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This is YUGE! It changes everything – Part 7

Posted by Pepper on August 25, 2017

It was at that moment that I realised I was pinning for a daughter. I will never forget that. I was finally at my gender reveal ultrasound, waiting with bated breath for the news to unravel. By the way, the private ultrasound facility was more like a spa. I had a big double bed in a cosy bedroom, with huge screens on all walls. The air had a sweet apple cinnamon scent. So unlike a hospital.

The lady doing the ultrasound looked at us finally and asked, ‘Okay, I know the gender of this baby. Are you ready to hear it?’ Mint appeared as zen and unfazed as he usually does. I took a deep breath and said yes. ‘So this baby here, this baby is a boy.’. Oh. Okay! So we were having one boy at least, I thought. Are you excited, she asked. We smiled.

And then it hit me. I was definitely not going to be having two girls the way I thought I would. This was going to be either a boy and a girl or two boys. All along I had convinced myself how adorable two boys would be but now that it was a real possibility, my heart would not stop racing. In that one instant I prayed with all my might for a daughter.

To our luck, our girl would not cooperate. Constant movement, hands on the goods, legs closed, she would just not let us peak. So this was taking longer. Mint looked at my face and knew exactly what I was feeling and thinking. He let out a little laugh and asked me to hold myself. Two boys would be adorable, remember? And before I could reply, we were finally told, ‘Okay, I can tell, are you ready?’. Hell yes! ‘This baby is a girl. So you are having one of each’, she said. And in that instant, I let out a huge sigh of relief and joy. So I was going to have a daughter after all. Yay!

We later went on to ask her if she was sure about the genders. She told us she was ‘200%’ sure and even zoomed in on the parts and pointed them out. Err, it was fairly easy when we were looking at the boy but we couldn’t tell much when seeing the girl. Anyway, she told us she was sure and had been doing this for 2 decades. We’ve also gotten this confirmed during every other ultrasound. We may still be in for a surprise, but for now we’re sticking to what we’ve been told.

Since I am a sadist, I messaged my parents and sister saying we knew the genders and that I will share the news tomorrow. It was 1 am in India. The sister saw the message and obviously called me up the same moment. That in turn woke my mom up and she was as desperate to hear the news. Before telling them, I played around for a bit and forced them to guess. They guessed two girls, for the records. Anyway, we finally told them and made them promise they wouldn’t tell dad. I wanted to call him myself. By the next morning, dad knew as well. His reaction, ‘Oh thank God you don’t have two boys, otherwise they would be fighting all the time’. What crappy gender stereotypes! I told him I didn’t agree with that, but anyway.

My in-laws refused to guess the genders, citing reasons like they didn’t want to disclose or want any subconscious preferences to surface. Since they refused to guess, Mint refused to tell them. They initially said they were okay with not knowing and chose to not discuss it for 2 weeks, until my MIL requested me to tell her. And I did. I am guessing they were happy but they chose to not show any reaction, saying in the end genders don’t matter. Very much like Mint.


24 Responses to “This is YUGE! It changes everything – Part 7”

  1. renxkyoko said

    Oh, wow ! ! Congratulations ! Twins ! You are definitely double- blessed ! Again, congrats !

  2. Elizabeth said

    We are the supposedly stupid couple for whom good sense didn’t prevail. So we are expecting our third one. I already have a girl and boy and the fact that I have a girl is what keeps me going. All of us want the third to be a girl, but then we will know only when the baby is born.

  3. Nitya said

    yea about that girls not fighting bit…the other day i had to peel anya off of an irate but amused adi as she sat on him and tried to pull his hair since he wasnt ‘cooperating’ with her by wearing what she wanted him to wear.

    So yeaaaaaa…..might want to warn uncle a bit ❤

  4. scorpria said

    Dancing all over again! Yaaaay!

  5. Technology had made life so easy and it’s such an emotional moment in the life of parents, the mother and of course relatives. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 🙂

  6. Wow! Congratulations! Now you have to buy both pink and blue stuff 😊

  7. Geetha said

    So happy for you, Pepper and Mint. Congratulations. I have been following your blog for some years now. Great news from your end. I can’t wait to read the hilarious take on life after you have your babies.

  8. Mish said

    Congratulations Pepper!! I’ve been super MIA forever so just catching up! Hope your pregnancy is going well! All the best with the twins!! Sending you lots of love!! 🙂

  9. Smita said

    what a sadist you are 😛

    I always wanted a boy; because I feel its a better world to bring up a boy for a girl I would always be scared & couldn’t give her the freedom I would have wanted to give her. I know escapism but that is how it is.

    Hope shifting & settling done.

    • Pepper said

      This world is definitely better for a boy and that is exactly why I wished to have a girl. It gives me a greater joy to raise a girl who is non submissive.

      Shifting and settling all done.. finally!

  10. My Era said

    I know the feeling of strongly wishing for a girl child, I have had it when I was expecting Pari.
    So glad to stay updated to this life changing phase of your life. As far reacting to the baby’s gender, I am quite like Mint, I never seemed to care and somehow never know how to react to such a news.
    Take care 🙂

  11. Aarti said

    Take care Pepper and keep posting ! You are in for exciting times!

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