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Keep calm and.. moisturize

Posted by Pepper on April 29, 2016

Mint has terribly dry skin. The skin on his legs is completely parched. If you even gently run your nails around his ankles, you will see white flaky lines all over. The sight would make me cringe. I had been pointing out to him for years, that his skin needs intense moisturizing. But the guy would simply ignore my pleas and concerns.

Well, on second thoughts. He wouldn’t ignore them. He would promise to take action. I bought the best body butter I could lay my hands on (rich cocoa enriched with shea, I must add). Along with that, I ensured he had timely reminders from me. Please use it regularly! He would promise to do so but most of the promises would fall flat after he had used the cream once or twice. He simply couldn’t keep up. Moisturizing was never a part of his daily regime.

To make it easier for him, I bought a bottle of some nourishing body oil. Probably that was easier and quicker to use. Again, he promised he would use it but he was simply unable to live up to his commitment. I moved the bottle of body oil next to his shower area. This would make it hard to miss. It would be in a very accessible location. All he had to do was pat down some oil after his shower. As usual, he said he would do it. But after a month of me eyeing the bottle and noticing no change in the quantity it held, I decided to give up without even confronting him this time.

The last time we were in the US, I couldn’t resist buying a bottle of ‘Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer’ for him. I don’t give up easily, you see. Maybe this one would help repair his skin, even if he didn’t use it religiously. It was a big bottle and I just hoped the extra weight in my luggage would be worth it. But who was I kidding? The bottle sat untouched on our dressing table for months.

Some time ago, I noticed those awful marks on Mint’s ankles again. Flaky white scrawling. It made me shriek. Enough was enough. I pushed him back on the bed, pumped some moisturizer onto my palm and applied it on his legs. To my relief, I could see an instant difference in his skin. It looked so much healthier with just one use.

That was motivation enough. I began to apply moisturizer on his legs every night. He would sit back and continue using his laptop, I would silently massage his legs. The boy got used to it of course. Whenever I asked him to do it on his own, he would grin and ask me to do it instead. This was my own doing. I knew it. He needs to worship me. I’ll let him know that I accept offerings in both cash and kind.

That is how our night time ritual began. It continues till date. And surprisingly, rubbing moisturizer on his legs is something I have come to enjoy myself. It is rewarding to see his skin heal, day by day. In the quiet of our air conditioned bedroom (for which we need to be so grateful! I keep thinking of how the homeless survive in this heat), with the calming scent of eucalyptus, and our bottle of Jergens, we find our solace in fixing things.

Dear Mint, just keep in mind though that without me in your life, you’ll have some rough times.

25 Responses to “Keep calm and.. moisturize”

  1. The xBF had gone to the campus doc for a really itchy side of the back, thanks to some med’s side effects. I had insisted that he goes and gets it checked because of a previous bout of shingles. It happened to be a case of very dry skin due to the side effects. The doc turned out a very mothery kinds and said weird things like ‘Oh poor baby I wish I could just dip you in lotion’.
    Weird thing is, he paid 120 or something to extend student healthcare benefits for this visit. Kind of an anti climax. Lol

  2. renxkyoko said

    That’s so sweet of you. Mint is so spoiled. lol

  3. Hahaha! This cracked me up and reminded me of my dad and my husband. My dad is utterly useless in this regard – his elbows and feet are long gone to dryness and hard skin but every time I spend time with him I try to get him to moisturize. He gives me this dopey grin and holds out his elbows. I cave at the dopey grin and run to get the moisturizer. 🙂

    The husband though, is getting better slowly. But I must admit that I make him moisturize my back every other day and I do love returning the favor 🙂

    There’s a certain comfort and joy in massaging those we love right? 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Oh that is so sweet! I pictured you moisturizing your dad’s elbows and it made me smile 🙂

      I agree, there is some comfort in massaging people we love. But I think it doesn’t hold true for everybody. Mint and my sister keep putting me off every time I demand a massage. They do give me one but always after a few rounds of ‘5 minutes’ that leave me pissed!

      They don’t seem as spontaneous as me. Maybe this is because I demand lengthy back and shoulder massages way too often. But even so!

  4. Suman said

    Thank you for sharing this (I am a longtime lurker)…I do the same for my hubby. I realised over time tat he wouldn’t moisturize on his own, how much ever I remind him to..rather he tells me now that I don’t take care of him..if I remind him to.

    I always thought it was something very intimate & private and people shall judge if they get to know. It feels nice.

    • Pepper said

      People will judge for every little thing. I think I would stop writing this blog the day I started caring about that..
      So glad to know you do the same 🙂

  5. Pati vrata!! Ufff – mint is terribly lucky!

    • Pepper said

      He is na… the pati vrata mode comes on kabhi kabhi but i announce and drill it enough number of times in this head to make sure he remembers it for a life time.

  6. LG said

    Umm…..I have dry skin too. Any chance of making this a profession? 😉

  7. aarya said

    S-Man’s ankles are the same, Pepper. They don’t look awful but when he starts rubbing it against the bedsheet or comforter or, worst of all, my legs, It drives me crazy. And when I ask him to scrub it off and moisturize he says ‘Tu karde’. Reading your post makes me wonder if I should.

  8. I have similar, super dry skin with white scales! And S constantly reminds me to moisturize when he sees the skin literally peeling off due to dryness. I should tell him to step it up a notch and do the moisturizing of my legs himself. lol!

  9. Such a cute cute cute post! 🙂

    I, like Mint, have some extremely dry skin. Moisturising has never been part of life for me either, and I just don’t seem to get around to doing it on a regular basis, in spite of having some extremely good body butters and lotions on hand, and the OH reminding me off and on to take care of myself. I just can’t keep at it, for one reason or the other. Why can’t the OH be like you and take over the task himself? 😉 It would be so therapeutic for him too, no? 😛

    BTW, the OH had a bad headache today, and I gave him a Vicks application and massage. He told me he felt a marked relief after the process. It was therapeutic for me to see him heal, under my fingers, as you put it. Healing others is healing for yourself, too, on a serious note.

    • Pepper said

      Oh I absolutely love a good Vicks massage when I have a headache..
      About your dry skin, it seems to be a common problem. WHy don’t you try and set small targets for yourself? Like promise to moisturize everyday for a week. If you see good results maybe you will pick up the habit more easily.. 🙂

  10. crampedspace said

    Pepper, I lost my long comment on this one since I couldn’t remember my WordPress password. In short, I have exactly the same issues and jergens is the one that works best for me after trying aveeno, cetaphil and the likes. At last, I want to say hats off to your persistence on keeping up with the routine…I myself lose on some days and again start from the scratch repair !

  11. Relentless efforts Pepper, wow! Glad you finally found a solution that is a win-win ( since you said you enjoy doing it too)
    That right there is one of the things good relationships are made of 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Thanks AHK. Must admit though, I’ve fallen slack after writing this post.Maybe I am not as relentless as we think I am…As usual he hasn’t bothered to do it himself either.. Need to go back to it now..

  12. parijatshukla2014 said

    Little pleasures of life 🙂

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