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D for Drives

Posted by Pepper on April 4, 2019

CottonCandy’s daycare is a 16 minute drive from home. The thought of this used to really annoy me in the beginning. I know we chose this daycare for them based on the criteria we had, but why do I have to spend about an hour on the road everyday?

As soon as I started driving on this route though, the annoyance turned into joy. The drive to their daycare is so scenic, I actually look forward to it in the mornings. The scenes around me are fresh and misty. We drive on winding roads, we see bright stretches of green, pretty homes standing on hills, flowered pathways bursting with colour, we see deer crossing the road and at some points we have a breath taking view of the foggy valley.

The sight of a passing bird usually brings out two excited little voices. ‘Kaka!’ both Cotton and Candy exclaim in joy. Kaka refers to bird in Tamil. But as of now, every bird is called kaka. I try to tell them about the different species of birds but they can’t get past their beloved kakas.

Those quint winding streets are a delight to drive on. I choose to not turn on the radio on most days and instead tune in to the sounds of the morning. It is during these drives that I try to focus on my breathing. I allow my mind to drift. Invariably, I think of the mornings of my childhood where my papa would drive the sister and me to school. We would watch the morning unfurl and listen to my dad’s goofy chatter. He would always find a way to cheer us up and make us laugh before we stepped out of the car and ran into the school premises.

Those happy memories have clearly left a mark on me. At 18 months, Cotton and Candy are too little to remember these morning drives. But as they grow, I hope to add a sparkle of joy to these rides, the way my dad did for us. I hope these drives become a part of their growing collection of happy memories.

On that note, writing this post made me miss my dad so much. I am going to go and call him, hopefully I will catch him before he sleeps. Did I already mention I hate the different time zones we live in?

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