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F for Favourite

Posted by Pepper on April 8, 2019

This is a picture of my most favourite women in the universe. My sister, my mother and my daughter, holding on to each other.


This picture is dear to me because it is such an honest depiction of our life. It was bed time. You can see my mom is in her night gown. She was still under treatment for her cancer at this point, which explains the scarf she is wearing. The lack of hair on her head would give her a sinus, so she event slept with the scarf. Candy is wearing a night suit in which her pajamas have clearly gotten too short for her. There are so many aspects here that would be considered imperfect. But to me, this is what perfect looks like.

Cotton would cling to his nani in all the months that we spent in India last year. I had no clue of how to put him to sleep. He slept with his nanu and nani in their room. If he got cranky, he wanted his nani. If he got sleepy, he searched for his nani. I had gotten used to handing him to my mom if I thought he was acting up in any way.

This one night when my mom came to my room to take Cotton with her, Candy jumped into her arms before Cotton could reach her. My sister who was standing near by, instinctively joined in for something like a group hug.

I was on the bed and fortunately I had my phone right there, so I grabbed it and turned on the camera, hoping I would be able to click before any of them pulled away. If I want to capture candid moments, I need to sharpen my reflexes. Anyway, I was able to take a picture before they noticed my phone. In this image, they aren’t even remotely conscious of the camera.

Of course, I went on to take a few more pictures after they realised it and they even reluctantly posed for me, but in this moment that I captured, they were truly intent on only holding each other, with no pretensions or agendas.

Only God knows how much I miss my beautiful family in India.

10 Responses to “F for Favourite”

  1. Good to see you writing again 🙂 I’ve been lurking myself but haven’t written in ages. I love love this picture. Miss my family in India too. I had a little boy myself – almost 2 years old now.

    My best wishes for your mother to get better. Hugs!

    • Pepper said

      Thank you. My mother is alright now and I hope she stays that way 🙂
      I know you had a little boy too.. I think you mentioned it in a comment here or I probably read it in some one else’s comment space. Congratulations! You must write about him.

  2. Deboshree said

    That is indeed a lovely picture. I wish all your favorite women remain in the pink of health and the lap of happiness forever ❤

  3. Lovely pic! I have a picture of my mom and son sleeping side by side, and it’s one of my faves, cause it’s candid.

  4. Ashwathy said

    You know, a picture is worth a thousand words. You had me at “This is a picture of my most favourite women in the universe.” The rest really didn’t need to be written if you know what I mean.
    Here’s to many more such precious moments in your life.

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