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If We Were Having Coffee..

Posted by Pepper on September 26, 2016

–  I’d first tell you that I am stealing this idea from TGND, who seems to have picked it up from elsewhere.

–  I’d tell you that I’ve been suffering from a series of eye infections. The infection started with my left eye, got cured, only to attack my right eye. I breathed a sigh of relief when my right eye was cured. Unfortunately, the relief was short lived because the infection was back in my left eye in a few days. The infection causes me excruciating pain and any exposure to light makes me want to die. The pain is debilitating and it makes me shut myself in a dark room all day. Looking at any screen is akin to being shot in the eye.

I was terrified when I found myself facing round 3 of this infection. Would I keep passing it on from eye to eye? The pain is so unbearable and my inability to tolerate light brings my life to a standstill. I’ve seen two ophthalmologists and gotten two very different diagnoses. Both of them agreed that my infection recurs the moment I stop my eye drops. Doctor 1 thinks it is a severe viral attack. Doctor 2 thinks it is a more serious condition called Acute Anterior Uveitis caused by an auto immune disorder. We’ll have to investigate more and move on with some blood work if the infection reoccurs. But for now, I have been asked to stay on the eye drops for the next 1 month. My eyes are good as long as I use the drops, so as of now I am alright. Unfortunately, I know I can’t stay on the eye drops for the rest of my life, so I pray with all my might that I’m not hit by the infection after a month when I finally stop the drops. Pray for me, will you?

– I’d also tell you that my dad has been slightly unwell this week. He’s been having bouts of dizziness and his BP has been fluctuating. The doctor thinks it is most likely a case of vertigo, but has asked us to get a few tests done nevertheless. I know none of this is cause for concern, but I can’t put in words how much I hate it when my parents are sick.

– I’d tell you that I often feel inefficient when I see some people around me. This weekend, we went to a friend’s place for brunch. We were a total of 15 people and it was more like a last minute plan. In the short notice that she had, the host managed to whip up some terrific food. Home made humus (which she had previously made), pita bread, salsa, lavash sticks, cheese stuffed mushrooms, pizzas, tacos, couscous salad and cheese balls! How do some people do it? I feel awestruck and so inept. To make it worse, I know Mint wouldn’t even allow me to attempt such a feat. He’d say he doesn’t have the motivation to do so much and neither does he want me to kill myself in the kitchen. It is simpler to order in a large group. I often wonder if he understands the joy of doing things by your own hand from scratch. I know I love the idea but I am also aware of my tendency to get frazzled and overwhelmed when faced with such a task. I wish I could be one of those people who did it and topped it with a ‘Oh it’s no big deal, it wasn’t much work’

– I’d tell you that people in our apartment complex have formed a WhatsApp group to discuss admin and developmental issues. As usual, I am ever silent. Most people wouldn’t have even realised I am a part of the group. I rarely express an opinion. I’ve never done so on any forum, other than this blog. In fact, I see a steep decline in the opinion themed posts even on the blog. This is definitely not because I don’t have opinions any more. Oh they’re pouring out of my ears. I’ve just been feeling too jaded to structure, shape and put down my thoughts. I hope I am able to change that though. I want to continue sharing my opinions in this space. It’s the only social media platform that is dear to me.

– I’d tell you that we are leaving for Chennai the day after. We’ll be spending a week with the in laws. I must add here, that in the past few months, our relationship with them has been strained. A lot has happened and I totally understand why they call some relationships ‘rocky’. We’ve been literally rocking back and forth. I’ve been meaning to write a post on that for a long time. Maybe some day I will. If you are smart and have read this blog for a while, you should be able to figure out the cause. I’m not sure how this trip will turn out. Let’s see! I’m not looking forward to it if I am to be honest. The only thing that picks up my spirits is the thought of food and all the chettinad restaurants we’ll visit.

– I’d tell you that this virtual coffee session has been therapeutic for me. I have such disjointed thoughts these days, it is far easier to spill them in post like this. I have a lot more to share, but I am short of time now. So I’ll have to wrap this up here and thank you for listening to me. I’d also want you to know that I will be very happy to hear from you. How’s life been? You can either share bits of your life with me in the comment space or shoot me an email. I love listening!


20 Responses to “If We Were Having Coffee..”

  1. Take care Pepper, can’t imagine having third round of infection , get well soon !
    I can understand how it feels when parents get sick, wish your dad a speedy recovery.

  2. Hey, hope you okay now and recovering. Take good care of the eyes. Once, I had the eye infection becoming reddish and it’s so tiring where you end up not able to do anything. Take care and best wishes.

  3. Deepa said

    get well soon dahling. The eye thingie aint sounding no good. Get it investigated further and hope until then eye drops keep you going. Keep writing here when you can.

    Best on the chennai trip. Envy you in those Chettinad joints hogging. I’ll be there in spirit hogging with you:-)

  4. anjeneyan said

    It seems you are going through a difficult patch in several fronts. May be a part of progress in life through difficult learnings and experiences. Best wishes to you and family for overcoming all difficulties.

  5. Hey! Glad to know that the virtual coffee session helped you, in a little way. It always helps me. I find it therapeutic too. 🙂

    Good luck with the trip to Chennai. I haven’t visited any Chettinad restaurants ever, anywhere, and now, you have got me interested in them. I am getting more and more interested in Chettinad as a place, thanks to all the gorgeous sarees from there and the Chettinad food that I am hearing about a whole lot, lately. I should plan a visit to Chettinad, sometime.

    I totally get what you mean about feeling inadequate when you compare yourself with some people. I feel that way too. I feel so very inept when I see housewives around me cooking 3 meals a day, taking care of their kid all by themselves, and managing their house without a maid, plus regularly visiting the extended family and calling them over for lunches. I can’t even imagine that.

    Take care (regarding your recurrent eye infections). Hope you get to the root cause of them soon enough and that things are sorted out.

    As for me, I haven’t been very well either. Health hasn’t been the greatest. Bubboo is growing like anything. We have been researching schools for her, but haven’t finalised anything. We feel so very confused at the moment – Montessori or regular school? Or Waldorf? What to expect and what not to?

    • Pepper said

      Thanks for introducing me to this lovely idea, TGND!

      I am in love with Chettinad cuisine. And I can’t believe I discovered it only after I got married. Please do try it out if you haven’t already..

      I hope you get well soon. By when do you have to decide about Bubboo’s school? I can totally imagine the confusion. And I know it never ends.. I suppose you’ll have to brace yourself for a lot of decision making and confusion as she grows … 🙂

      • Yes, you are right – the more Bubboo grows, the more we have to weigh every decision of ours. It isn’t easy for sure. 🙂

        If we plan to put her in a traditional school, we should already have decided or should be able to decide like *right now*. Most schools of repute are already full, for the academic year starting from June 2017. If we decide to go Montessori, we still have a bit of time. We can decide a bit late, as late as January 2017 or so – they aren’t particular about securing admissions before the child is 2.5 years of age. But then, considering the number of Montessori schools that are mushrooming all over Bangalore these days, it is tough to decide which one is genuine and which one isn’t. I also wonder if we would be doing the right thing by putting her in Montessori – will she catch up with other kids from traditional school? Finding Mont schools beyond a certain level – say Grade 3 or so – is tough in Bangalore, so what after that? Or should we put her in traditional school from Day 1? We have already decided against Waldorf – it is way too alternative, and very few schools across the world.

  6. Aruna said

    Dear Pepper,

    Regular reader but rare commenter here.

    I hope you get well soon and I hope it’s nothing serious.

    Some people are just born with more capacity, I think. I’m a mom of two and I’m amazed by some super moms too, from time to time. But I’ve learnt that efficiency, like other skills, can be cultivated. I’m far more efficient now than I was a few years ago. So, give it a try and see. You’ll surprise yourself.

    As for the impending trip, what can I say, except I can fully understand ? Fortunately for you, your husband is very supportive. So count your blessings and try not to react when provoked. I know it’s easier said than done, but that’s the best way. Try and keep calm for the duration of the trip. Pray to your favourite God, if that’s your thing.

    Wishing you well,

    • Pepper said

      I absolutely agree with you. Efficiency can be cultivated. That is so true. I think I realise this myself, which is why I face the guilt for not trying enough.

      Thanks for all the zen suggestions. Our stay with inlaws has been okay so far. Fingers crossed it remains this way. 🙂

  7. Aarti said

    May your infection heal soon …Tc

  8. Oh the eye infection sounds very scary. I sincerely pray that it doesnt come back again. I have been having some eye allery since last weekend but it is more of a itchiness inside my eyelid and it is super irritating. The minute I open my eyes, I have this serious urge to touch my eyes but that only worsens the itching. I will have to see a doctor soon if this doesnt reduce in a day or two. So, I know how much of a pain it must be for you.

    Big hugs to you, hope Chennai trip turns out ok.

  9. I hope it’s healed now! I guess continue the drops till after the month too, to make sure the infection dies completely. And try some eye cleaning stuff like rose water drops, or don’t. Lol. Better not to introduce anything else.
    Chettinad reminds me, we had food at Chettinad Anjappar during my SF trip in August. Not a lot of stuff was good but dosa and the masala was excellent!

  10. […] If We Were Having Coffee.. […]

  11. Hopped over from another blog, and I absolutely love the format of this post!! Take care with the eyes, and I think a virtual coffee session truly would be therapeutic. I have a post in my head right now, but I would have loved to copy this format for a future post.Maybe for the year end post 🙂

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