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What happened?

Posted by Pepper on March 28, 2019

Blogging seems to be a dying medium. It’s like all the active players have left the field. I refresh my WordPress reader often and rarely ever see a new post from the people I would like to see a post from. If you compare this to the buzzing world that blogging once was, the difference is glaring.

What changed? Did people get bored? Did I get bored? What made me stop writing, or come down to one post a year? I certainly don’t think our lives got busier. I mean, they sure did, but I don’t know if being busy is the sole deterrent to writing?

Did people move on to other mediums? Is it the age of Instagram now? Has your IG account become your new blog? I was surprised to see some Instagram folks calling themselves bloggers. For a moment, I actually looked around to see if I could find their blog URL And then I realised, they were referring to their Instagram account as their blog, and they called themselves bloggers. When did this shift happen?

I’m really not sure why I quit writing here. All I know is that I miss it like crazy and I feel lame repeating the same thing over and over again and yet remaining absent. I have no reasons to give. I don’t know what holds me back. I have unlearnt how to write.

And so I am throwing myself in the deep end with the hope that I learn to swim again. I am taking up the April A-Z challenge, where I hope to write every day from Monday to Saturday in the month of April. I have taken up this challenge in the past and failed miserably, so I have no clue how it will go this time. But try I will.

If you join me, I will be delighted. Even if you don’t want to deal with the stress of a ‘challenge’, just resolve to post as often as you can in the month of April maybe? I am longing not just to write, but also have some meaty blogposts to read.

And if you don’t want to deal with any of that, please do stop by at some point, reconnect in the comment space and tell me how your life has been? I am also going to try and crawl around the blog world and check in on you, if I can. So either way, hope to connect with you soon.


35 Responses to “What happened?”

  1. Deboshree said

    I look forward to reading much more from you, Pepper! I have missed reading your blog posts; often, I have browsed through old ones. I agree with you – blogging seems to have slowed down as a whole. So many of the once-active bloggers I knew are hardly around anymore. I myself haven’t gotten around to posting like I used to – what is it that is getting us down? Maybe I too will take up that challenge. πŸ™‚

    • Pepper said

      I’m not sure what is getting us down. There could be many causes if we really try and analyse. It’s also a vicious cycle. Blogging isn’t as gratifying anymore cos people don’t read and comment the way they once did.

      I’m really going to be delighted if you take up this challenge. Please do! I love the idea of getting to read you all of April.

  2. metherebel said

    Good to hear from you Pepper! Hope the babies are doing well. Delighted to know that you would be a regular here!

  3. Jazz said

    Hmm, same with me. Somehow I have shifted to Twitter to post some daily anecdotes and failing to post on my blog regularly..

  4. Hey !! I keep a tab on your blog all the time…and I miss your posts way more than you miss your blogging!

    And yes, blogging seems to be going off the grid for some reason as people are becoming some sort of visual creatures these days…thanks to Insta!

    Anyways….I have been managing to blog (not quite often as I would like to) atleast one post a month and, I guess I am keeping my blog diary alive that way…

    Do drop by when you get the time…(I am sure you have your hands full with your twin bundles of joy and bliss)


    Cheers and God bless… .😊😊

    • Pepper said

      Dropping by right away! Good to know there are a few people keeping the blogworld alive.
      And hey, thanks for keeping tab on my blog. That is so encouraging πŸ™‚

  5. How are you Pepper? How is everyone in the family? I was never an avid blogger but now I have turned into a sporadic one. Lot of changes in my life so I hardly have anytime left. And whatever little time is there I am using it just to veg out:-) I think next year will be the year when I will reflect and assimilate all that has been happening into my blog. Inshallah:-)
    But really looking forward to your posts:-)

    • Pepper said

      We’re all good IY! Pretty much the same with me. I don’t have too much time and whatever I have, I use it to veg out and read, sleep or watch TV. Hopefully I am going to start getting into the habit of writing in my spare time.

      What, you are going to reflect and write on your blog only in 2020? Why? Okay, maybe a small update here then? How have you been and what’s going on?

  6. Life! Life has happened. lol.
    So glad to see your post though! Hope to read more from you!

  7. Visha said

    You have articulated what exactly has been going on in my mind. No one blogs anymore 😦 or atleast the ones I used to follow with vigour. Yep, Instagram seems to be the β€˜in’ thing now.

    Anyhow, what I do to read is crawl through old posts to have a nice time ( yours included). I have started writing every Wednesday since five or six weeks. It’s been a long hiatus from my end as well, but boy was I glad to start writing and publishing!

    So looking forward to read about the kids( primarily) and you everyday from tomorrow. YAY!

    • Pepper said

      Happy to hear from you Visha. Writing once a week is a good average. Maybe I’ll try to follow that after the month of April..Let me also stop by your place and see what you’ve been up to!

  8. Preethi said

    Glad to see you back Pepper ! Looking forward to reading all the updates from you.

  9. Smita said

    Heyaaa!!!! I have so many ideas and I have so many incomplete drafts that on that basis alone I can complete the A-Z challenge!!! πŸ˜›
    What has happened to the medium? I think it has become to commercialized and the heart has gone and that’s why I don’t feel like reading other blogs.
    But may be I will take the plunge with you!!

    • Pepper said

      Please do it! I have so many incomplete drafts too whcih I hope will see the light of the day by the end of this month. Waiting to hear more from you.

  10. Boiling said

    Nice to see a post from you. Hope you are doing well along with kids and Mint. I am not going to come up with excuses like I am busy or anything. Basically, I didn’t feel like writing and so I stopped.

    I moved to Kyrgyzstan a year ago and am working as a school teacher now. After spending years in Singapore and forgetting the extent of gender discrimination that exists in rest of the world, I can now witness the deeply entrenched gender inequality in society again. Work can be tiring at times but I am getting used to it. I love the holidays though. My cooking has improved a lot in the last year ha ha. Overall, life is going on.

    • Pepper said

      Kyrgystan you said? Wow! What made you move there?! That sounds, well, exotic. And school teacher! How exciting. I think I would love to read more details of your life. Please do write whenerver you can.

  11. It’s been years since I popped over here! I’m still writing on the blog! How have you been?? Blogs still exist but I think everyone now has a niche as opposed to personal blogging that existed a decade ago.

  12. Ashwathy said

    Right here with ya! I am getting cracking on this one too!

  13. a1912 said

    I missed you and other bloggers that I used to read. I hope I can start writing once again, too rusted perhaps… You may not know me, but please know, there are a lot of us who would want you to return to writing. πŸ™‚

    • Pepper said

      This is such a sweet comment! Thank you. It helps so much to know people out there want to read you. And yes, please do give writing another shot yourself. Getting back may be easier than you think πŸ™‚

  14. Arch said

    My life has been crazily hectic the past 2 months. Work is sucking out all of my energy. I couldn’t take up the April challenge either. 😦 I always miss the posts from the old bloggers, who were so regular. But it’s so good to see you back here posting, and a post everyday, is icing on the cake! Good to see you. πŸ™‚

  15. Trish said

    OMG!! That’s exactly how I feel.. I try, every few months to restart blogging and then it falls off the radar again.
    I miss blogging, reading other blogs, connecting with the regulars..
    in my case, starting full time work, microblogging and just sheer lack of motivation are what led to zero blogging.. hope to reconnect with you and others..Trish

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