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J for Jumble

Posted by Pepper on May 21, 2016

That is what my life seems like right now. Dictionary defines ‘jumble’ as “A confused multitude of things”. While my head is almost always jumbled at any given time, I am trying hard to straighten my surrounding. So how do I cut out the junk and jumble from my life?

There are a lot of things I can do, but I think I want to start with a few basics.

For one, I need to attack my closets with a vengeance. In Mumbai, homes are small and storage is always short. I don’t blame myself for having to stuff a million things into a tiny space. Organizing is particularly hard when you don’t have enough room. Things just find a way to a place in which they don’t belong. Before I know it, everything seems out of place. Sigh.

Anyway, so my first step is to sort through my wardrobe and simply reduce the number of clothes I own. No, they aren’t worn out. Yes, I still use them. No, I am not bored. I am simply tired of having to manage with such little space. The wardrobes are always in a state of disarray and I feel helpless. So one of my tasks this weekend is to pull out tees and other outfits that I think I should say bye to.

Here is my problem. And I think I may have mentioned this before? I don’t really know who to pass on my clothes to. I’ve always donated clothes to our domestic help and their kids. You don’t have to look too far most times. I will have a separate bag of clothes for them. Clothes that I know they will use and appreciate.

But a lot of the clothes I want to give away now are not ones that maids and their daughters would wear. A lot of them are tank tops, halters and other clothes considered ‘immodest’ by some parts of our society. Also, many of these are expensive labels and brands and I don’t feel like passing them on to people who will not value or even recognize them. I wish I had a cousin or a friend I could hand clothes down to, but I have nobody who is my size. So I have a bag full of some neat stuff that I am forced to give away only because I have no space to keep it, but I don’t think an NGO or a domestic helper would really appreciate them. Oh I wish India had a Goodwill. Let me think of what I can do..

Next on my list is sorting out the kitchen. Because of Mint’s crazy obsession with boxes, we have an entire carton of boxes that came as packaging for various kitchen items. He hates throwing any kind of packaging material and it gets on my nerves. Why add to the clutter? He thinks it helps us organize better when we are ready to move next. That logic sounds ridiculous to me. I wouldn’t want to keep a box that came with a set of mugs for 2 years just so we can use the same box to repack if and when we move. I feel stupid for having listened to him for so long. I think it is time to throw out (or put away to recycle rather) a ton of cardboard from our kitchen and free up some space.

And while we are fixing the house, I might as well get the water heater in one of our bathrooms fixed. We’ve not bothered to do that for the longest time. Since the in-laws along with Oregano will be visiting us soon, we will need both our bathrooms to be functional. More on the in-laws upcoming visit later!


13 Responses to “J for Jumble”

  1. There are some websites where you can put up lightly used branded clothes up for sale. I think StyleFiesta and Styledrive sell their stuff over there.

  2. parijat shukla said

    Decluttering is very imp. And if you feel like disposing books i am just a call away to take all of them appreciatingly 🙂

  3. Harinee said

    For clothes that you know you cannot pass on, but you think you can still wear them, I say keep them and wear them!(this is coming from someone who’s sizes seem to change every month and has more unwerable clothes than wearable)

    Space management is difficult, yes but do you have two bedrooms? Be shameless and occupy one of the bedroom’s wardrobes for yourself. Another option is to take the bag of clothes you have decided to part with and pack in a suitcase. Take them out when feel the itch to shop for new stuff and see if anything feels wearable again. Or pull it out in December when it’s party season and you want more options for clothes.

    Last option, there are now lots of places online to sell gently used clothes. Since you have good brands and labels and fashionable clothes, I’d say try this option out before just giving them away – Donate the money you make if you like.
    Try these:
    http://elanic.in/ – it’s an app
    I’m sure there are others too.

    • Pepper said

      We do have two bedrooms, but we haven’t YET set up wardrobes in the other room. So I have only one set of wardrobes to myself. Sigh.. but yeah I know what you mean about keeping what you can..

      Those are really good suggestions! Thank you so very much!

  4. You echo my thoughts here. Our house (and maybe our thoughts too!) have been in a jumble for the longest time ever. We don’t have a water heater in one bathroom, some taps aren’t working all that great, the balcony garden is a shamble, and let’s not even talk about our wardrobes and bookshelves. Gasp!

    Like you, I too have recognised the need to do something about it – we have procrastinated enough. Yes, we have a child, both of us have had a lot of stresses and busy work schedules, but those cannot justify living in a godown-like space. Enough is enough, we said, and have started decluttering. And it has been working wonders on me, mentally. It is too early to comment any more on it now, but at least we have made a start and we intend to keep going.

    Good luck to you too with your clearing-up efforts. This reminds me of A Spring Affair, a book by Milly Johnson. I didn’t enjoy the book much, but I loved the storyline in general – a woman starts to clear out her house and can’t seem to stop. It forces her to take a long, hard look at her life too, and spring-clean parts of her life as well. Do check it out!

    As for your clothes, have you thought of reselling them? I’m sure there must be a lot of college students out there who’d die to get their hands on such clothes. There must be FB pages and websites that help you do that. Google search?

    • Pepper said

      We keep blaming our stressful lives, don’t we? 😦 In all honesty though, we don’t have a very stressful life now. Well, we do have some mental stresses, but physically, not many. We also don’t have a baby to blame. And yet, everything around us is a mess 😦 I’m glad though that at least we’ve begun the process of decluttering. Good luck to you too! I’m sure something good will come out of it.

      Thanks! I’ll check out the book! And yeah, just got some useful comments for websites on which I can resell clothes too.. that’s the best part about blogging. People always help 🙂

  5. Divya Vasudevan said

    Do you have charity shops in Mumbai ? Or you could open a car boot sale 🙂

  6. hoarderofallthings said

    You could probably sell them? There are apps like Spoyl where you can sell them.
    I feel the same with my wardrobe especially after seeing so many Youtube videos on Capsule wardrobes.
    I like the idea of the car boot sale too!!

    I so wish I could collect those cardboard boxes from you!! 😛

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