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A for AM

Posted by Pepper on April 1, 2019

Let me kick start my month long writing spree by giving you a glimpse of our mornings. Our mornings spell C.R.A.Z.Y and I know we are to blame for this, at least partially.

My alarm rings at 6.45 am. I snooze for a bit and finally get out of bed by 7 am. Getting out of bed is a torturous exercise for me. Every morning I wonder who these people are who wake up at 5 am, or even 6 am. That too for things like a work out? What are they made of?

Anyway, after having gone through the torture of pulling myself out of bed and brushing my teeth, I walk to my quiet kitchen to fix myself some tea. A while ago, I switched to using instant chai mix sachets. They are expensive, but they are a blessing in the mornings when all I have to do is microwave a mug of water and stir in the mix. I feel so utterly grateful for my cup of ginger tea that I have ready in literally 1 minute. No more fumbling for saucepans, heating milk, adding separate ingredients and all that jazz. This ready chai has been a game changer and worth the extra $$ we spend every month.

I give myself time to sip my chai until 7.10 am. At this point, I go and wake Mint up. Every single day, he asks me for ‘2 mins’ This is the most frustrating part of my morning. I HATE being the only adult having to chase 3 kids. By now, I am well aware that his ‘2 minutes’ don’t really mean 2 minutes. Sigh.

I go back to the kitchen and make a bottle of milk. Let me share something here. We use only one milk bottle to feed both Cotton and Candy before we actually wash it. I can’t tell you how exhausting it was for Mint and me to be washing a million feeding bottles all day. Until I convinced myself saying, hey, they are siblings. Twins at that! Same DNA, same germs! It’s okay. Of course, we don’t do this when they are sick, but otherwise, we rarely use 2 bottles at the same time.

So I take the bottle of milk to the kids room and wake Cotton up first. ‘Dudu!’ he says excitedly on seeing the bottle in my hand. Thank God, at least one of my kids love milk. I wait till he gulps his milk down and put him back in his crib once he is done. I go back to the kitchen and refill the same bottle with milk and come back to the room to wake Candy. She is my daughter in this regard and dislikes milk, so getting her to finish her bottle is a bit of a struggle. On most days though, we manage to get done with it. Once done, I put her back in the crib too.

I then go back to our bedroom and yell at Mint to get out of bed RIGHT NOW. I can’t be doing everything on my own. By this point, I am fairly wild. He knows to not battle me at this time and pulls himself out. He then goes to give the kids a little wash while I go back to the kitchen.

The kids have half a banana each for breakfast. That is a staple. And while they are very capable of biting into it and eating it without a fuss, I know they won’t. So I slice it up and put it in bowls and get spoons out to feed them. We don’t do forks with them yet.

Mint brings them to the dining area where we put them on high chairs. It takes us another 2 minutes to strap them. I envy parents of kids who don’t need to be strapped. Cotton and Candy stand up on the highchairs very abruptly when they get restless.

And then our struggle begins. Feeding Cotton and Candy is always a challenge to say the least. First they refuse to open their mouths. Then they want to self feed, which we encourage most of the time. But they make a mess and we don’t really have time in the mornings. We bring out their puzzles and books and place them on their high chair trays. And recite rhymes and sing and read and entertain them while we coerce them into accepting a spoonful. This whole process of clapping, singing, reading, playing, eating takes us a while and by the time we finish, I am already in high stress mode.

After that we put Cotton and Candy on their training toilet seat and wait for them to poop and pee. All along, I keep glancing at the time and telling myself to calm down. By now, Cotton is fairly well trained and finishes his business in the pot. Candy doesn’t always oblige and it is always a hit or a miss with her.

Once done, Mint and I try to change their clothes, each of us managing one kid. In the midst of this there will be several demands thrown in where they will want to go to the backyard and play with the ball. Or a time where we can’t find a pair of socks. Or when we remember we have forgotten to wash their sippy cups and need to pack them in their bag.

After this drama, we set out to fix Candy’s hair. Her hair is another story altogether and I will write about it some day. But as of now, it takes two of us to hold her down and run a comb through it to get the knots out. And then pull it back into two ponytails. She will scream, wiggle and resist and every day I will think of getting her hair cut really short to avoid this hassle.

We then move on to the business of putting their shoes on which takes us another few minutes because Candy will sometimes insist on wearing Cotton’s shoes and vice versa. Lastly, we get them to wear their jackets or hoodies. Just when we think we are finally ready to leave, we invariably realise we need to send extra sets of clothes with them because the previous ones have come back soiled. So we go back in and rummage through their clothes before finding something appropriate to pack.

I finally breathe a sigh of relief when we are actually out of the door. I strap them into their car seats and look at the time. Oh oh. 8.30 already! Tomorrow we will do better. Tomorrow is another day.

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