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This is YUGE! It changes everything – Part 5

Posted by Pepper on August 6, 2017

One of the things I was most excited about was finding out the genders of the twins. Well, excited is probably the wrong word. It was more like an unbearable need to know. That’s just the kind of person I am. When I have the option of knowing, I can’t imagine choosing to not know. It would kill me to wait.

This was also the reason I was most excited to be back in California. They never disclose the gender in India. I was glad I was in a place where I could find out. Soon we would know, I kept telling myself. Mint didn’t necessarily think the same way. Why not wait till they are born and experience the surprise that comes with it, he asked. Are you kidding me? I would go bat shit crazy by then. I *need* to know. Honestly, the waiting would be torturous for me rather than exciting.

I told him if he wanted it to be a surprise, I would find out and keep it to myself. I promised I wouldn’t blurt it out to him. He laughed at that and told me I was talking about things that were not possible. He was sure I wouldn’t be able to stomach the news and would blurt it out or slip up at some point.

I refused to wait though. He thought about it for a while and then agreed to find out the genders because he realised not finding out would mean more work. Since we were having twins, we would have to come up with 4 names to consider all possibilities instead of coming up with just 2 if we did find out. Yay for his laziness!

We asked my doctor at the next appointment when she could tell us the genders and she said as per their policy they only reveal the genders during the 20 week anatomy ultrasound. That seemed like a lifetime away! I had not even touched 13 weeks at that point.

I spent a while Googling and discovered a lot of places where they do private ultrasounds and confirm the genders by week 14. But it was a lot of money. I knew spending the $$$ was crazy just because I couldn’t bear to wait for 7 more weeks. But of course, I couldn’t. So once again, I started bugging Mint to agree to the idea of a private ultrasound.

We continued arguing until he caved in. I think he was really fed up of me. I scheduled my ultrasound for a week later when I was going to be 14 weeks 1 day. And then I started bugging Mint to tell me his gender preferences.  I know, I am a serial bugger. Each time he would say he didn’t have a preference and each time I would continue harassing him with, ‘No, but you have to tell me’. We would go around in circles.

Me? I was secretly dreaming of two girls. I have grown up with a sister and two girls is familiar territory for me. I adored the idea of having two little girls. I was also alright with a boy and a girl. Raising a boy would be a new experience. But to be very honest, I wasn’t sure I loved the idea of having two boys. It all felt too unknown to me. I wanted to have one girl at least.

Mint seemed rather disgusted with me each time I expressed myself. He wanted to know why I had any preference at all. I’ve never known anybody more gender neutral than him. He would keep telling me if I really believed in gender equality, then irrespective of genders, we would raise our girls or boys in the exact same way. Then why should it matter to me?

I realised there was a lot of truth in what he said. I just wanted healthy kids, gender not withstanding. Subconsciously, I started picturing two cute boys. Was it defense mechanism on my part? I’m not sure. I convinced myself that two little boys would be just as adorable as two little girls. I went over the idea in my head over and over again. I told myself I was ready for two boys.

I dragged through the week, waiting for each day to take me forward to the day we would find out. The night before we were scheduled for our ultrasound, I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t even believe we would finally know the next day.

To be continued..

PS – Sorry for being down right mean and ending the post here. It’s true that I get some joy in torturing people like that, but it’s also true that that wasn’t my intent this time. I genuinely got to go. Hopefully the next part will be up soon. Meanwhile, if anybody has any guesses on the genders, I’d love to hear them!


39 Responses to “This is YUGE! It changes everything – Part 5”

  1. Mona said

    Seriously Pepper!!! You could have written just one line ki it’s two boys, or two girls instead of writing that PS. You are really mean!!!
    But I forgive you because I felt sad for you after reading your last post. It downright frightened me to ever have kids of my own! I hope you are well and please write the next part soon. enough torture already!
    P.S. I really want it to be one girl and one boy!

    • Pepper said

      Hey I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten people like that. Not every pregnancy is the same. So many have a very smooth ride. My BFF in LA who is exactly as far along as I am has not had any nausea or throwing up or any such thing at all. So many examples like that!

      • Mona said

        I am not even married so don’t worry. I was just sad for seeing you suffer so much. But you are gonna have two little angels soon.. so I am happy about that. I wonder what their blog names would be!

  2. Bhavani said

    Toooooo much yaaa.. you can’t do this girl!!

    Girl – Boy is my guess….


  3. scorpria said

    Since you’re living my life, let me make a guess based on what I would want. One lil’ mint and one lil’ Pepper! 😀

  4. Deepa said

    you little devil:-) Just like you to go all “ekta kapoor” on us poor souls and torture us with the “to be continued”. But so thrilled for u no matter what you’re having, two healthy cute babies are all I want as local maasi to them.

    take care sweets.

  5. Hey Peppered thoughts, it’s some awesome news to hear. Take good care of your pregnancy and stay blessed always. Happy friendship day.

  6. Preethi said

    My husband too didn’t have any gender preference and I used to bug him why he doesn’t favor a girl.
    My guess is you are going to have baby girls.

    • Pepper said

      Ya I used to get mad at everybody who didn’t prefer a girl.. haha. I think I’ve changed now. I understand and consider it totally fair when some people around me prefer a boy.

  7. Are you having one of each 🙂

  8. Vani said

    Two boys, i guess.

  9. silentoneinlondon said

    OMG that is downright mean !! Waiting for the next part with bated breath but my guess is a boy and a girl.

  10. Jyotsna said

    Boy and Girl

  11. smiles32 said

    What I really want to ask is- this is such a confusing timeline- When did this all happen? Are you right now in your last trimester? Have you already had the babies?

    Congratulations! Be happy and healthy!

    Answer me privately, if you want to continue you series of surprises for everyone else. Please!

  12. Anon said

    This is SO mean, pepper! Haha. Loving the series, by the way
    Also though your post makes it seem like you ended up discovering it was two boys, I’m still hoping it is two girls. 😀
    Equality and all is great, but girls are downright cuter, no? :p *sheepish grin*

    • Pepper said

      Sigh. I do (did?) believe girls are downright cuter. Trying to change how I think now. I hope I can say I find girls and boys equally cute ..haha

  13. Had not heard this part of the story from you – gender reveal at 14 weeks paying extra $$
    I know you know you are crazy like that 😛

    I am not allowed to take guesses here, am guessing? 😀

  14. MumOfBoys said

    Two boys !! No reason or explanation etc as to why I think so. I just think it is two little boys 🙂

    I have two little boys and they are Irish twins( just a year difference ) and it is amazing ! And I am sure it would be no other way either even if I had two girls . Just get used to trucks and cars and wheels and such stuff over cute cuddly plush toys . Not gender stereotyping but that just how they roll lol

    Big hugs to you and much love to the munchkins

  15. seema gopinath said

    oh..too tense ………I think you will have 2 beautiful girls..

  16. Smita said

    ha ha ha ha you meanie!!!!
    It a boy & a girl!!!

  17. Grrr. Do you want me to threaten you with GoT Spoilers?

  18. Nitya said

    lolol and I thought *i* was being impatient with wanting to know!
    you are having one of each arent you!

  19. tinu said

    hmm….I think its 2 girls…

  20. Priya said

    Hi pepper,
    My guess is that you are having twin boys. Now please come out with Part 6, can’t wait any longer :p

  21. Oh my God you are such a meanie!!! You have time to post that “…I got up to go…” but not like its ” a boy and a girl ” ! Grrrr 🙂
    Chalo, since you are pregnant you are entitled to be mean 🙂

    God bless you, Mint and the twins dear. Enjoy the ride 🙂

  22. Laila said

    First and foremost… CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    Desperately waiting to hear about the genders 🙂

    Pregnancy is overwhelming but also the most amazing time ever. I have a 6 month old boy who is my heartbeat and everytime I think about my pregnancy, it just brings a big wide smile on my face. Don’t get me wrong… I did suffer with nausea big time and tell me about heartburns… I couldn’t go to sleep without my jar of Tums on my night stand. But totally loooved all the attention and care, such as getting on the plane first, having doors opened for me, driven around all over.. everything really. More than anything though, the feeling of my baby moving around in my tummy and keeping me company on the sleepless nights… all of this is so wonderful Pepper and you have twice of everything.

    Looking forward to your updates and sending good wishes your way….

  23. wifeathome said

    Hi pepper

    Shweta here..even i found out my twins’ gender..i already had a son so wanted atleast 1 girl…got blessed with 2..it all works out in the end:))


  24. wifeathome said


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