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G for Games

Posted by Pepper on April 10, 2019

Board games! Mint and I love playing board games. While I can never match up to his interest and passion, this is one activity that we both love engaging in. We have been building our collection of games for a long time now.

This used to be a weekend ritual for us before we had kids. We’ve spent many Friday and Saturday evenings completely absorbed in our game, plotting and planning our moves and trying to think of strategies that will help us move a few points on our score cards.

Mint is a brilliant player and is very hard to defeat. Most people who have played with him have learnt this and by now he has a quite a reputation. He is smart. He really thinks and makes well calculated moves. So when I am his opponent, I push myself really hard to think as well.

After CottonCandy were born, I felt like I hardly made use of my brain. Most of the tasks I did were mindless and made me feel brain dead. So every now and then we would bring out a game and play, even in those early months that involved sleepless nights. We’d place a swaddled baby on our lap and carry on with our game. The swaddling ensured we didn’t have to worry about little hands picking up any choking hazard or disrupting our play.

This is how we spent the twin’s first Chirstmas. Since they were barely 3 months old and we couldn’t really step out or party, we put on our Santa hats, lit up our tree, played Chirstmas carols and played board games. That is Mint holding a bundled Candy as we played.


When we moved to this house, we converted one of the rooms to a game room. This is where our prized collection lies. We actually have more games that are lying in boxes elsewhere. The door to this room remains shut all the time and Cotton and Candy have no access to it. If you are of those people who think board games are only about Ludo and Monopoly, you have no idea about the existence of an entirely awesome world.


Our prized collection

While we do play every now and then, it isn’t as frequent as we would like it to be. Gone are the days where we could swaddle Cotton and Candy. Playing with them around is certainly not an option. The only time we can play is at night after they sleep. Unfortunately, I start feeling sleepy by the time they doze off.

Having said that, I do have a lot of hope of us playing together as a family once they grow a little. I know Mint absolutely can’t wait to introduce them to the world of board games. This is probably one of the best ways to stimulate and challenge little kids. Mint is already researching and looking into child friendly board games. Let alone kids, I know I definitely got a little smarter and learnt to think once I started playing board games.

34 Responses to “G for Games”

  1. Preethi said

    Omg, you can have a ‘library’ of board games. It’s amazing that you are maintaining them so well.
    I belong to the ignorant category. we are obsessed with Ludo right now(because of my daughter).

  2. metherebel said

    Wow! That collection is dope! I have to admit I know nothing about board games.

  3. smiles32 said

    My god, I don’t know who you are, but I know so many people in the Bombay gaming scene. Maybe we did meet someday. I own some of these games, played half of them. Envy your collection. I need to meet you guys when you come back to Mumbai. Which ones do you like? My current favourites are GWT, Yedo. Learnt puerto rick last week, so punishing. The non gamer friends love Azul (played it so many times, that I have loaned out my copy).

    • Pepper said

      Ohh now I am curious to know who you are too! Yes maybe we’ve met. Though chances are higher that you’ve met Mint since he is so much a part of that group. We both love Terra Mystica and would call it our favorite.
      Did you like Puerto Rico? It was one of the first few games I played. Azul is a really light and fun game and great for non gamers..

  4. Anne said

    Really missed reading your posts!! Loving this new A-Z challenge! πŸ˜„

  5. Hey. So excited to see you back. This series is amazing. And so many board games. We are so ignorant to them all. Please suggest some good ones for starters so that me and my husband can indulge in this thinking fun.

  6. Deboshree said

    What an amazing collection! Let me gape at it some more before I can say anything else…

  7. orbitbud said

    Loving reading you again.. wow what a collection.. can you please recommend a few of your favourites? thats honestly some collection you have there !!

  8. Ashwathy said

    Whoa!! You have quite a collection. And yes I will need tips from you on which ones to buy. Of course, Ludo and monopoly are only the tip of the iceberg. And yes I love that pic of swaddled Candy. I love swaddled babies with just that tiny cute face visible.
    With a dad like that who is so into board games, Cotton and Candy will have a whale of a time. And yes it’s a fabulous way of engaging kids without any screen-time!

    • Ashwathy said

      *quickly corrects before you beat me up* I mean with parents* like that C & C will have a whale of a time πŸ˜€

      • Pepper said

        Haha.. it’s alright. I have to admit Mint is a lot more into these games than I am. He is the one who will be guiding them to this exciting world..

        • Ashwathy said

          Omg! Some of these are really expensive! That’s no mean budget you would have spent for board games.
          I was just checking out some of the names discussed in the comment thread. Yedo is 22k and Terra Mystica is 14k! But I have got my eye on Azul and Puerto Rico, both of which seem more affordable. Will try those out first.

          • Pepper said

            Yep, good board games are expensive in general. BUT, they are a lot more expensive in India than they are in the US. Mint keeps an eye on deals and we have also bought a lot of our games second hand. They are in great condition and a lot cheaper than the original price. My advice to you if you want to buy board games – wait for someone coming from the US and ask them to carry it. Or I will get you some when I come next..

            Also, make sure you buy the right ones for you. Terra Mystica for example is not a game for beginners. If you aren’t used to it, it could get slightly intimidating. So start the right way… I can tell you which ones are easy and fun for you learn and play. Also, check out http://www.boardgamegeek.com They have ratings, reviews and a lot of more information about board games..

  9. Visha said

    I cant believe this picture you have posted. Really? So many? WOW.
    I got introduced to the world of board games at my previous workplace. The only ones I knew before were chess and snakes-and-ladder. I got hooked onto Concept and Codenames. Could not stand the crudity of Cards against humanity( that was the people favourite )

  10. Bhavani said

    Wow that’s pretty awesome! Seriously had no idea there were so many board games !

    As of now the only family game we enjoy is the Monopoly empire .. so bachhu we are!

  11. Omg ! Had no idea your collection was this huge ! Showed P who says we need to make a trip to see you pronto and let the kids do their own thing and just play some of these . Our collection is minuscule compared to this

    • Pepper said

      My collection is actually huger than this and to top it Mint doesn’t stop buying them. Every time I see a new package delivered, I know he has gotten a new game 😐
      Love what P said. You guys should come over and we should let the kids be and just play. That would be so much fun!

  12. Ab said

    Long time lurker. Had to come out and comment on that awesome photo of all the board games. If you someday post a lot of the board games, it will very welcome! Thank you

  13. You’d be a hit with those games at our sdsu peeps’ parties! I played Catan, while on a weekend trip at Big Bear, a few months back, ahem, in a not very aware state. My buddy asked if anyone had ‘ores’, and he could exchange with a sheep. I proceeded to say that I have three, and gave him all! The jokes havent stopped. A lot of them about how a white dude trampled on an ‘out of her mind’ brown girl. πŸ˜€

  14. P said

    I love your games collection. We used to play a lot too before the kid, used to have game nights till 3-4 am every weekend at one point. Now slowly introducing him to some as he grows up, so we can start again :).

    If security and proximity was not a concern, a game night would be awesome πŸ˜€

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