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Because some things shouldn’t be left incomplete..

Posted by Pepper on May 19, 2016

I started the A – Z writing challenge in November last year. To my dismay, it stands incomplete even at the end of 6 months.. I know, I should have at least tried completing it in April, when the entire world was on board. But I didn’t. I wasn’t busy. I wasn’t pressed for time. I was simply lazy. But things that are left incomplete continue to haunt me. And so I will attempt to finish this one more time. I will continue from where I stopped, of course.

The last time, I stopped at ‘I’. Hopefully, May will see me reach Z. Here are all the previous posts in one place.

A for All

B for Blessed

C for Cockroach

D for Dream

E for Exercise

F for Flight

G for Goals

H for Hope

I for Integrate

See you tomorrow, I hope!


3 Responses to “Because some things shouldn’t be left incomplete..”

  1. Arre baba!! Just write short posts and you shall be done. Don’t hesitate if you need some help and they have a FB page as well where you can drop ur links:)

  2. oh good! Looking forward to reading your J-z posts!

  3. Uiiii…more posts now! Awesome!!

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