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Being stupid

Posted by Pepper on April 25, 2016

Time and again I find myself going ahead and doing things that have absolutely no explanation. These are the things that make my family address me as ‘mental’, or like my mom says, ‘crack’.

This time, it happened in my cousin’s home. The sister and I were playing with the said cousin’s kids. The young lad had a bow and arrow set that I was particularly fascinated by. This was no ordinary bow and arrow set. This one came with a laser beam that would help you aim and target. Very neat. The arrows were long and sturdy and had suction cups at the end. The suction actually worked, unlike the ones on the darts that I used to have as a kid. We continued playing for a while.

When it was time for the kids to be fed, the sister and I sat back and I continued fidgeting with the arrows. I don’t know what got into me, but I decided to stick the arrow in the center of my forehead and see how long it stays there. I forbid you from asking me why. Because, well, I don’t know. I am whimsical and feel overcome by strange urges.

To my surprise, the arrow got neatly glued to my forehead. So the suction works on all kinds of surfaces, I thought. I wanted to see how long it would stay, so I let it be there as I continued to chat with my aunt, who was kind enough to ignore it. The sister kept eyeing me suspiciously but chose to not say anything in front of the many people around. Half an hour passed.

We finally found ourselves alone in the room. The arrow was still sticking out of my forehead and she pounced on me. “Do you know how ridiculous you look? Stop being so mental in front of others at least.” Saying that, she grabbed the arrow and decided to yank it out without any warning.

The suction turned out to be more powerful than I thought. The skin on my forehead was suddenly pulled, tugged and stretched without any warning. It was stinging for a few brief seconds and then it was gone. But of course, I yelled at the sister and asked her why she would pull it out like that without warning. She kept muttering something about me looking exceptionally stupid.

And then after a few moments, she gasped and asked “What is that!”. Turned out, my forehead had a big round circular mark, where the arrow had been attached. Yikes! I waited for a few minutes and sent this pic to Mint on WhatsApp.


He decided to annoy me further by sending me this pic and said I could cite her as my inspiration for the new look I was sporting. Do you know now why I want to murder him?



No offense meant to Usha Uthup. She looks great, but I think that look is best suited to her, and maybe a few others. Not me!

To my horror, the next day the circular mark had turned a bright purple. Every single person is curious to know how it happened. It isn’t often that you get to see such perfectly shaped scars. What is the secret? I tried telling a few people the truth, only to have them dissolve in fits of laughter. I could see the look in their eyes. The look that screamed, “She is such a lunatic.”

Gah. The world thinks I am stupid and now I have my stupidity stamped on my forehead quite literally. I knew it would leave its mark someday. It’s been 3 days and the bruise refuses to go. This makes the entire world question me. And then laugh at me. I’m sorry, I don’t know why sticking toy arrows on your forehead is not considered a part of normal adult behavior. I wish I could lie about how the bruise came but I can’t think of anything that will explain such a perfect circle.

60 Responses to “Being stupid”

  1. Hey! You know what! I read every post you write and there are instances where I totally echo your thoughts. I feel connected with you whenever you update your blogs! Am not great with commenting on the blog. But, I am good with long replies.;)

    Stay blessed girl! And, for the ‘stupid’ things, we need to do them more often! It brings the zest in life…. isn’t it? 😛

  2. LG said

    ROFL. Like your mom says, crack !

  3. Umm, yep, I am pretty sure.
    Let me give it one more thought.
    Yep, I got nothing that compares to this, thank you very much.

  4. Pepper i think your mom is right. You are crack. I ynderstand wanting to try it – but i would gave totally put in on some one elses head. And then leaving it on and talking – well crack crack!

    And i am glad i know you

  5. Oh dear Pepper! I cant stop laughing…sorry but why would anyone do what you did? Why?? how did that thought even come to your mind…i dont get it…

    On a serious note, i hope the mark disappears soon…dont try any silly thing on yourself next time ok? 🙂

    • Pepper said

      How did the thought come to my mind? Well, how do these thoughts not come into other peoples’ minds? If you must know, my mind is home to the most absurd thoughts. My sister threatens to spill the beans to other people periodically. She once went ahead and told my friend that I routinely subject them to questions like, “If they will drink cow pee if it was the only way to save me from dying” .. I had to find a place to hide after that. Had mentioned it here: https://pepperedthoughts.wordpress.com/2011/04/07/a-little-bit-of-fame/

      My madness is reserved for my family only, but sometimes I let it show a tinyyyy bit on this blog. Not all of it. Never.

  6. liliputs said

    😀 ha ha ha 😀 such a kiddo you are 🙂 and i am rolling my eyes to find how mischievous you would have been in your childhood days 😀

  7. This is too cute Pepper !! Trust me you have a friend in me… Without getting in to the exact no. let me say that I’ve crossed the mid 30 mark but on most regular days I refuse to act it… A couple of years back, the hubby arrived home in the afternoon just to surprise me and my joy knew no bounds and I started jumping like a literal monkey…. And I seriously don’t know how but my head bumped his chin which in return pushed accidentally in a way that he cut his lower lip…. It was bleeding…. So much for a loving surprise …. I felt so stupid !! But trust me we still have a fit when we remember the incident … And when there are such people in the family, there are loads of such incidents…. So it’s fun …. And these little incidents are the ones that last an everlasting mark on that memory page !! Sorry for this long comment …

    • Pepper said

      So glad to read this. Haha..I regularly jump like a monkey when people come home. Seriously. So I can totally relate to that 😀
      I agree, these incidents leave a lasting mark on the memory page. 🙂

  8. Sadhuvi said

    I feel true enjoyment is doing what we wish without worrying about what others might think..You are enjoying ur life!!!! Have a blast!!!

  9. jan said

    Hahaha! This made my day.. I think we all need the crazy side in us pop out once in a while and probably helps us with our sanity. I love how you went ahead to post about it 🙂

    • Pepper said

      I thought a million times before posting it. I was going to let it pass, like I let all other incidents of madness pass. None of them get reported here. But then I thought, what the hell, I’ll just do it. I think I certainly need credit for being brave enough 😛 Thanks!

  10. Haha! I had a similar mark on my chin. But for a whole another weird reason and it was so hard to explain. I stuck to carpet burn, which was also weird considering I would have to glide on it like a polar bear to get it on my chin.
    But I do have a memory of doing something similar with the hook thingies that have suction cup on my cheek.
    What did you say? I stuck a suction arrow to my forehead? I am thinking of the person you spoke to with a unicorn style arrow. How did she ignore? How could she keep a straight face??

    • Pepper said

      Haha.. carpet burn on chin? That’s super funny..
      My aunt is used to a level of insanity. She is my mom’s sister. And my mom and all her sisters are also kind of crack. I inherit it from them. I’ll tell you stories some day that will make you roll your eyes..So I suppose she couldn’t say much..

  11. You are just…. * insert synonyms for WOW *
    It’s a gift, I tell ya! 🙂

    I have a suggestion though – tell them people you got hit while playing ping pong..like really really hard..by a world champ or something. Yes, that would be more sensible explanation, no? 😀

  12. Bhavani said

    Loosu Ponnu you are:) sorry don’t mind me saying this to you:))

  13. aarya said

    Yep…you are Crack. This account is so hilarious, Pepper. And I love it not because I had a good laugh on a Monday (at your expense, Sorry) but also because I am so glad that you can manage a company and still be a kid. S-Man and I are little like this; we are getting older but have refused to grow up.

    • Pepper said

      I am as sane as humanly possible at work though… Nobody will ever guess in their dreams how mad I can be. This side is reserved for a select few..

  14. Seema said

    I read this post in the morning and it’s mid afternoon and I’m still laughing away! You are such a nut case but I’m sure these quirks make you extra special. I was able to control till the point you got that bruise but at a point where Mint sent you Usha Uthup’s pic, I cracked up. ROFL. On a serious note, does the bruise hurt a lot? You could actually tell people who ask you about it that a naughty brat targeted that arrow towards your forehead and when you tried to take it off it left that mark.

    • Pepper said

      Good to have you made you laugh.. The Usha Uthup pic was made a lot of people lose control.
      And yes, I should actually tell people somebody else did it. Why on earth did I not think of that..

  15. Tut tut, im so disappointed in you. Why did you have to stick it on your forehead while you had a perfectly good nose to use? You have fallen short of my expectations. Hmph.

  16. Arathi said

    That’s so awesomely cute…
    Well, for the mark, lets hope it disappears soon.

  17. Scribby said

    will you katti me if I say I laughed too reading this? 😛

  18. parijatshukla2014 said

    Great. Now try for similar marks on both cheeks so three of them if connected make an equilateral triangle 🙂 :).

  19. Nitya said

    *giggles helplessly* i cant even call you crack because i have done something similar. so you know those clothes pins that come right that help us sukhao kapda outside and holds it in place? When i was studying for my boards in 10th, i was walking around book in hand and came upon these arranged all perfectly in the balcony. I started playing with them by clipping it on to my nose and chin and one on each lip. It didnt hurt AT all. felt pleasantly tuggy in fact. I continued and when my mom chanced upon me, she was horrified and removed all the pins. left crescent shaped bruises everywhere but the ones on my chin took up to 3 days to fade away. Fun time…

    so no, i dont blame you at all 😉

    • Pepper said

      Ohh, I’ve done that too as a child. But how did it not hurt you? I put a single clip on my nose and couldn’t have it for more than a few seconds. When I tried it on my lip, it hurt so much, I just couldn’t leave it there.

      All said and done, you were 15 when you did that. I am twice that age. You still have the liberty to call me crack 😦

  20. Deepa said

    :-)LOL. Too good to be true. Tell everyone it’s your third eye finally making its presence known after you did tapasya for many, many years:-) And that now on they should bow down to you every time they meet you.

  21. Hehehehe, LOL, sorry! oops! but bwaaaahahahahahaahhaha *trying desperately to stop giggling at work*…aah! *Gulp*

    OK, what better way to tell people you entered a new decade, huh? Hehehehehhe…just cant stop giggling…

  22. MR said

    I hate to say it but my 16 yr old stuck it to his cheek….takes a week to fade 🙂

  23. My Era said

    Now that was serious. I man the mark lasting for a week. Though I wouldn’t have tried it, I am pretty certain my kid would surely have tried it on me ( adding another item to the list of never buy for my child).
    So glad that the mark has finally faded 🙂

  24. Nomad said

    I would. Suggest a cap or scarf maybe? I hope u have some. Pics with the arrow on ur forehead, u def wont do that again 😉

  25. Cow’s pee… c’mon… 😂 that’s super hilarious.. and that to save you… 😂😂 can’t stop laughing with your super perfect stamp on forehead!! Keep it up girl.. these incidents or read madness makes our lives alive.. keep doing and keep updating 😃

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