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35 and counting..

Posted by Pepper on May 18, 2016

My parents completed 35 years of marriage a week ago. The sister and I call them our angels. We’ve had the fortunate of growing beneath their wings and we can’t feel more blessed. In my eyes, not only are they the most perfect parents, but they also are the most perfect couple. So much in love! They talk to each other at least twice a day on phone when my dad is at work. I hold them as a shining example every time I nag Mint. The guy is known to not answer his phone. Ever. Hmph..

Of course, we had to celebrate the parents anniversary. And after a lot of debating, we finally decided to go for a pool side buffet lunch. It was a relaxed Saturday and we had a great time. All through I kept thinking of what it is that makes the sister and I so crazy about our parents. After all, not all our friends worship their parents the way we do.

When I think of it, it isn’t like they made no parenting mistakes. In fact, I think they’ve even committed some blunders in the past. And no, I am not talking about dressing me up in a frock that had pineapples and the alphabet A all over it. (Seriously, why though?). I am talking about real parenting mistakes. For example, I distinctly remember being whacked by my mom on several occasions for getting a Math sum wrong. In my world, that is blasphemous! You cannot raise your hand on a child for a reason like that. My mum apologizes profusely now when I remind her. She believes she was stupid. The whacking could have deeply affected my psyche and made me fear Math for life. Or did it? I don’t know. But yeah, both mom and I agree that approach was terribly wrong.

My dad, he made mistakes of a different kind. He has always been over indulgent. He would drive the sister and I to school every morning just because the school bus came 15 minutes too early. We paid hefty bus fees and used the service only while returning home. So we wasted half of the fees for the sake of 15 minutes of extra sleep in the morning. I think I wouldn’t do that for my child. What about teaching them the value of money? If we are using our hard earned money to pay for a service, we should utilise it. And what about other life lessons we could have learned? Waking up in time and viewing that as a necessity. The sister and I could have grown up with a sense of entitlement because of dad’s over indulgence. Thankfully, we didn’t.

But, their mistakes apart, they did for too many things right. And most importantly, they acknowledge the mistakes they’ve made in the past. Growing up, my parents turned into our best friends. I’ve written several posts about how terrific they are. I don’t know how I would have turned out without them. In fact is it their awesomeness that makes me scared of being a parent myself. I feel unsure I can be such an amazing parent.

While the sister and I obviously consider our parents to be the best in the world (typical kids, aren’t we?), it is heartening to see Mint echo the same thoughts. He’s never really been very close to his parents, and it is only now that he realises how beautiful and strong a bond can be between parents and child. It has been wonderful to watch him develop a very intimate relationship with my parents. A relationship that is independent of me. He has his own personal relationship with them and I know he doesn’t care about them because they are my parents anymore. He cares about them because they are two people he respects and loves sans obligations. He does think they are the nicest parents ever, and that coming from him is wonderful.

So my dear Mama and Papa, your 3 kids are nuts about you. You’ve had a great run together. 35 years is big. Here’s to many more fun filled years..



12 Responses to “35 and counting..”

  1. My Era said

    A very Happy 35th anniversary to your parents.
    May they have many more wonderful years of togetherness with each other and their loving family and stay in the best of their health in the days to come 🙂

  2. A belated very happy anniversary to your Mum and Dad.

    You are truly blessed Pepper!

    Lovely to hear how awesome your parents are and how much you love them.

    Dress with pineapples all over and alphabet A! hahahahahahahahaha……ROFL! you perhaps looked cute with that dress ..:-)

    Stay blessed always Pepper.

    Truly Happy

  3. Priya said

    Such a sweet post. I am in the same minority as you…. Love my parents to death…. Major Kaala tikka for this post….. Happy anniversary to your parents.

  4. Arch said

    Such a heart warming post! Happy Anniversary to your parents! 🙂

  5. LG said

    Congratulations to the lucky parents, Pepper. This post brought tears to my eyes….

  6. parijat shukla said

    Its beautiful to read this and so relatable at various levels…Its beautiful to note how your husband has developed such close relationship with your parents…something i too tried to develop…
    The most imp lines were how you may turn around the relationship if ppl accept their past mistakes which most dont hence so much ill will and mistrust these days between parents and children..

  7. Parents are such sweet, adorable things with occasional crazies. Happy anniversary to them!

  8. Love this post. Happy anniversary to your parents. My fav part is reading about Mint’s relationship with them

  9. Here’s Wishing your parents a very Happy Anniversary!

  10. Happy anniversary to them! And may they have many many more 🙂 Parents really are the best!

  11. Oh, what a beautiful beautiful post!!

    I adore it when you talk about your parents Pepper – everytime it is so full of awe, respect and love…I wish to see it with my eyes someday 🙂
    Happy Anniversary to them 2 angels 🙂

  12. Bhavani said

    What a wonderful post!! Best Wishes to your parents and heres to more!!

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