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Love, cheese and corn

Posted by Pepper on February 3, 2017

I’m taking a little break from chronicling the move. To talk about, you guessed it. Good ol’ love. One evening, the BFF and I were walking around downtown San Francisco. We had no agenda. We were just strolling along the streets, because the city has such a happy vibe. It was lovely, except that it was a typical December evening. Chilly. Very chilly.

And as we passed by Union Square, we noticed an ice skating rink and decided to watch from the sidelines for a bit. And that’s where I saw them. A young couple. And as I focussed on them, I noticed they were dancing. Ball dancing on the rink. Their strides were effortless and they seeemed to share a remarkable rhythm. They were gliding on ice, holding on to each other, swirling and twirling in each other’s arms. It was simply perfect. That’s a picture for you.


They weren’t the least bit conscious of the world around them. All they did was smile at each other and dance. I couldn’t stop grinning. What a charming display of love. I noticed the BFF also staring at the same couple. Sure, they seemed to be garnering a lot of attention.

And then I thought to myself. People love watching such exhibits. It is a common trate in most humans. Of course, there are a lot of people out there who would think of such acts as nothing more than cheesy or corny. They probably are, to an extent. But my theory still holds. I think majority of us enjoy our share of cheese and corn, atleast when we get to watch it for free.

Talking about love, cheese and corn, I must also mention the most popular post on my blog. And it falls in line with my theory of people enjoying cheese. I wrote this post during the blogathon last January and the stats almost made me dizzy that day. It received thousands of hits.

The post has a picture of me leaping into Mint’s arm as he enters home. To date, that particular post is what gets me the maximum number of hits. It looks like people keep going back there to read it. Or maybe new people find a way to it. I’m not sure, but that post has given my stats a high.

So does the idea of love make you happy?



5 Responses to “Love, cheese and corn”

  1. Think most people like to see displays of affection. I for one don’t think it’s corny or cheesy when I am in the act of actually seeing it or indulging in it myself. Of course, I guess it depends on the person. Even a lot of guys I know who are 30 + in age like rom coms.

  2. srividhya said

    The magic of the city!!! Love SFO anytime and every time.

  3. Such people are divine. Awesome you captured them, following their hearts in love. not giving a damn to the world and making the most of life tasting like mint choco. Super:)

  4. Boiling said

    Of course 🙂 Such scenes always make me smile even though I do not like cheesy romantic movies/novels. But an authentic display of love always warms my heart 🙂

  5. CHCooks said

    When I see such displays of love, a smile creeps onto my face even before I realize it 🙂 Last month I saw an elderly couple walking hand in hand, ever so slowly not minding the hustle bustle around them. My heart melted a little every time one of them slowed down for the other 🙂

    And your post, that picture makes me so so happy – don’t know why really. Love indeed makes one happy!

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