing, your list is going to be endless.

  3. Akhila said

    tears in my eyes..imagining the cute little faces and their emotions.

  4. My Era said

    That sweet note made me wonder where on our way of growing up did we let go of these simple gestures of expressing our sincere feelings or rather letting go of the chances of making them count for us or for the people around.

  5. Sadhuvi said

    Nice post…I feel childhood is phase where we truely enjoy..

  6. parijatshukla2014 said

    kids are infinite source of delight πŸ™‚

    • Pepper said

      Well, in my sister’s opinion, that is true only for the most part. Not all the time πŸ˜›

      • parijatshukla2014 said

        As we are running from one school to other these days for kids’ admission, its really refreshing to see very small cuty kids in schools.
        About the opinion of you sister..yes its not easy to handle so many little ones at the same time πŸ™‚

  7. This post made me smile big! Whatever happens to this innocence once we grow up.

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