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My mom’s birthday celebrations

Posted by Pepper on September 7, 2016

A few weeks ago, my mom celebrated her 60th birthday. We thought the milestone called for big celebrations. While I was still struggling to accept the fact that my mama would now be categorized as a ‘senior citizen’, my mom was very excited about her change of status. Well, let’s just say she was really excited about her upcoming birthday.  I haven’t seen such childlike excitement in many adults. Definitely not for a birthday. But then, my mom is more child like than most adults..

We decided to celebrate all year round. In the beginning of the year, I told her that her 60th birthday gift from me would be a year long shopping spree. Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, books, just about any personal item she wanted. The only condition was that it should be for her personal use and not a general item for the house. Because I know my mom and how easily the idea of a gift is lost on her. She thinks of everybody’s collective benefit and chooses what is most required by all. This time, I wanted to ensure it was about her.

It turned out to be a great idea. I told her she had to shop worth at least x amount by the end of the year. If she hadn’t exhausted the limit, I would keep persuading her to buy more. It’s a very consumerist approach, but the only way to get my mom to indulge. Through out the year, we had multiple shopping sprees. We’ve bought her bags full of clothes and other interesting bits. Most times, the sister’s hatred for shopping made her skip the outing. The end result was just me and mom spending many evenings browsing through different stores. We would then take the opportunity to head out to a new place for dinner and coffee every time.

The chatting and giggling over coffee or dinner has been the best part. I can’t ask for a better friend than her. Our conversations range from deep, philosophical stuff about life to lame gossip about people we know to debates about controversial issues to silly banter. The two of us have had so much fun this year. I think the idea of a year long shopping spree was a great one. It was an experience that we both got to take in and savor bit by bit.


Here is a pic of my mom posing in some of her new clothes. I know I have blurred her face, but to me, my mom is gorgeous. I’d never guess she is 60 if I were to meet her somewhere. I keep hoping I have inherited her genes and that I can manage to look half as good as her by the time I turn 60. But the recent changes in me don’t make me hold on to much hope. Also, although I am such a fan of my mom and think she looks remarkable for her age, I know she isn’t exactly the healthiest. I always worry about her osteoporosis and her very brittle bones. All I can do it pray she never has a fall!


My gorgeous mama

Our original plan for her birthday was to do nothing more than a family dinner. But slowly, questions about how we were celebrating began trickling in. My mom has 5 sisters, 3 of who live in Mumbai. They’re all so close, we joke about Madhur Bhandarkar making a new movie based on their bond, titled something like ‘Behne’.

Anyway, I digress. So my mom’s family starting hinting at wanting a small party. My mom is the youngest sister and has always been babied by her elder sisters. My mom turning 60 was a milestone even for them. We decided the occasion did indeed call for a small party. We booked a place in our clubhouse. Soon though, the number of guests quadrupled. My mom’s sisters, their husbands, my cousins, their kids, my mom’s cousin. We decided to go all out and make it a big lunch party with cocktails and drinks thrown in.

My mom got a new dress made for the occasion. I could see the excitement building. Unfortunately, it so happened that none of us were available to go and book the cake on the day we had planned to. I was sick, Mint and my dad were traveling and the sister wouldn’t be back home till really late that day. We feared the cake wouldn’t be ready in time if we waited for the sister to order it after getting back. So what did we do? I told my mom to go and book her own birthday cake! She thought it was hilarious to be telling the guys there to write her own name on the cake. Anyway, she is such a sport, she laughed it off and went on to do it.

The party turned out to be a lot of fun. While we did have a lot of people, it was still intimate with only family. We also went out for a dinner later that day, just the parents, sister, Mint and I. It was a day well spent and I’m glad my mom had fun. Here’s hoping the coming year is as exciting for her.


14 Responses to “My mom’s birthday celebrations”

  1. Nitya said

    ok, i see where your looks come from. Your mom is absolutely gorgeous! Wishing her a happy 60th. May the enthu never ever dim.

  2. tlvidya said

    Very very nice. Superb celebrations. Very happy birthday to your mom. She does not look like 60 at all

  3. Your mom seems to be fun and lovely to read about the bond. It might be consumerist but indulging to make Mom happy is a blessing in itself!

  4. Bhavani said

    Wow…a very happy 60th birthday to your super cool Mom 🙂 And please I don’t want to look at that pic…you mom looks like she is in her 30s ya….touch wood…she IS gorgeous….what a perfect way to celebrate…so glad you guys had a fab time through the year into her Bday……here’s wishing the fun continues..


  5. Gorgeous mama indeed! My very best wishes! 🙂

  6. Year-long-shopping-spree! Such a brilliant way to go out and spend good time with your loved one 🙂
    Your mom is unbelievably young-looking. That blurred picture..I would think is of a 30 year old, no kidding!

    Please convey her my heartiest wishes for a healthy and fun-filled year ahead.May the celebrations continue 🙂

  7. dipali55 said

    Sounds lovely! I love your mom ordering her own cake! So cool!

  8. Happy birthday to your mommy! Stay forever young!

  9. Bikramjit said

    Many many happy returns of the day to your mom..

  10. Deepa said

    okaaaaay, if that is your mom, I too want to be as gorgeous as her when I’m her age. Heck, even half as good as that would be amazing. Tell her I want some of that DNA magic of hers.

    A very, very belated Happy Buddday to her. Your plan was so cute and it must’ve made her feel like a queen.

    Here’s to a healthy n happy rest of the year to her.

  11. 60 is the new 20! 🙂 Belated birthday wishes to you mom. Wishing her loads of happiness 🙂 Your mom is looking so so so beautiful. I must admit that I first mistook it for you 🙂 Glad you guys had such a great fun!

  12. My Era said

    Loved the sweet, thoughtful way you guys chose to celebrate the 60th year of your mom’s birth 🙂
    Wishing her the best in life.

  13. Woohoo, happy birthday to your Mom! And your gift to her was so awesome, the gifts as well as the time you got to spend with her shopping for those gifts 🙂

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